February 22, 2018

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Ag Water News from FDACS (2014-12-30)

The FL Dept of Ag newsletter describes BMP of SW FL farmers & ranchers. 90% of eligible acres are enrolled in the BMP program. But BMPs do not assure that a farm is sustainable, just less unsustainable. But BMPs are better than doing nothing. [Fall 2014 Newsletter] [BMP Enrollment Map (Sep 2014)] [Unsustainable Ag]



Blackfish & Competition Affect SeaWorld (2014-12-31)

SeaWorld CEO resigns after a 40% drop in stock prices. The Blackfish documentary criticizing Orca treatment in the park is part of the cause, but declining attendance is also due to increased competition from parks like Universal Studios. [Stockholders Class Action] [SeaWorld Press Release] [Cartoon] [Video Report]



Caloosahatchee & Lake O Status (2014-12-31)

Lake O level was 15.25 ft on Dec 23. Flows to the estuary at S79 averaged 1,483 cfs over the past week with 53% of flow originating from the watershed. The salinity at Iona (14 psu) this week was in the optimal range for oysters. [SCCF Caloosahatchee Condition Report] [Graphic] [Lake O Stage & Forecasts] [SCCF Web Site]



Pendergrass Double-talk (2014-12-30)

Lee Co Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass responded to a News-Press commentary regarding changing rural land designations telling residents that they are nowhere near becoming a replica of Miami. What he doesn't say is that his actions move them nearer. [Pendergrass] [Mann] [News Press Opinion]



Floridians for Clean Water Rally (2014-12-30)

Put Feb 18 on your calendar & start making plans to travel to Tallahassee for the clean water and Amendment 1 rally to make sure legislators properly implement the voters' constitutional amendment. “Talk water” with your own legislator. [Invitation] [FCWD Campaign] [Graphic] [Web Site] [Facebook] [Photos]



Denying Motion to Dismiss (2014-12-30)

Another milestone was reached on the long trek towards holding DEP and Cape Coral accountable for their misdeeds in removing the Ceitus Boat Lift more than 6 years ago. A judge ruled to deny their motion to dismiss CRCA & others' case against them. [Court Ruling] [Cartoon]



SWFL Water Quality Projects (2014-12-29)

The South Florida Water Management District and dozens of water quality scientists, elected officials and environmental groups met to discuss options at a Caloosahatchee River forum on Dec 2, 2014. [News Press] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] [Photo 4] [Photo 5]



Windfall Water Storage Revenue (2014-12-29)

SFWMD approved water storage agreements with various land owners including $136 million to Alico in Hendry Co. Alico will store 100,000 acre-ft of river watershed water at a cost of $120 per acre-ft per year for 11 years. [Sunday News] [Palm Beach Post]



Caloosahatchee (Nov 18-24) (2014-11-30)

Flows to the estuary at S79 averaged 1,247 cfs over the past week with 57% of flow originating from the watershed. The salinity at Iona (20 psu) this week continues to be below the optimal range for oysters. [SCCF Caloosahatchee Condition Report] [Graphic] [SCCF Web Site]



It is Sooo Complicated! (2014-11-30)

NSF-supported scientists have concluded that the seasonal variations (squiggles in the upward atmospheric CO2 trend line) are due to the green revolution that has provided more food for more people. [National Science Foundation]



Initial Cost: CO2=$25/ton (2014-11-30)

In his book Climate Casino, Yale's Dr. William Nordhaus says we have to be grown-ups and invest in climate change mitigation, just like we invest in other long-term returns, like educating 4-year-olds. [NY Times] [NPR] [William Nordhaus ]



Manatee Paparazzi (2014-11-30)

Cooler weather locally means cold weather up north and our annual influx of snow birds and manatees. Both gather this time of year at Lee County Manatee Park - a must-see jewel of our area across from the FPL power plant on SR80 east of I-75. [Cartoon] [Manatee Park Facebook] [Manatee Park Webpage]



Red Tide (2014-11-30)

While the Caloosahatchee estuary and nearby beaches are free of red tide, it lurks off Naples. Scientists have identified a dozen nutrient sources that feed blooms, but they say no single source is responsible for the toxic outbreak. [News Press] [Current Conditions Map] [Phys.org]



DELETE (Already Created) (2014-09-25)

In a surprise to CRCA-Riverwatch, a Caloosahatchee Riverkeeper incorporated on August 11 by CRCA directors Pete Quasius and Ross Wherry, Indian Riverkeeper. [News Press] [Open Corporates]



