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Snook Foundation Statement


December 10, 2009

Protecting juvenile and adult habitat for snook and myriad related game and forage species of fish, invertebrates, pink shrimp, blue crabs and plants is one of the chief aims of the Snook Foundation, the inshore fishing alliance. We consider stopping fertilizer application during the rainy season to be the backbone to meaningful, effective fertilizer management.

This is one of the few steps a community can choose to take that will
improve its economic potential with a negative investment.  Homeowners, private businesses and public land managers can actually save money (buy/apply NO fertilizer during the rainy season) while benefiting the environment with no downside to growth.

There is now consensus in the scientific community that man-made nutrient discharges contribute to longer and more intense red tide, red drift and blue-green algae outbreaks.  Recommendations of water quality experts and advocates statewide support ordinances that contain the ban on Nitrogen and Phosphorous fertilizer application from June 1 through September 30 that directly coincides with the gulf coast regionís 4-month rainy season.

In order to reduce the amount of nutrients that get washed off Tampa's lawns and landscapes and end  up in our inland and coastal waters, Snook Foundation supports a strong  fertilizer ordinance.

Rick Roberts, executive Director
Snook  Foundation
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