Urgent Action: Information on Canals

The SFWMD   seeks scientific references, data sets or documents on the ecology, water quality and public uses of canals in South Florida.
This request is part of an on-going effort to gather the best available science to aid in the development of numeric nutrient criteria for South Florida.  This District-wide effort will also contribute to the best available information being used in the Florida Department of Environmental Protectionís (FDEP) rulemaking to diversify the Stateís system for classifying the designated uses of water bodies.  You may recall that Mr. Jerry Brooks of the FDEP spoke to the WRAC on October 8, 2009 concerning these two water quality standard issues and Rick Smith indicates that there is continuing interest in follow-up discussion of these matters.
In our efforts to date, we have found that cities, counties and other organizations sometimes conduct studies of their canals and that these investigations are often not circulated widely.  Please assist us by forwarding references, data sets or documents on canal water quality, ecology and public use to Kevin Carter and me by December 22, 2009.
Thanks in advance for this courtesy. 
Kevin Carter and Garth Redfield
Garth Redfield, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist, Restoration Sciences Department
South Florida Water Management District
P.O. Box 24680
West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4680
Office: 561 682-6611
Cell:   561 662-5887