Lee County Fertilizer Ordinance Workshop


Date:  Friday, January 4, 2008

Place: Rutenberg Park Eco-Center

Time: 1-3PM


FYN is having a meeting to gather suggestions for Karen Bickford, and the committee working to re-draft the Lee County Fertilizer Ordinance.   Karen will forward your ideas to others within the Dept. of Natural Resources. At the present time, no changes have been written into the ordinance after the BOCC presented their suggestions on Dec. 10. 


The two related topics for the meeting are:


1) What can be done to strengthen the fertilizer ordinance as presented at a public hearing to the Board of County Commissioners on December 10?


2) What recommendations can we give Karen and the BOCC possible retrofit incentive programs for homeowners for future consideration 


As Karen mentions in an Oct. 31 email: A BMP retrofit incentive would be a best management practice that would go a long way to educating the public and promote water quality and habitat improvement in Lee County.


Background: The Lee Count BOCC voted on December 10 to delay passage of the fertilizer ordinance until language could be added to make it stronger. Some BOCC comments 1- private homeowners should not be exempted from the ordinance regulations, 2) the rainy season restriction on fertilizer application should be extended to include June 1-Sept 30 (as opposed to the original July 1-Sept 30) and 3) people applying fertilizer should be trained and certified on BMP's set by the ordinance.


Call me if you have any questions.  




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