October 25, 2017

Mailbag for Oct. 25: Truth about buzzwords; criticizing Scott over water


 Criticizing Scott over water


Gov. Rick Scott's spin always turns greener as an election nears. However, it's hard to forget his gutting of the water management district staff and program budgets while inviting anyone with a heartbeat to move to Florida.

The biggest environmental issue with his administration is the systemic lack of enforcement and land use planning oversight. The outcome has been rampant impairment of the state's waters requiring ever more funding to restore. Yet, he expects a pat on the back for proposing to spend more. His proposal to spend $50 million on Florida Forever land acquisition is a "drop in the bucket" for a state the size of Florida where property values plummet a half a billion dollars in Lee County alone when water quality declines.

The ugliest part of the charade is that public health is seriously at risk from algae blooms and other contaminants. Itís gotten to the point where it may not be possible to spend your way out of widespread water quality decline or issue enough gag orders on cancer clusters or climate change to make the charade believable by anyone. Florida needs a new governor with a genuine land and water ethic that balances the special interests with the public interest.

John Cassani, Alva