September 11, 2016


Health of water most important issue


While the race for the presidency is a freak show, I want to really put the screws to our local and state reps for the tragedy that is the overflow from Lake O. When I take friends out on the boat, I would boast that the water was as beautiful as the Caribbean. The dolphins, rays, jacks, and manatees would be performing right on cue for guests.


Better than Disney!


Now, the only things in the water are dead fish, debris and scum. The water quality is a mixture of iced tea and sea foam. Not much to be proud of at this point. It won't be long before the tourists who pay many of the bills and stimulate the economy will find new places to spend their money. Places like the the Panhandle, Jacksonville, and Nashville have much to offer. The local election should be focused on two issues and only two issues, the health of our water system and the economy that feeds off the very waters that are dying in front of our eyes. So, right now, ask the question, when will you shut off the overflow from Lake O? Hillary, Donald, who cares, my grandkids want to go boating again.


- Jack Holt, Cape Coral