NS-EMA Draft Report Consensus Testing Worksheet


We are asking each NSEMA participant to rate the acceptability of each project and of each sections in the draft report. We encourage you to consult with the leadership and constituents of your group if possible.  We are not asking you to get their agreement on formal group ratings.  The rating will be yours and may be guided by input you get from your group or others you consult. If you do not have time to review the entire draft please focus on the projects in Section 4.  Please use this scale:


4  = Wholehearted support.  This is what I would recommend.

3 = Support, although it may not be what I would prefer.

2 = Minor reservations.  I can probably support this, but I would like some clarification or refinements.

1 = Major reservations. I cannot support this without major changes.


4.2 Projects to be implemented by the City of Cape Coral and included in the ERP

___ 4.2.1 Cape Coral Fertilizer Ordinance

___ 4.2.2 Condition-Based Timing for Development of Public Sewer System

___ 4.2.3 Storm Water Treatment Improvements

___ 4.2.4 Cape Coral Seawall Engineering Design Standard

___ 4.2.5 Cape Coral Canal Dredging Profile

___ 4.2.6 Boating Related Enhancements

___ 4.2.7 Coordination to Improve Flows, Timing and Distribution of Water to the Park and Preserve

___ 4.2.8 Cape Coral Designated Point of Contact

___ 4.2.9 Use of Escrow Funds for Projects to be Implemented by the City of Cape Coral and Others


4.3 Projects to be implemented by NS-EMA Stakeholders and not to be included in the ERP

___ 4.3.1 Septic Tank Maintenance Ordinance

___ 4.3.2 Gator Slough Channel Improvement

___ 4.3.3 Yellow Fever Creek/Gator Slough Storm Water Transfer Facility

___ 4.3.4 Yucca Pens Hydrologic Restoration Plan

___ 4.3.5 Yucca Pens Preserve Ditch Plugging and ATV Trail Restoration

___ 4.3.6 Charlotte Harbor Flatwoods Hydrologic Restoration

___ 4.3.7 Matlacha Pass Hydrologic Restoration

___ 4.3.8 Multi-jurisdictional Coordination to Improve Watershed Flows, Timing, and Distribution

___ 4.3.9 CHNEP Committees as Forums for Follow-Up Discussion and Monitoring

4.4 Other Potential NEB Projects That Do Not Have Sponsors or Funding

___ 4.4.1 Study of ecosystem enhancement opportunities west of the NSC

___ 4.4.2 Habitat Enhancement Pilots on the West Side of the NSC

___ 4.4.3 Storm water treatment areas


Sections as a whole

___ Section 1 The EMA Process Overview

___ Section 2 Hydrologic and Natural Systems Delineations

___ Section 3 Ecosystem Benefits

___ Section 4 Projects that Provide a Net Ecosystem Benefit

___ Section 5 Implementation

___ Appendix C List of Threshold and NEB Project Considered

___ Appendix D Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling


Please email or fax your ratings by January 22 at 5:00 PM (ttaylor@fsu.edu, 850-644-4968)