News-Press Mailbag

November 21, 2016


'Red herring' in the water

What a bunch of hooey. The Mitch Hutchcraft commentary in the Nov. 17 edition of the News-Press was the typical South Florida Water Management District’s effort to stop Lake Okeechobee water from going south and impacting Sugar. One of his favorite projects is the C-43 reservoir on our river. He sees it as a panacea for our west coast; but it really is just an expensive 20’ deep mud hole to let crappy water into our river slower so that we don’t notice. Watch this winter if it is a typical dry year. Our water will be cleaner, plants, fish and animals will return to our river, the beaches will be fine, tourists will be happy, and all with almost NO water coming from Lake O, or the C43 mud hole. So WHY do we need the C-43 reservoir to give us dirty water in the dry season? This reservoir really is a “red herring” designed to make us think the SFWMD is really doing something. Don’t be fooled.

Tom Grier, Cape Coral