January 30, 2017


Climate conundrum

By Philip Schwartz, Alva

It's never too late. Some climate scientists are claiming that we have already gone over the tipping point on global climate change. I am in that camp to a certain point only because I believe in unexplainable good things happening, or as some would say, miracles. We can all see it happening now; however, most people are in the denial stage of understanding. It's very difficult to say to yourself "what have we done to this earth?" This struggle is between greed, willful ignorance, money and conservation of the only planet we have. Please feel free to educate yourself on this issuer if you have doubts. Now let's go local. Yes, the picture of the flowing water in Sunday's paper is full of tanins and pollution. Sen. Negron's Bill 10 is doable but will not be passed and signed by Gov. Scott. Why? Because humanity is in a conundrum. Growth versus wise governance and we have elected "leaders" who are only looking at short term gain mostly for themselves, not for us. So what can we do? Stop being in denial and just do something. Educate yourself and get involved. Support local conservation groups and vote with your head, not with your emotions. We may still have time.