Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010

From: Phil Buchanan

Subject: Fwd: Grossly misleading Cape Council quarterly flyer article on Ceitus

The Cape Coral Government flyer below says "several" of the Ceitus stakeholders disagreed with the Cape version of the EMA report proposing to do essentially nothing about the environmental damage being caused by the removal of the Ceitus Barrier.

What an incredible understatement! Of the 18 voting stakeholders, 15 rejected the Cape report and 14 voted to reconstruct the Ceitus Barrier. That's way way more than "several."

The flyer also claims the federal government supported Cape Coral . The federal government was represented by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. They did not support Cape Coral. On the contrary, they voted in writing on behalf of the United States Department of Interior to reject the Cape proposal and reconstruct the the Ceitus Barrier. Their vote was supported by a very well-done scientific paper. No federal agency supported Cape Coral, and none is remotely likely to do so.

It should be noted that every environmental organization in Southwest Florida that addressed the issue also voted to reconstruct the Ceitus Barrier. Many of them submitted well-done scientific papers to support their votes. The view among environmental scientists in Southwest Florida, discounting those in the employ of the Cape Coral Government, was unanimous that the barrier has to be reconstructed to avoid further environment damage.

The flyer also leaves out the fact that both the Lee County and Charlotte County Board of Commissions voted unanimously to reconstruct the barrier.

I don't know who wrote this flyer, but it is more than misleading.

Phil Buchanan