Newton Cook's email

The actual hard measurements, not bias modeling, continue to show none of the doomsday predictions of those in the semi quasi religion of man made climate change are happening. As the years go by the "hockey sticks" are flat. There is no measure able sea level rise and the temperature has not risen as expected as even the UN numbers show. The real "deniers" are those so blinded by the socialist doctrine that fuels the GW religion they cannot see that all we are observing is the normal cycles of our earth's billions of year 's existence. We have been in a long term warming trend since the last Ice Age and we had best hope that trend continues for a long time because the earth is often a ball of ice and not hospitable for humans. Warming has allowed our early ancestors to come out of the caves (65 degrees all the time ) and venture into a greening world from whence today's civilization has evolved. Warming is a blessing to all of us today and into the future.