News-Press Mailbag

December 05, 2016

Are we doing enough?

Audience members at the “Shrinking Shores” forum asked panelists “whether local and state governments are doing enough to combat sea level rise.” (12/1) I immediately wondered if these people are doing enough. Are they eating less meat? Nothing they do contributes more to climate change and rising sea levels than eating meat. Are they driving smaller and more fuel-efficient cars? Are they raising their thermostats and running their A/C less? Are they buying less stuff, stuff that consumes energy to make and transport and thereby contributes to climate change and rising sea levels? Can they even bother themselves enough to bring reusable bags to the grocery store? If Americans don’t want a “nanny state” regulating what they can and cannot do for their own good and for the good of the planet, then they must do these things themselves as they’ve been told time and again in countless articles, books, and documentaries. Maybe these people do. But most Americans don’t. They just keep on consuming like the planet has an infinite capacity to give and to endure the injury we do to it. It doesn't.

Joseph Bonasia, Cape Coral