Comments on: Let's stay focused on science, not sound bites, by Malcolm "Bubba" Wade Jr.


Paul Reynolds ·Oct 16, 2016

Works at Retired

There was a very disappointing lack of balance on the Sunday editorial page. Messrs. Wade and Hutchcraft represent the same stakeholder, the south Florida agriculture industry. They have but one objective, to use Lake Okeechobee as a storage facility for irrigation, and a repository for wet times when too much water is on the sacrosanct farm lands. They defend the failed status quo because it exclusively benefits them, and are only open to peripheral, and expensive, modifications that do not interfere with their core purpose.
Many, many experts understand the uselessness of C-43, and it's destructive potential w/o a filtration system. Very telling information on this issue is the years that SFWMD has ignored the nasty inflows from the north because that’s pivotal to eventually returning the lake to a condition where appropriate water flows East, West, and South as needed and not just to convenience the agriculture industry.     
Many aspects of our current “directions” are quite controversial. Though supported by organizations and politicians who fear the wrath of Ag and SFWMD when these “directions” have a valid basis, isn’t it the responsibility of this newspaper to present objections and not necessarily be cheerleaders for only potential solutions that stretch into the next generation?


Mike Downing Oct 16, 2016

Works at Retired

Bubba should run for political office since he can string many words together that make absolutely no sense at all!
Every scientific organization and environmental group indicate we must restore the flow out of Lake O to the South & Southwest through the everglades and then into Florida Bay. Bubba conveniently discounts this fact as a shill for Big Sugar and Big Ag.
Quite frankly, South Florida needs tourism and retirees far more than it needs Big Sugar!

PS How many times will the NP allow Bubba to republish his same letter?


Hillary Hyslope Oct 17, 2016

Clewiston, Florida

Thank you Bubba for sticking to the science! Complete the projects already underway. Utilize the land the state already has in its possession. Taking more land out of production is not the answer. Save our farms, save our jobs!


JP Sasser Oct 18, 2016

Stetson University, DeLand

Stick to facts. The truth will set us all free. Unfortunatly there are those that do not want to be educated on this issue. They are more comfortable with their position of "Don't confuse me with the facts - I have already made up my mind " When you can't back up your position with facts all you have left is personal attacks. That is why they get nastier and nastier.


Steve Prendiville Oct 18, 2016

Fort Myers, Florida

Mr. Sasser, here are the facts: 1) US Sugar charges and receives two to three times world market values for sugar, 2) Thousands of candy manufacturing jobs are lost in this country each year due to the high price of US grown sugar, 3) The current water managment plans in place do not account for southern conveyance of storage, 4) 207 scientists have written a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking for southern conveyance and flow from Lake Okeechobee into the Everglades, 5) The Caloosahatchee has had non-stop discharges this year, accounting for roughly 500 billion gallons of fresh water, 6) The US sugar cane crop this year was a record harvest in the face of adversity suffered by toursim in SW Florida, 7) The University of Florida study commissioned by Senator Joe Negron specificaly calls for southern conveyance and storage, 8) Senator Negron has put together a specific plan for water storage in the EAA involving land that is owned by US Sugar, Florida Crystals, and King Ranch, 9) US Sugar and Florida Crystals are one of the largest political contributers in this state and control the political processm including Governor Rick Scott and SFWMD. The only "facts" that US Sugar wishes to put forward are those that will preserve the status quo and never eliminate discharges

Tommy Spears
 Oct 18, 2016

Works at Us Sugar

Well said bubba sometimes you can draw a pictrue and people are still not seeing whats really going on will they stay blind forever


Steve Prendiville Oct 16, 2016

Fort Myers, Florida

Bubba Wade, once again we aren't buying what your corporate welfare company is selling. Water needs to move south and USSugar needs to start being a part of the solution


Wellington Ledger Oct 18, 2016

Nobody cares if you believe him or not. As far as we remember, US Sugar supports the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, which is a part of the Everglades solution in the long term.


Floyd Flood Oct 18, 2016

I've been thinking about so darn many attacks on sugar farmers. Those attacks call U.S.Sugar by name but those attacks are really attacks against individual farmers. Environmentalists use U.S. Sugar as a target because it's easy to get public outrage stirred up against a big industry. Environmentalists seem to forget that their campaign about buying land south of Lake Okeechobee would deeply hurt communities in the Glades by putting a lot of people out of work and - what I call rob - farmers of their land.


Wellington Ledger Oct 17, 2016

We need to clean the water coming in from North of the Lake. Mr Bubba Wade, we agree with you here. Farmers should not be attacked, and fake activists like Bullsugar, are just a front for special interests. Follow the science