FNPS WetPlan Workshops (2014-10-30)

Neighborhood Lakes and Ponds Management Workshop is coming to your neighborhood! These workshops, free and open to the public are designed to help residents make a positive change. The workshops are on Nov 14 in Lehigh & on Jan 27 in Bonita Springs. [Flyer] [Details]



Crist Vows to Clean up River (2014-10-30)

At Centennial Park on Oct 16, Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist blasted opponent Gov. Rick Scott's environmental record and vowed to clean up the Caloosahatchee River. [News Press] [Photo] [News Press - Gov Poll] [Politico - Latest Poll] [2014 Senate Race Ratings]



Save Florida Sea Grass Beds (2014-10-07)

Your immediate help is needed to save several acres of grass beds in the Florida panhandle. Linda Young of FL-CWN seeks permission to add your organization, business or individual name to the comment letter addressed to the Corps of Engineers. [Sign-on Details] [Details] [Comment Letter]



Cooperative Funding Program (2014-10-07)

The SFWMD looks forward to partnering with local governments and other water users on projects that offer solutions to our shared restoration, flood control, water quality and water supply challenges. The application process will start Oct 16, 2014. [Details] [Just the Facts] [Cooperative Funding Program]



Guided Walk (2014-10-07)

Join the Hickey's Creek Mitigation Park staff on a stroll through natural plant communities on Nov 4. See firsthand the plants and animals that make southwest Florida so unique. Participants should be able to walk approximately one and a half miles. [November Programs at Hickeys Creek Mitigation Park]



Stop Sugar Hill (2014-09-29)

Oct 3 is the deadline for FDEP & SFWMD comments to the DEO on the Sugar Hill Sector Plan - the DEO process is such that denial is impossible without negative comments from the agencies. [Details] [Sign-on Letter] [Memo to SFWMD FDEP] [Sector Plan & Option Lands] [Water Management DEP Issues]



Turner Defends Plans (2014-09-29)

Hendry Commissioner Karson Turner replied to a stand taken by the Sierra Club about the U.S. Sugar & Hilliard Brothers plan to change zoning in a large portion of eastern Hendry County. Turner stated that he disagrees with the Sierra Club’s remarks. [Turner Letter] [The Sierra Club Remarks]



EPA Drinking Water Centers (2014-09-25)

EPA announced funding over $8 million to create two national centers for research and innovation in small to medium sized drinking water systems. The recipients are at university centers in Boulder CO and Amherst MA. [EPA Press Release]



A $10 Million Science Prize (2014-09-26)

On Sep 21 Everglades Foundation announced "The Grand Challenge," a $10 million prize to anyone who can develop a cost-effective technology for removing and recycling phosphorus from our waterways with a method to recycle it for agricultural use. [Press Release] [The Grand Challange Fact Sheet] [Facts About Phosphorus]



North Spreader Salinity (2014-09-26)

As usual, the North Spreader is all fresh water during the rainy season. When the drought returns, without the Ceitus Barrier, it will convert to largely a salt water system. The lack of fresh water flows defeats the normal functions of an estuary. [Details] [Salinity Readings] [Graph]



Caloosahatchee (Sep 16-22) (2014-09-26)

Flows to the estuary at S79 averaged 2,221 cfs over the past week with 98% of flow originating from the watershed. The salinity at Iona this week continues to be below the optimal range for oysters. [SCCF Caloosahatchee Condition Report] [Graphic] [SCCF Web Site]



NE Interagency Meetings (2014-09-26)

Northern Everglades Interagency meetings will be held on Sep 30 in Stuart and Oct 1 in Ft Myers. The main purpose of these meetings is to go over information in the annual and the 3-yr River Watershed Protection Plan Evaluations. [Sep 30th Agenda (St. Lucie)] [Oct 1st Agenda (Caloosahatchee)] [Draft RWPP Evaluations ]



Sugar Hill (2014-09-26)

U.S. Sugar & Hilliard Brothers have created a development plan for 67sq miles west of Clewiston. Some say approving the "sector plan" would hinder land purchases for a southern flowway out of Lake O. Much of the land drains to the Caloosahatchee. [Palm Beach Post] [Miami Herald] [Map] [News Press] [Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch] [WGCU Gulf Coast Live w/Rae Ann Wessel]



Student-Professional Networking (2014-08-28)

