Working together on Today's Challenges, 
Tomorrow's Quality of Life

By Becky Ayech President ECOSWF



The Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida (ECOSWF)

incorporated in the State of Florida in 1984. Over the last 33

years ECOSWF has consistently provided factual information to educate our

elected and appointed officials. This credibility is what makes

ECOSWF the respected organization it is.


Being a confederation of various organizations gives ECOSWF recognition

as an organization representing large numbers of organizations, their

members and ECOSWFs individual members. Throughout the years,

ECOSWFs Board of Directors has taken the responsibility of that

representation very seriously.


This representation has taken place at the local, regional, state,

federal levels and in the court room and administrative hearings.


To have ECOSWF representation on an issue, the issue must come before the

Board of Directors at one of its monthly meetings. The meetings

take place in three different geographical locations in order to make it

easy for you to access the Board.


The issue may be introduced by a Board member, a Cabinet member or one of

the individual members. The issue is fully vetted and the Board

will take a vote on the issue. Presentations before the Board must

be the same statement as the one made in the public arena.

Generally, this is done by a letter or email. The presenter should

come with the letter, thereby facilitating a timely statement by



This process has served ECOSWF well throughout the years.


ECOSWF will not support an issue if another ECOSWF member has a different

position or set of facts. (This occurred when Sarasota County

voted on their 2050 Comprehensive Plan.)


In order to be a member of ECOSWF, members must concur with ECOSWFs

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. There have been

organizations which were denied membership because of conflict of



2017 will be a challenging year for environmentalists to educate



The more of us, the stronger the message. Please consider joining

ECOSWFs Board of Directors. The more of you, the more issues

ECOSWF can cover.


Thank you for your continued support.