News-Press Mailbag

November 15, 2016

Let's protect our wildlife

A place where our Critical Wildlife Areas are threatened are on one of our beaches where the owners want to put up a boardwalk right where our shore birds nest, rest  and rear their young on Fort Myers Beach  on Little Estero Island.  There will be a hearing on this. Please write, email  or call  (239-765-0202) the Fort Myers Beach town offices and tell them of your support  to stop this boardwalk from being built to save our shore birds. Talk to Rae Blake, environmental coordinator. Please remind her this has been a CWA for many decades and there are no other beaches for the birds to relocate to because of high public use.

CWA's are on Pine Island Sound, while the top nest sites are Broken Islands, Useppa, Oyster Bar and Hemp Key. In Estero Bay, the other sites are Mantanzas Pass,,M-52 and Coconut Point East. A total of 28 acres on land and 39 acres on the water. This will protect 36% of the aviary islands on our waterways. These rookery islands need to be protected from boat tour operators, fly fisherman, birders or boats that motor to close to the hundreds of birds that nest on these CWA islands. A 100-foot buffer zone will save birds, chicks and eggs and prevent the birds from moving to other unsafe roosts. Please comment in favor of this buffer zone in the areas mentioned above to the FWC Board at CWAComments@'MyFWC.COM. Mention "Little Pine Island and Estero Bay CWA's" in the subject line. Comment by Nov. 16.

Carl Veaux, Cape Coral