Re: ADHD Policymaking and the Proposed Everglades Land Buy


The squirrel running across our path has been doing it for so long that I have to wonder why we are just now getting serious about fixing the problem in a timely way.

Ironic they refer to it as "attention deficit".


Nothing will change until we vote out those that say we need to endure this kind of damage another 20 or more years. The real attention deficit.


From my perspective the modeling used to gauge restoration needs is becoming outdated due to climate change. With this consideration the recommendation of another 1.3 million acre feet of storage and treatment may be an underestimate and what they are really trying to avoid dealing with. It's ironic that sea level rise will eliminate much of the coastal government owned land, part of what they are claiming is too much or enough. This head in the sand approach completely discounts the ecosystem services that will be lost not only from sea level rise but from land converted to an unsustainable use by a rapidly swelling population. 


Tragedy of the Commons.


John Cassani, Alva