Waterkeeper Alliance

November 23, 2016

Atrocities at Standing Rock


Following the shocking acts of violence committed against the Water Protectors at Standing Rock on Sunday night, Waterkeeper Alliance is again denouncing the aggressive tactics used by out-of-control law enforcement officials against the peaceful protesters. We are renewing our call for President Obama to require Energy Transfer Partners to comply with the federal law and complete and environmental impact review.  

I think the most troubling part about this conflict is that Energy Transfer Partners is clearly breaking the law by pretending that its 1,200 mile pipeline qualifies for a loophole that is only available to projects that impact less than one acre. Energy Transfer is an outlaw corporation that is violating American laws.  The peaceful protesters are asking simply that the pipeline partnership obey the laws.  The state of North Dakota, instead of taking the side of the peaceful, law abiding protesters are, instead deploying the awesome military power of the state, plastic bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, water cannons, and acoustic cannons, against the people who are peacefully asking for law and order from a criminal enterprise, said Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Waterkeeper Alliance calls on President Obama to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement, as required by law, and to come clean with the American public about the true costs and meager benefits of this project, including the 18 million people who rely on the Missouri River for their drinking water.

Please make your voice heard by calling President Obama at 202-456-1111 and demanding a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and support the work of Waterkeeper Alliance to protect our waterways from illegal and polluting projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline.