Florida Consumer Fertilizer Task Force Meeting


This coming Monday the Florida Consumer Fertilizer Task Force will meet again in Apopka.  The Task Force is now in the final stage of drafting recommendations to the state legislature, outlining potential future fertilizer management policies for the state of Florida. 


As the Task Force begins these final public hearings, residents of Florida are demanding that their recommendations be based in common sense, sound science and the public interest in clean and healthy waterways.  A truly diverse group of organizations and individuals has come together in agreement on this issue; as hunters, anglers, local governments, environmental groups, surfers, conservationists, concerned citizens, local businesses, water quality experts and scientists from around the state are making their voices heard.  Now, we need each of you to do the same. 


Floridians see and experience first-hand the devastating effects of nutrient pollution on Florida’s waterways.  Daily, we hear reports that our streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal areas and reefs are struggling to survive under increasing pressure from excess nutrients, primarily high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. This nutrient pollution has been traced in large part to excessive, injudicious use of fertilizers. Now is the time that we must seriously weigh the cost of urban turf and it's maintenance versus the health of Florida's quickly expiring natural beauty.  We have to seize this opportunity to demand that the appropriate policy changes be made at the state level to help reduce the improper and excessive use of fertilizer on urban and suburban landscapes.  Currently, many local governments around the state are taking the appropriate steps to protect and preserve our water quality by implementing common sense fertilizer ordinances.  Any state action needs to support and build off those efforts.


Below you will find a link to the public comment form of the Consumer Fertilizer Task Force.  Please use it to speak up to support sensible policies that reflect our shared public interest in clean and healthy waterways, our shared vision of a sustainable economy, and our fundamental desire to protect the quality of life we enjoy as Floridians.




Attend the meeting of Task Force and voice your concerns in person

Florida Consumer Fertilizer Task Force - Meeting V

December 17, 20078:30 a.m.4 p.m.

Public comments are tentatively scheduled to begin at 3 p.m.

In Apopka, Florida

Mid-Florida Research and Education Center

2725 Binion Road

Apopka, FL


Visit the web site for map & directions


I would like to thank all of the signatories on this coalition letter, Sierra Club of Florida, Environment Florida, Audubon of Florida, Florida Sportsman Communications Network,  SAVE(Sportsmen Against Violating the Environment), Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation, The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Clean Water Network of Florida, The Gulf Restoration Network, The Florida League of Cities, The Florida Stormwater Association, The Healthy Gulf Coalition, Sustainable Ecosystems and the Suncoast Coastal Taskforce for their measured and reasonable positions to help preserve the wealth and beauty of Florida’s natural resources.


In addition, I would like acknowledge and thank both Ducks Unlimited and United Waterfowlers of Florida who have been champions of further reducing the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in commercial fertilizers sold in the state of Florida. Their own words to the Task Force get to the heart of the matter when they state, “No-Phosphate/Low Nitrogen is the right and responsible thing to do to protect Florida’s water supply, wetland habitat, and wildlife.”


Please read over the attached documents and feel free to share them with any other individual/group/organization/business that may also be interested in this effort to protect Florida’s waterways and economy.


For More Information on the Consumer Fertilizer Taskforce and a Schedule of Future Meetings


You can download the agenda, worksheets and other report documents as well as the workplan on the Task Force Website.  Please remember that public comments, received by the Friday before each of their meetings will be shared with the Task Force for their consideration at the meeting. 





December 17, 2007             Task Force Meeting #5—Review of Public Comments

                                         Public Workshops—Round Two (Following Task Force Meeting) Apopka                                      


January 11, 2008                Task Force Meeting #6—Adoption of Final Package of Recommendation Tallahassee


January 15, 2008                 Delivery of Final Recommendations to DACS and Florida Legislature                                                                                                               


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Regional Representative

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