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Suit over The Vue (2007-07-31)

CRCA's opposition to The Vue, a 27-story tower slated for construction on the western edge of Centennial Park, goes to court on August 2. CRCA seeks a smaller building and it be set back from the waterfront and not take land from Centennial Park. [Article]



Dauray as a Tie-breaker (2007-07-19)

Lee County’s representative on the SFWMD Governing Board Charles Dauray could be a tie-breaker on the vote whether to allow back-pumping farm drainage water into Lake O or not. Dauray wouldn’t say how he’d vote, but did say he’s getting lobbied. [Article]



Corps Official Moves to SFWMD (2007-07-27)

Mr. Dennis R. Duke, Program Manager for Ecosystem Restoration for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is retiring from the federal government and joining SFWMD as their new Director of Federal Relations. [Letter]



Farm Bill & Water Quality (2007-04-08)

The 2007 Farm Bill in Congress includes creation of the "Regional Water Enhancement Program." This program might help address water quality problems in the Caloosahatchee watershed by helping farmer make improvements. [Announcement]



What's the Bloomin' Cost? (2007-04-20)

A newly released University of Florida IFAS study concludes that red tide blooms lasting for 3 months could cost Florida around $20 million as a result of a 33% decrease in revenues to restaurant and lodging businesses.
[Report] [Larkin] [Adams]



Corps: We 're Not Doing It (2007-05-11)

'Plan 6' is dead for Lake O says Dennis Duke of the Corps of Engineers. SFWMD board member Mike Collins: 'It's become sort of a cult item on the Internet.' Martin Co. Commissioner Sarah Heard: 'People on the east coast and the west coast aren't going to take no for an answer.'
[Palm Beach Post] [Connection Map] [Plan 6 Analysis] [Corp Plan 6]



Enough is Enough! (2007-05-25)

Earthjustice advocate David Guest is calling for citizens to write to EPA in support of its TMDL pollution reduction recommendations that call for dramatically lower nutrient concentrations in runoff waters. This is a critical EPA decision that will shape the fate of the Caloosahatchee. [Editorial] [Take Action]



Ready for a Hurricane Season? (2007-06-04)

Preparedness of Floridians for hurricane season is rather mild, they are simply waiting for last-minute decision. The tax-free hurricane supply holiday will end on June 12, so think about stocking up in advance, as this past weekend tropical storm Barry kicked off what forecasters predict will be a boisterous hurricane season. [Article]



2007-08 Budget (2007-06-11)

Governor Charlie Crist signed the State’s budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2007-08, increasing protection for Florida’s natural resources and diversifying our energy resources. [Details]



Agricultural BMPs (2007-07-11)

The July 19, 2007 meeting of the Southwest Florida Watershed Council will feature Dr. Brian Boman, an agricultural engineer with UF/IFAS. The title of Dr. Boman’s presentation is “Agricultural BMP Development and Implementation in Florida”. [Meeting Details]



Red Numbers in DEP Budget (2007-07-26)

According to documents released by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a new tough pollution penalties unveiled last week by Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) are motivated by its crippling budget shortfalls. [News Release]



LOBO in River Tributaries (2007-07-26)

SCCF's River & Estuary Coastal Observation Network collects and records water-quality in real time 24/7. It started collecting data this summer on the Caloosahatchee and its tributaries earlier this week, after being attached to a dock in Tarpon Bay. [Article]



Algae Bloom. Again! (2007-07-23)

A relatively unfamiliar type of offensive smelling rotting algae mass appeared recently along the Caloosahatchee estuary and some beach areas of SW Florida. Specialists suspect either Lyngbya or Trichodesmium might be the cause this algae bloom. [Bonita News] [Brown Algae Scum]



Abandoned Boats (2007-07-24)

The number or barnacle covered, leaky or sunken abandoned boats in the Caloosahatchee increases every year. As the problem keeps on growing with time, this is the first year when boat abandonment will be a criminal offense. [Article]



Water Summit 2007 (2007-07-24)

Water summit 2007 will take place on July 30 in SFWMD headquarter auditorium in West Palm Beach. Competition for water is heating up, so what comes out of the summit could affect how much water we all get and how it's used for years to come. [Opinion] [Agenda]



Drugs in Florida Sharks (2007-06-05)

Scientists recently found traces of prescription antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering drugs and synthetic estrogens in the blood of young bull sharks in the Caloosahatchee River on Florida's southwest Gulf Coast. [More Information]



DEP Penalty Guidelines (2007-07-18)

DEP Secretary Michael W. Sole announced significant changes to the agency’s penalty guidelines. The new guidelines will result in stiffer penalties by taking a tougher stance on the most serious environmental violations statewide. [Announcement] [Guidelines]



Antidepressants in Sharks (2007-07-19)

A study by Mote Marine Lab found traces of antidepressants in group of juvenile bull sharks tagged in Fort Myers last year. The values were still about 75 times less than the daily dosage in a human, but the chemicals are there. [Article]



Gulf Dead Zone (2007-07-18)

A "dead zone" occurs in the Gulf of Mexico each summer as nutrient buildup leads to drastic reductions in oxygen in bottom waters. Fish and shrimp catches virtually disappear. 2007 has the biggest "dead zone" ever recorded. [Article] [NOAA] [Maps] [Ethanol]



Lake O Navigation Notice (2007-07-18)

Due to extremely restricted channel depths in Lake Okeechobee, mariners are strongly advised to follow instructions while transiting the Lake or stopping for recreational activities as fishing. Lake elevations are averaging 9.10 feet & below. [Notice]



