Comments on: “Caloosahatchee River summit draws hundreds to discuss Lake Okeechobee releases”


Peter Maier ·

Stansbury Park, Utah Oct 27, 2016

A federal judge in New Orleans, hopefully soon, will decide on a lawsuit, filed five years ago, demanding EPA to regulate 'nutrient pollution' on a national level. Nutrient (fertilizer) pollution originates from different sources, now mostly blamed on the runoffs from farms and cities, but what the public does not know is the best kept national secrete, that EPA never implemented the CWA, because it used an essential test (BOD) incorrect and not only ignored 60% of this oxygen exerting waste, but all the nitrogenous (urine and protein) waste, while this waste, like fecal waste exerts an oxygen demand, but also is a fertilizer for algae. By calling this waste now a nutrient and blaming it mostly on farmers, the public has been successfully kept in the dark.
Therefore no more new regulations or lawsuits until EPA first acknowledges three major sources of nutrient pollution, that are presently ignored.
1. The lack of nitrogenous (urine and protein) waste treatment in municipal sewage, due to a faulty test and also causes nutrient pollution.
2. Septic tanks do not treat sewage, they only solubilize sewage so it can get into groundwater.
3. The impact of 'green'rain' or rain containing reactive nitrogen (fertilizer), the result of the burning of fossil fuels, the increased use if synthesized fertilizer and increased frequency of lightning storms, the result of global climate change.



Mike Downing

Works at Retired Oct 27, 2016

There is one primary solution to our brown water in the river and Pine Island Sound. That simple but costly solution is to "restore the flow" through the Everglades and then into Florida Bay.


Bob Mooney ·

The Ohio State University Oct 27, 2016

As Gary Goforth, P.E., Ph.D, correctly notes, the Calossahatchee River would still have most of its problems even if Lake Okeechobee did not exist. (Dr. Goforth have been with SFWMD for many years.)

By the way, back in the 1880's, very soon after Lake Okeechobee was connected to the Caloosahatchee River the State of Florida ordered Disston to undo the connection. Disston agreed to undo it, but he went bankrupt and could not.

It it very important to keep in mind that nearly all the participants and, also, The News-Press are making money from this issue. Solving this issue is not what this conference is about.

Mike Downing

Works at Retired Oct 27, 2016

Bob, what are your thoughts on eliminating the SFWMD and transferring its authority to the Florida DEP?


Bob Mooney ·

The Ohio State University Oct 28, 2016

Mike Downing 
I worked agencies (2 federal, 1 state and 1 county) for over 30 years and my experiences have been that government involvements are more of a problem than a solution.
Financial interests and resultant political influences are what control outcomes.
I am just an observer and commentator who is not political or tied to any financial interest.
Ultiminately, Nature will do whatever it wants with the Everglades and also with us.


Laura Nabersky ·

Indian River State College Oct 28, 2016

There are numerous areas around Lake Okeechobee that can be used for water storage but we need to first finish those storage projects already in place and see if it helps the problem before starting new expensive projects



Don Steele

Florida State University Oct 27, 2016

The Water issue has been a problem for YEARS...long before many of these...tourists, retirees, and "Experts" even came to Florida. First thing that needs to be done...and if it's NOT worry about going further....ABOLISH South Florida Water Management.....waste of resources, money and another BLOATED Government entity.....get rid of them...then I'll tell you what needs to be done next.




Louis Brouillard ·

Florida Atlantic University Oct 27, 2016

Or at least replace the leadership with people who don't place sugar farming as the number one priority.




Sy Landers

Oct 28, 2016

I do not agree completely to buy the land , and I feel as if the land South of the Lake is unnecessary.