Sent: 12/30/2008 9:02:23 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Porpoise Point Project in Matlacha


How do the 20 floating docks fit with the Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge.  There is a Lee Co. Special hearing at 9am on Jan 7.  There is another hearing at the SWFWMD at 2:30PM on Thursday the 8th.  The Developer for the 20 condos is B. Gleason or email at   and the builder is


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eileen feldmann

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Subj: Fwd: Imposing structure in Matlacha Pass


This is meant to be informational only.


If developer was told he could not use the canal,  Isn't this canal along the post office &  the same canal the Co claims now they own and placed a new floating dock for the kayak launch.  The Co. recently claimed the front third of the Matlacha Community Park as a County Regional Park. That is the boat ramp, the fishing pier and the Kayak area.  They can not advertise and claim tourist ad dollars. 


I sat near them at the last MCA meeting. Gleason brought a presentation but only Marty Yeatter was on the agenda opposing the plan so Gleason was not allowed to talk by Bill Stoelker,Pres..  I think there is a hearing scheduled now before the next MCA  regular meeting before the folks of Matlacha are aware of what is happening.  Stoelker proposed a special meeting so the people could have time to talk with Gleason.


Here follows the email address of the builder and the developer.  Developer says he plans to live there.  They are from Oklahoma.  The builder is a young man who said he is onsite everyday and nobody has stopped to talk with him. (developer) and (builder).


It would be good if the hearing could be postponed until Matlacha Civic Assn could get their ducks in a row.


eileen feldmann

matlacha isles