Lehigh Acres Citizen

October 6, 2016


Vote for Scott for District 79



To the editor:

Can a Democrat be elected in Lee County? Well, it depends on what the people of District 79 want.

Do we want someone who represents big sugar, FPL and the rest of big money or do we want someone who will represent the actual people of this district?

John W. Scott is running for state House in the Alva, Buckingham, Lehigh Acres, Lockmoor, Olga and North Fort Myers areas. There is massive amounts of big money running against him and, of course, he does not have big money.

Now, he is for workers' rights, state prison reform, expanding health care, a strong economy for everyone - not just the big shots - improving public education, medical marijuana, the ability to sell back electricity through our solar panels, strengthening state ethics laws for elected officials and for protecting our waters, the river and our beaches. Can you imagine actually having clean water to swim in?

John is a native Floridian with impeccable credentials. He has high integrity, honesty and is hard working. Now, no one is perfect but he comes close. So will he be elected to represent the middle class and the hard working people of Lee County? That depends on you.

If you chose to believe the big money side, or if you chose not to vote, he will not be elected. However, if you are sick and tired of the same old junk coming from our elected officials then now is your chance to vote for clean, solid representation in our state capital.

This is up to you. So please, in District 79, vote for John W. Scott and let's enjoy some real representation for a change.

Philip G. Schwartz