Do Something!


It will be interesting to see what USSC's Board does Monday in light of this discussion.  Hopefully they will raise the lease back per acre fee closer to market value, which is obviously at least $150.00 per acre per month instead of $50.00.   I'm sure that news of their action will influence the Board of Governors on the 15th and 16th.  This may be one instance where Florida's Government in the Sunshine Law is simply hampering environmental progress.


With Collins in the chair seat today as usual, the combined WRAC and Lake "O" Committee meeting was very discouraging to me, pointing towards more years of squabbling between factions about what to do instead of doing SOMETHING.


One presentation was about a "Master Partnership (Cooperative) Agreement" between the Corps and the District that is nearing completion after SIX years of negotiation.  We don't have many six years left to save the Everglades and the Estuaries.


SFWMD's Deputy, Ken Ammon, presented a concept for a 1 million acre feet 15 ft deep storage reservoir with 30 ft "dam standard" levees astride of or West of the Miami canal from the Lake down to Holeyland/Rotenberger/Talisman.   It would require pumping from the canals from the Lake up in to the reservoir, and pumping up hill again at the Southern end, as I understood him.   It became obvious to me that the District is still not thinking in terms of "flow way".   Collins made a remark about "subsidence" (the bowl effect he obviously still believes in) preventing gravity flow.  I don't think the District has gotten Crist's June message yet!


I think we need to immediately renew our grass roots lobbying efforts with the Board of Governors' individual members!