February 2017 Newsletter          
John Capece, Editor          

Special Events

Mar 7-9: Biodiversity Conference, at FGCU in Ft Myers.

Mar 21: World Water Day, presentation to Rotarians in LaBelle.

Mar 17: Waterkeeper Social, at Yucatan Beach Stand in Ft. Myers.

Apr 4: Everglades Action Day, in Tallahassee.

Abder, Dale, Linda, Carlie, Joe, Scott & Phil at Swamp Cabbage Festival.

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Thanks, Joe!

Once again the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. sponsored the canoe contest at the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival. Participation in this festival has been a tradition for Calusa Waterkeeper since 2004. The canoe contest was added to our festival exhibit 10 years ago. [Joe With The Winners] [Joe With The Volunteers]

Canoe Contest Winners

The 2017 Swamp Cabbage Festival Canoe Contest first prize winner was Steve Lotts who took home an Old Town Saranac 146 Canoe. Chris Kroft won the 4 person canoe/kayak rental, the second prize. And finally the third prize Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium annual pass was won by Andrea McIntyre. [Winning Tickets] [Festival Photos]

Beer Benefit on Fort Myers Beach

On the evening of Mar 17, Jack Green and John Cassani will host a Beer Benefit for Calusa Waterkeeper at Yucatan's on Fort Myers Beach. A great group turned out for conversation and fun on the first such event held Feb 16. Thank you to all who will or did participate. [Image 2] [Image 3] [Yucatan Beach Stand]

John Paul in WK Magazine

The February 2017 Waterkeeper magazine features coverage of the Florida Waterkeeper organizations. John Paul, as President of Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association (Calusa Waterkeeper) discusses how some progressive farmers are doing their part. [Waterkeeper Alliance]

Congratulations Ed!

Calusa Waterkeeper Ranger Ed Ottenthal is our January Ranger of the Month. Ed spent a total of 63 hours on the water in January looking for water quality related events such as fish kills, algae blooms or wildlife problems. THANK YOU Ed! [January Ranger of the Month] [Join Us!]

John Cassani About ASR

During a WGCU-FM interview, Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani was asked about Aquifer Storage & Recovery. He responded that ASR is potentially a “good thing” because that stored water would be available during the dry season to spread around wherever needed. Listen at the attached audio to know more. [WLRN] [John Cassani] [Audio]


Thank you, Sarah!

We would like to thank Sarah Lepa who worked with her father John Cassani to create the new Calusa Waterkeeper logo. Her design is based on the group name proposed by John Capece and the smalltooth sawfish logo concept suggested by Gene Gibson. Teamwork!

Thank You David Laties!

Calusa Waterkeeper Board member David Laties made a generous donation of two YSI Dissolved Oxygen / Salinity meters for the Calusa Waterkeeper Volunteer Ranger program. These are critical tools that enable the Ranger program to generate reliable data. Is there another generous donor out there? [David Laties Donation]

Chiquita Lock Concerns

Cape Coral has applied to permanently remove the Chiquita Lock, which is meant to help isolate and treat stormwater runoff from the city. Calusa Waterkeeper is challenging the application because the receiving waterbody, the Caloosahatchee Estuary, is already impaired for nutrient pollution. [Waterkeeper Objection] [Related News]

Coastal Angler Magazine

Each month Riverwatch writes articles for the Okeechobee edition and the Ft. Myers edition of the fishing enthusiast publication titled Coastal Angler. It's a great way to reach out to the fishing communities throughout our area. [Article] [Coastal Angler Magazine]

Presentation to Political Group

On Wed, Feb 15, Dr. John Capece delivered a presentation about Calusa Waterkeeper to more than 90 members of the Progressive Caucus at their monthly meeting held at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater. A 25-minute presentation was followed by 35 minutes of Q&A and group discussion on water issues. [Presentation Slides] [Audience Photo]

Seagrasses Are Disappearing

A growing recognition of the importance of seagrasses comes even as it is disappearing. Nearly a third of the world's seagrass meadows have died off since the 19th century. A number of studies indicate that they are now disappearing at an accelerating pace. [The New York Times]

World Water Day Presentation

On the occasion of the World Water Day celebrated on March 22, Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani will deliver a water issues presentation to the Rotary Club of LaBelle at its noon meeting at the Quart House Restaurant in LaBelle on March 21. [LaBelle Rotary Noon Meeting Location]

Clean All The Waterways

Dredging of muck from the bottom of Indian River Lagoon has begun. Sick waterway are the result of decades of pollution. To solve the region's water quality problems, the same actions needs to be taken in the Caloosahatchee Estuary and Lake Okeechobee. [Orlando Sentinel]

Exec Order Lowers Water Quality

Waterkeeper Alliance Executive Director Marc Yaggi states, “President Trump’s action to slash regulation is more like a pollution prison sentence, subjecting our communities to increased exposure to polluted water, toxins, disease and economic burden for generations to come. [The Waterkeeper Weekly] [Motherboard] [Exec Order Text] [Subscribe]

Kennedy Jr on Trump

At an art auction benefiting Waterkeeper Alliance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency. “It’s 33 years of my work are being dismantled in a number of days,” said RFK Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance. [Bloomberg]

Biodiversity Conference

Calusa Waterkeeper is a co-sponsor and John Cassani is a primary organizer of the FGCU Biodiversity Conference "Conserving Biodiversity: Challenges for Florida in the Anthropocene" on March 7-9 in the Cohen Center. Plenary speaker is Dr. Reed Noss of University of Central Florida. [Plenary Session Announcement] [Web Page]

Does It Take A Hammer?

As of mid February 2017, Arctic ice area and volume entered its 4th month of record lows. Global ice area record lows reach are approaching their 6th month. The statistical aberration is mind-blowing and the threat to civilization is real and developing before our very eyes. [Arctic Sea Ice Extent] [Global Sea Ice Area] [Daily Arctic Ice Volume]

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