AWRA Southwest Florida Chapter and the ASCE are inviting you to participate in the “Meet the Professionals” networking event at the FGCU, Holmes Hall on Sep 11th, 2014 from 5pm to 7pm. If you are interested in participating, please RSVP by Sep 4. [Invitation] [Flyer]



Wildflower Day Bus Trip (2014-09-12)

The City of LaBelle bus will meet at the LaBelle City Hall at 8am return at 5:30pm. The $35 fee for this event sponsored by the City of LaBelle includes transportation on 21 passenger bus and admission to both Bok Tower Gardens and Pinewood Estate. [Details] [News Press]



The Water Expo (2014-09-12)

The Water Expo-Empowering WATER in the Americas-takes place on Sep 16 & 17, 2014 at the Miami Airport Convention Center and is supported by prestigious industry sponsors, partners and hemispheric institutions. [Program] [Register] [Web Site]



Keep Hope Alive (2014-01-13)

Environmental and agency heavy-hitters gathered in Naples Jan 9-11 with Indian River Lagoon and Caloosahatchee Estuary taking center stage. The 29th annual Everglades Coalition conference theme was “Protecting Coastal Communities” and our estuaries. [TC Palm]



End Run Advocacy? (2014-09-06)

In a surprise to CRCA-Riverwatch, a Caloosahatchee Riverkeeper corporation was formed on Aug 11 by CRCA directors Pete Quasius & Ross Wherry, Indian River’s George Jones, EcoVoice’s Paul Holmes & CHNEP’s Liz Donely. [Riverkeeper Articles of Incorp.] [Riverkeeper Corporation]



Moving Water South Study (2014-09-04)

UF Water Institute Director, Dr. Wendy Graham has assembled a group of eminent scholars to review the options for moving water south from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades. In the group are Drs. R Reddy, K Havens, T Frazer, MJ Angelo, & P Frederick. [Scope of Work]



Save Our Creeks Meeting (2014-09-02)

Members are invited to the Save Our Creeks annual meeting to be held on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 in Moore Haven at the Glades Historical Society Westergaard House at 11:00 am. We look forward to seeing you there! [Web Site] [Facebook]



May CRCA Newsletter (2014-05-31)

The May 2014 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [May Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archive]



CRCA Meets at Nature Center (2014-07-31)

On Wednesday, Aug 6, at 6:30pm the Riverwatch Board of Directors meets in the Iona House of the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. All members are welcome to attend this business meeting.



Impacts in Wildlife Event (2014-08-07)

Come to discuss, listen and learn more about the “Effects of Noise Pollution on Wildlife”. The event brings public and scientific speakers, and will happen on September 9, at 10:30 AM, on Westin Resort and Spa. Complete information below. [Audubon Workshop]



Caloosahatchee River Ride 2014 (2014-08-11)

On Sunday, November 9, join Riverwatch for the 18th Annual River Ride, the recreational bike ride around the Caloosahatchee. Routes for 15, 30, 40, and 62 miles. Register in advance or on the morning of the event at Caloosahatchee Regional Park. [Register with Form] [Brochure] [Register Online] [Caloosahatchee Regional Park map]



Air Potato Biological Control (2014-08-19)

USDA, FDACS and UF are working together to rear and release air potato beetles in Florida to combat air potato, a non-native invasive plant. Today public can obtain air potato leaf beetles by filling out and submitting an appropriate application. [Application Forms] [Program Web Site]



Kiwanis Kids Day (2014-08-19)

Please mark your calendar! The Annual LaBelle Kiwanis Kid’s Day will be Saturday, Oct 18th from 10am to 2pm in the Barron Park (LaBelle). There will be bounce houses, a clown, games, activities, entertainment, and bike raffles. Don't miss it! [Flyer] [Details] [Map]



Toxic Algae (2014-08-19)

With the help of a $715K funding contract with the Centers for Disease Control, Walter Bradley, a University of Miami neurologist, will conduct a research study of the toxic algae and its possible linkage to the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease. [Keys News]



Mission Blue (2014-08-18)

Dr. Sylvia Earle has spent more than 7,000 hours - nearly a year of her life - underwater. So when she says the oceans are in trouble, you listen. "Misson Blue," a new documentary released by Netflix tells the story of Earle & her incredible mission. [Huffington Post] [Official Trailer]



Off the Endangered Species List (2014-08-13)

