Porpoise Point

December 24, 2008


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   The proposal by the owner of the Porpoise Point Condominium project (20 dwelling units) to build 20 boat slips has turned ugly.


   Initially he was to build slips along the bulkhead in the canal between his property and the Matlacha Post Office to serve his residents, many of whom are reportedly paying some $800,000 for their condo's.No one objected.


   The he decided to instead build 20 slips with lifts at the end of a 170 foot pier sticking out into Matlacha Pass. The 170 feet pier put the slips out beyond the grass beds and the pier was to be made of grating that that would allow the sunlight to reach the grass beds.To my knowledge, again no one objected.


  Now, he has proposed the boat slips be available for purchase for $75,000 to $125,000 each. Condo residents will supposeably be given first option, then the slips will be available to the public.


  In other words, he is now proposing to build a commercial marina located entirely over the waters of the Matlacha Aquatic Preserve. This is no longer a residential dock proposal--this is almost exactly the same proposal that the South Florida Water Management District turned down in Bokeelia (the proposed Bocilla Seaport, now in litigation).


   The GPICA should strongly oppose this project in its present form. I plan to bring it up a the 6 January meeting. On 7 January (9 a.m.), this project goes before the Lee County Hearing Examiner for a Special Exception, and on 8 January (2:30 p.m.), this project will be the subject of a special meeting at the SFWMD. We need to send reps to both meetings.The Matlacha Civic Association should do the same.




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