Palm Beach Post Editorial


Water only twice? Yes


November 26, 2008


Hasn't the weather been great? The days have been mild, the nights have been

cool. There's been no rain to spoil any outdoor plans.


Ah, right. There's been no rain. In fact, it's hardly rained at all in November. This traditionally is a dry month, but the area has had only a trace of rain. For the month, we're about 4 inches below normal. And for the year, we're actually about an inch below normal.


We bring this up because of the continued resistance to permanent twice-aweek

watering rules. Utilities that want to allow watering three times a week complain that the system has been flush with water since August, when Tropical Storm Fay began a period of heavy rain that took the area out of drought. Why not let things go back to normal?


November is part of the answer. Because of South Florida's growth, which

creates a demand for flood control as well as water, even a modest decline

in rainfall can create drought conditions. In the Tampa Bay area, residents

have been told that they can't water new sod.


Conservation can't be something just for when water supplies drop. It has to be South Florida's year-round policy.