NSEMA Stakeholder Group Members and Other  Participants




Preparation for January 29 Stakeholder Group meeting

From: Rafael Montalvo and Tom Taylor,  Facilitators
December 17, 2009

Dear  Stakeholder Group Members and Other Participants:
We really  appreciate everyone's productive participation that is reflected
in the  draft NSEMA Stakeholder Group Finding and Conclusions that is now 
available for review.  The Technical Team and others reorganized and 
refined the document.  Hopefully it can be finalized at the January 29th  meeting
(At the SFWMD).  We encourage you to share it with your group's  officials,
members and constituents.  We would also appreciate it if you  will:

    *   Email acceptability  ratings of each section of the document and
each project in Section 4 by  January 22. 
    *   Email major concerns and  proposed amendments to address them to
    *   Email  suggestions for minor edits to ttaylor@fsu.edu.   

We also  encourage you to review three other documents: A response to
questions posed  by Rae Ann Wessel and a letter from Oliver Clark providing
background on the  projects Cape Coral will be responsible for and a support
paper for the  fertilizer ordinance prepared by Janicki Environmental.

You can  download the 12/17/09 Draft  of the NSEMA Stakeholder Group
Finding  and Conclusions, and other documents from this ftp  site.

Username:   janick
Password:  orr+sheml

If you have  problems accessing it email  ttaylor@fsu.edu.

We realize  that review of these documents will require a significant
investment of  time.  Please review as much as you can.  It will enhance our 
ability to reach consensus on the final document.  If you don't have time  to
review the full draft of the Findings and Conclusions please try to  complete
and return the acceptability ratings for the projects in Section  4.

Here is a  summary of the documents so you can decide what you want to 

NSEMA  Stakeholder Group Findings and Conclusions (Spreader  Canal Draft)

This is a the  full document with all of the NEB projects and supporting
materials (The NSEMA  Stakeholder Group Report will be a subset of the this
larger document that  just has the projects that Cape Coral is responsible for
and that will be  included in the Environmental Resource Permit.  The
Report will be  prepared after the January 29 meeting).

Consensus  Worksheet

The  Stakeholder Group Representatives/Alternates and others are asked to
rate the  acceptability of each NEB project and each section of the report. 
These  are to be individual assessments informed by input from those you
represent  but not official responses from the Stakeholder Groups.  They will
be  used to help focus and inform discussions at the January 29  meeting.

Considerations  Memo - Background on Cape Coral Projects

This is a  letter from Oliver Clark that provides information on efforts
since the last  meeting to improve the feasibility and acceptability of
proposed projects,  especially the fertilizer ordinance and the seawall
engineering  standards.

Response to  Rae Ann Wessel

Rae Ann met  with the two groups she represents and formulated a set of
questions they  raised.  The response includes information that may be helpful
to others  who have similar questions.

Fertilizer  Ordinance Support Paper

There has  been concern that passing a Fertilizer Ordinance that exceeds
the requirements  in the State Model may be challenged.  Cape Coral asked that
the  Technical Consultant and others provide scientific, technical and
economic  justifications for why stronger provisions are needed.  This paper is
the  response to that request.
Please let us  know if you have any questions or suggestions.
We hope you  have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you
on January  29th.

Rafael  Montalvo and Tom Taylor