On Jul 1st Federal officials announced, after a libertarian law group called the Pacific Legal Foundation sued the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Apr, that manatees have been taken off the endangered list. Manatees have been on the list since 1967. [Tampa Bay Times 1] [Tampa Bay Times 2]



Caloosahatchee Forum (2014-08-11)

On Friday, Aug 8, SFWMD's Dan DeLisi hosted a forum attended by 70 people to get feedback on a range of regional projects designed to address Caloosahatchee River flow and water quality problems. [CRCA Report] [Links to Meeting Documents]



Less Water Until August (2014-08-08)

During the first half of summer 2014, less water has been released from Lake Okeechobee down the Caloosahatchee than in 2013. However, into August and September conditions typically get wetter and more water will flow. [WGCU Southwest Florida]



Desalination Technique (2014-08-07)

Researches from Rice University Center for Theoretical Biological Physics have working on an innovate desalination technique. Using a bacteria's protein, the researches intends to innovate the desalination and the industrial cleanup field. [National Science Foundation]



The New EPA Proposals? (2014-08-07)

The group, Clean Water Action, is circulating a concise description of proposed EPA regulations on extending Clean Water Act jurisdiction to more water bodies. It is a helpful summary. [Clean Water Action]



Lake Okeechobee Water Releases (2014-08-05)

On Aug 1st, a rally on the east coast at Phipps Park in Stuart Florida drew attention to the problems of water pollution and dirty water releases from Lake O to the coastal estuaries. One speaker from the west coast was CRCA director John Scott. [Fox 29] [Cartoon] [Speeches] [Photos Video] [John Scott]



Lee County's $60 Million Question (2014-07-07)

The restoration of Caloosahatchee estuary could cost $60 million to the government, money that is going to be used to reduce the daily load of nitrogen. The main reason of the estuary degradation is the high load of nitrogen from agriculture. [News-press.com]



Lee County Unfunded (2014-07-14)

To meet EPA regulations and reduce high loads of nitrogen and other pollutants to area water bodies, Lee County will have to spend around $60 million in the next few years. Neither Federal nor State levels have plans to jointly fund these projects. [News-press.com]



Unfunded Mandate? (2014-07-31)

SW FL water bodies were far cleaner back in 1972 when the Clean Water Act was adopted and told states not to trash their waters. After ignoring guidelines for more than 40 years, communities are now acting surprised that their ignorance has costs. [News-Press]



Properties for Purchase (2014-08-01)

Four projects are being eyed for pur­chase under the Florida Forever program in Okeechobee Co. In Glades Co., 108,789 acres in the Fisheating Creek ecosystem & 13,515 acres south of the Caloosahatchee River SW of Ortona are also under consideration. [Okeechobee News]



Readable Climate Warning (2014-08-01)

The US NAS and the U.K. Royal Society have achieved a breakthrough in readability with their new report, “Climate Change: Evidence & Causes.” The new report starts with a Climate Change Q&A, and begins each answer with a non-technical response. [Think Progress] [Report]



Seeking President (2014-08-01)

1000 Friends of Florida is seeking qualified candidates interested in serving as President of this respected statewide not-for-profit organization. The deadline is September 30, 2014. [Position description] [Web site]



Clean Water Rally - Aug 3 (2014-08-01)

Join the thousands for the 2nd Annual Clean Water Rally on August 3rd. Unite against the discharges from Lake Okeechobee. Stand shoulder to shoulder with us and demand that Lake Okeechobee water must move south. We need your voice! [Flier] [Details] [Video]



Good News...for a change! (2014-08-01)

Out of a list of hundreds of popular beaches nationwide, NRDC's 2014 report, dubbed 35 beaches as Superstars! Bowman's Beach is one of three in Florida to achieve "superstar" status — these are beaches that didn't exceed the EPA's bacteria standard. [News-Press] [Superstar Beaches] [Testing the Waters 2014]



Call for Volunteers! (2014-08-01)

Gatorama is extending an invitation/call for volunteers for their 2014 Alligator Hatching Festival. Gatorama provides training. You just need to be positive and passionate about alligators and people! Be a part of this fun and unique activity. [Details] [Festival flier] [Web site]



AWRA FL Technical Meeting (2014-08-01)

AWRA Florida's next technical meeting will be held on Sep 19 at 12:00pm in Tampa at the Rusty Pelican located at 2425 North Rocky Point Drive. The theme of the meeting will be the "Tampa Bay Water Quality Restoration Program". [Web site and registration] [Location map]