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October 24, 2016


Mailbag Oct. 24: Solar amendment


No on solar amendment

Our airwaves and mailboxes are being flooded by dishonest appeals to Florida voters promising that a vote for Amendment One will bring loads of clean solar power to Florida. The truth is the exact opposite. You need look no further than the 10 Year Site Plan presented last month to the Florida Public Service Commission by the states largest utilities. Currently, all renewables (including solar) account for a mere 1 percent of Florida’s energy generation. In 2025, utilities project renewables to increase to a pathetic 2 percent. . Amendment One is actually a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” whose sole purpose is to block the opening up of our energy industry to competition from independent solar companies who have been so instrumental in the growth of solar in other states. Someone needs to tell the truth to our state’s voters about this dishonest and cynical use of propaganda to deceive the public into voting for this false amendment, thinking they are helping to grow the use of solar in our state when in fact this amendment blocks it.

We need to Vote No on 1.

- Joan Marshall, Fort Myers