It's not too late to sign-on for our grass beds!!!

October 7, 2014


Dear Friends of Florida's waters:

First of all . . . thank you, thank you, thank you to the more than 100 groups, businesses and individuals that signed on to our comment letter to the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) regarding an application from Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners to destroy/dredge more than 2 acres of grass beds in Santa Rosa Sound. The project is for the benefit of about 25 home/boat owners who think they should be able to take off at break-neck speed as they exit their canals to get to the deep waters of the intercoastal waterway. If final approval is granted (DEP has already issued a permit) by the COE, the county will dredge three/3 channels, each 30' wide from 3 different canals in the Santa Rosa Shores subdivision. These homes were built in the 50's and 60's and have gotten by without deep channels for decades. We hear that some homeowners see the "back door", deep-water access as a quick way to increase property values on homes that are way past their prime.  There are no public access places in this canal system, so no one else will benefit.

If you haven't signed on yet, WE HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY OCTOBER 10TH TO GET OUR LETTER TO THE COE!!! I have attached a copy to this email. Please do the following:

1.  If you have not signed on yet, reply to this email with a "yes, sign us on" message and include the name of your organization, business or self and the town where you are located;

2.  If you have signed on then forward the letter to your friends and ask them to sign on too;

3.  Everyone can pass this on to more people for a louder voice for our grass beds and all the creatures that depend on them for habitat, food and protection.

It is truly disappointing that in this day and time, our elected officials either don't know or don't care to protect something as valuable as grass beds. I'm thankful that in most coastal areas of Florida the local officials are enlightened enough to know better than to do something so destructive, wasteful and short-sighted. But in the Panhandle, there are few (if any) elected officials that understand much science or have much appreciation for laws such as the Clean Water Act. Even though the DEP has steadfastly refused to permit this activity in the past, our current DEP under Rick Scott has no problem with it. There is little or no hope that we will get environmental protection for ANYTHING under the Scott administration.

So, thank you for your help and for all that you do for Florida's waters!


Linda Young, Executive Director

Florida Clean Water Network

P.O. Box 5124

Navarre, FL  32566