Florida Slime Crime Tracker
December 2, 2011
This THANK YOU goes out to all of the local activists and partner organizations that contributed photos for the interactive slime tour map we are calling “Florida Slime Crime Tracker”.
The map is now up and running - please take a look at: http://goo.gl/N7kVI
We hope many will use the map as a resource and tool; we also hope to gather many more photos (they can be sent directly to me or to slimecrimes@gmail.com).
The map makes one thing very obvious - Floridians deserve better when it comes to water quality.  
Thanks again for working together to get the job done.
Many, many regards,
Cris Costello
Regional Organizing Representative
Sierra Club
1365 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, FL 34236
Office: 941-951-6084      
Cell: 941-914-0421