"Riverwatch could not come up with a consensus to support this purchase due to the following concerns:
-         lack of a well thought out plan of action,
-         need for a more equitable sharing of funding including federal funds so the 

          burden is not carried by 16 financially hurting Florida counties, and
-         lack of an economic plan that would help those residents who will lose their

          jobs when the buyout is complete.
-         failure to develop and require sustainable farming practices (lower pollution

          and less soil subsidence) on any lease-back lands. 
Therefore, we urge the SFWMD to postpone the voting until the aforementioned issues are addressed."

From Everglades Coalition...

Acquiring lands south of the Lake  to store, treat and convey water  to the south is vital to the recovery and long term protection of the west coast estuaries  and our eco-ecomonic system.
Is this the best possible deal? No.  Is not acquiring the land with this deal worth the risks?  No. 
Please ask the governing board members to vote for the purchase of US. Sugar Corporation lands.  

We urge you to send supportive communication to the SFWMD Governing Board Members in support of the US Sugar Land Acquisition as soon as possible.
Below are their phone Nos. and e-mail addresses.
Eric Buermann
Contact Phone: (561) 682-6433
Shannon A. Estenoz
Contact Phone: (954) 205-1132
Michael Collins
Contact Phone: (561) 236-5304
Charles J. Dauray
Contact Phone: (239) 992-2184
Paul C. Huck, Jr.
Contact Phone: (561) 682-6433