The News-Press

April 3, 2017


Mailbag for April 4

Cape's water shortage

By Marguerite Schaeffer


Good job Cape Coral officials. You are about to take away another watering day and fine your community for wanting to live in paradise. Perhaps, you should change from Cape Coral, it's just paradise, to come and live in Southwest Florida's largest desert oasis. Will this lack of irrigation water cause you to pause in your plans for building hundreds of more homes in an city that can't sustain green grass for its owners. I doubt not, because that would not be progress. I heard you are working on a solution to bring in millions of gallons of water a day for this purpose, but no timeline for it, months or years. In the meantime, could you use some common sense and stop development plans for building hundreds of homes in our city until this is resolved.


Marguerite Schaeffer, Cape Coral