September 2016 Newsletter          
John Capece, Editor          

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Special edition about student internships and service learning projects.

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Online Guide to Student Projects

The online version of Riverwatch's projects guide provides links to additional information & photographs describing both Internships and Service Learning Projects available to FGCU students. Some of the service learning projects can be expanded into internships for qualified students. []

FGCU Service Learning Projects

FGCU students complete service learning hours as part of their bachelor's degree. Riverwatch is offering these students several opportunities: Billy's Creek Clean Up, LaBelle Nature Park, Water Conference, Website, Oxbows Research, River Ride, Information Tables, Plant IDs & Swamp Cabbage Festival.

Community Engagement Day

FGCU Community Engagement Day (CED) showcased the range of student service-learning projects. Riverwatch had a table highlighting the Billy's Creek cleanup in which nearly 50 FGCU student participated. Felica Nudo helped lead the student project and is featured in a video describing the teamwork. [Eagle News] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] [Video]

Billys Creek Clean-Up Day

Join Riverwatch, FGCU and other community partners for a clean-up day on Billy's Creek on November 4, 2016 in Ft. Myers. This Creek flows into the Caloosahatchee River near downtown Ft. Myers. Help us protect the Caloosahatchee by cleaning up Billy’s Creek. Email for details. [Website] [Previous Clean-up]

Water Conference Organizing

Students can help organize & host the Annual SW Florida Water Resources Conference. Task areas include: marketing, program, competitions, sponsorships, registration, web page, field trip, publication, venue, housing, historian, & photographer. [Project Description]

Nature Park Plant IDs

Students can help create a system of LaBelle Nature Park plant ID markers with QR codes, web site photos and information pages, revised brochures, and new kiosk posters. It’s a big job requiring a team of students. [Example Poster] [Current Brochure]


Swamp Cabbage Festival

LaBelle hosts the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival celebrating the cabbage palm. Riverwatch will have an exhibit at the festival where students can help pass out River advocacy information, collect signatures and distribute Canoe Contest tickets.

Labelle Nature Park

Help maintain the trails and habitats of a small, urban park located next to the Caloosahatchee River in LaBelle. Exotic vegetation threatens to choke out native plants. CRCA hosts a lunch and River discussion after the morning of work in the park. [Website]

Annual Water Resources Conference

Riverwatch is co-hosting the 26th Annual SW FL Water Resources Conference. The theme is "Resiliency: Reducing Impacts and Bouncing Back" and will explore how our region can prepare for extreme events. In addition to water professionals, students and the general public are also invited to attend. [Conference Web Site]

Other River Projects

Students can become creative & develop their own ideas for Riverwatch projects to address important issues of our watershed & estuary and the problems of concern to you. Become the regional leader of tomorrow by being the student leader of today.

CRCA Website

Develop your research, analysis, journalism, and advocacy skills by helping to create content for the Riverwatch web site and monthly newsletter. Students can create news boxes to inform others about river issues. [Website]

Recreational Outing Organizing

Students can help organize recreational outings (canoe & kayak trips) for Riverwatch members, FGCU students and the general public. Favorites places include Fisheating Creek, Telegraph Creek, Imperial River, and Estero Bay.

Internships & Service Learning Contact

Dr. John Capece supervises students for the conference organizing project, the LaBelle Nature Park, the web site & newsletter, river research and other projects. You can email him at He will assist you or refer you to other Riverwatch officers managing specific projects. [Send Email]

Internships & Service Learning Contact

Mary Rawl supervises students for the Billy's Creek clean-ups and other river related projects in Ft. Myers. You can email her at She can also assist you or refer you to other Riverwatch officers managing specific projects. [Send Email]

History of the Organization

Created in 1995, CRCA-Riverwatch is dedicated to the protection of the River and its watershed, through education & promotion of the responsible use of the river for the enjoyment of all people. CRCA continues to grow & expand its mission & message. In 2015, CRCA became part of Waterkeeper Alliance.

FGCU Information Tables

CRCA members interested in becoming a Riverwatch student leader can set up tables on the FGCU walkways to tell other students about CRCA issues, sign up new members, and recruit project volunteers. Make the FGCU a leader in advocating for our waters!

Organization Mission & Issues

To promote public education on the historical significance, present condition, and future of the River & its watershed. To increase public awareness of the importance of the River to our quality of life. To monitor & work to improve the River's water quality, quantity, & flow characteristics.


Anyone interested in the conservation, educational & scientific pursuits of CRCA Riverwatch can join the organization. Student membership is $10. Become active in the issues affecting the Caloosahatchee River and its estuary.

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