Dear Riverwatch Members and Friends,

As the Riverwatch Vice President, I will be helping our local public radio station raise the funds it needs to keep broadcasting. I will be live on air Thursday, September 15th from 4pm to 5pm asking for your financial support for WGCU. You may donate in any amount you feel comfortable. If you call in your donation (1-800-533-9428) that day between 1pm to 2pm then I will thank you live on air. If you call in during other times of the WGCU pledge drive, just make sure to tell them your donation is associated with Riverwatch.

You can help us help WGCU at the same time help Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association, an organization many of you have been supporting for years. What's in it for Riverwatch? For every $250 dollars we raise we will receive 7 promotional spots on WGCU radio. We can use these at any time in the next year to make the public aware of our Riverwatch mission or to promote our events. (We have some very exciting events coming up, TBA!)

You may also donate online at by clicking their Donate button (or go directly to the Donation page via ). In the drop down menu simply select Caloosahatchee Riverwatch. It will take you to another menu that asks you to select the number of “items” between 1 and 30. Each “item” corresponds to a $35 donation to support one future Riverwatch on-air announcement to be broadcast by WGCU. So, the more items you select the more you are helping Riverwatch promote its mission and events through WGCU.

Other ways you can support this effort is by posting this information to whatever social media you might have available such as Facebook or Twitter or e-mailing to friends and acquaintances. Remember, the more money we raise the more spots we acquire with which we will promote our mission, protect and improve our river, watershed and shorelines.

We wouldn't be doing this if we didn't believe in the value of public broadcasting. WGCU is "our station" it really does serve the communities interest as a whole. I suspect that most Riverwatch members and friends are already WGCU avid listeners. If you aren't then I urge you to become one by simply turning your radio dial to 90.1 FM or clicking “listen live" to WGCU News at I think you will be pleased with what you hear.


Rob Wilson, Vice President
Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association (CRCA-Riverwatch)