From: Michael Hannon <>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016 21:53:07 -0500
Subject: Re:
Don't Annex Matlacha


Cape Coral released the following statement to foxnews4 regarding its plans to annex land at the entrance to Matlacha:

"This annexation is bringing six parcels of land owned by the City of Cape Coral into the City limits. The parcels must be annexed into Cape Coral for the City's zoning and land use regulations to apply. The property is contiguous to the City boundary, and this annexation process has been vetted through legal channels at the City and County levels."

We Ask Cape Coral to answer the following questions:

1. Was it legal to buy them in the first place? OUR ANSWER: A city cannot buy land outside its limits.

2. Why "must" they be annexed? OUR ANSWER: Only because Cape Coral does not want to comply with the Pine Island Plan.

3. Why rezone the land? OUR ANSWER: So Cape Coral may build up to 8 stories.

4. How is it contiguous? OUR ANSWER: It's not. The majority of the lots are across the canal from the Matlacha Pass Mangrove. There is also a Mangrove Island between the eastern-most lot and the small boundary of residential Cape Coral. You cannot even see Cape Coral from there. Cape Coral has also left out the narrow strip of land of the eastern parcel. That strip is a mangrove planted by the county when it took over Pine Island Road from the state. The strip of mangrove is across from Matlacha Isle, which is not Cape Coral.

5. Why doesn't Cape Coral mention that annexation requires the parcels to be compact? OUR ANSWER: Because they are shaped like a small tooth sawfish. Remember the gerrymander?

6. Why doesn't Cape Coral produce the legal opinion of the City Attorney? OUR ANSWER: Because there is none. We asked.

7. Why doesn’t Cape Coral tell us the real reason it is doing this? OUR ANSWER: $$$$$$$

Mike Hannon