Act Now! (2007-07-17)

On July 17 and 19, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is holding 2 hearings on Capitol Hill on the status of the Nation's waters under the Clean Water Act. It is important to turn the decibel level up several notches right now!
[More Details]



CWA Violations Continue (2007-07-17)

The Florida Wildlife Federation president Manley Fuller points out Clean Water Act continuous violations of Lake O backpumping and rather pathetic unwillingness of SFWMD to adjust to new rules ordered last month by federal judge Altonaga. [Opinion]



Cape Coral Yacht Club (2007-07-17)

Cape Coral Yacht Club repairs are almost completed. Workers are restoring the seawall cap, sidewalk as well as 600-foot stretch of fishing pier into the Caloosahatchee River and the work is expected to be finished by late September. [Article]



Midpoint Paddle Sprint (2007-07-17)

"Midpoint Paddle Sprint Race" - canoe and kayak regatta will take place on Saturday, October 27 at 8 am at North Shore Park, 12901 Cleveland Ave, North Fort Myers. To register for Recreational or Competitive races, please click the links below. [Register per mail] [Race Details] [Register online]



New Day at SFWMD? (2007-07-16)

The 3 new Crist appointees to the SFWMD board have dramatically changed agency action on Lake O back-pumping polluted EAA drainage water into the Lake by blocking action to seek permission for additional back-pumping from DEP. [Article] [Editorial]



Hometown Democracy (2007-07-07)

A panel of speakers will take up the issue of Hometown Democracy at a forum on Wednesday July 11, 2007 from 8 to 11 am at Florida Gulf Coast University. The forum is presented by the Southwest Florida district of the Urban Land Institute. [More Info] [Hometown Democracy]



WOW to Gov. Crist! (2007-07-12)

There is only one response worthy of the scope and drama of Gov. Charlie Crist's announcement Tuesday on how Florida will react to the global warming crisis that could soon visit our shores. Wow! He laid out a real and specific plan of attack! [Article] [Program]



New Water Release Plan (2007-07-12)

The Army Corps of Engineers will hold public hearings on its new plan for releasing water from Lake Okeechobee. The Fort Myers meeting will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8, in the Lee County Commission chambers. [Article] [Public Meetings] [Proposed Plan]



Where with Muck? (2007-07-10)

Elevated levels of arsenic as well as a rich soup of pesticides and other chemicals were among contaminants found in thousands of truckloads of muck, recently cleaned out of Lake O's bottom. The question is where it will be disposed now. [More Information]



The Marshall Plan (2007-07-09)

In 1981 Arthur R. Marshall wrote "the Marshall Plan", a blueprint for Everglades restoration. It emphasizes the ecosystem's need for 'sheet flow', in a southerly direction with a minimum of channeling. [Plan 6 PPT] [Strategic Plan] [Foundation] [Letter]



Punnet Critiques Plan 6 (2007-07-09)

Dr. Richard Punnet and Mr. Tommy Stroud (SFWMD) delivered WRAC presentations about the Plan 6 flow-way. They say it would not improve water management given soil subsidence from decades of sugarcane farm drainage. [Punnet] [Strowd 4MB]



New Governing Board Members (2007-06-07)

Governor Charlie Crist appointed Melissa Meeker of Stuart and Patrick Rooney of West Palm Beach to the Governing Board of SFWMD. Meeker is the president of Hesperides Group & Rooney is the general counsel of Investment Corp of Palm Beach. [Press Release]



Lake Broke; Hurts Everything (2007-06-06)

With the second-worst drought in Florida history, the Lake O has receded as much as 3 miles, making it difficult to get to the water. Tourism, fishing industry and the businesses that serve it around the Lake are seriously crippled. [Article]



Flow Way Debate (2007-01-31)

Lee Commissioner Ray Judah wants a flow way. U.S. Sugar's Robert Coker opposes. CRCA asks both for action - U.S. Sugar on EPA TMDL's and Lee Co. on stormwater utilities. [News Press] [CRCA opinion] [Judah opinion] [Judah] [Coker opinion] [Coker] [Response]



Florida Giving Up on Manatees? (2007-01-11)

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is poised to downgrade the protected status of the Florida manatee despite record death totals in 2006, growing threats and an absence of new protective measures. [Story]



River Commission Conclusions (2007-01-19)

The Caloosahatchee - St. Lucie Rivers Corridor Advisory Committee was formed by the Florida Legislature to make recommendations for solving the water quality problems. [Opinion] [Recommendations]



Earthjustice & U.S. Sugar (2007-01-22)

The Orlando Sun-Sentinel's published an editorial by David Guest of Earthjustice after a letter from U.S. Sugar's Rober Coker was published in many Florida newspapers on the recent court ruling requiring SFWMD to get permits for its transfers of polluted water. [U.S. Sugar] [Earthjustice] [TC Palm] [D.Guest]



Should We Do the Same? (2007-04-12)

The St. Lucie Coalition is getting support in its legal action against the Corps of Engineers. The lawsuit seeks to halt the pollution from Okeechobee damaging the estuaries. Similar action is being considered for the Caloosahatchee. [Editorial] [Rivers Caolition]



Lee County FYN Classes (2007-04-20)

Mary Ann Parsons at the Lee County Extension Office offers Florida Yards and Neighborhood program classes on how to save your lawn during this drought and how to better design future landscapes.



Kayak Training Class (2007-04-24)

ACA “Intro to Kayaking (Level 1)” is a six-hour course on kayaking skills. Training will be held at Caloosahatchee Regional Park in Alva. Karen Bickford is the instructor. The class is free, so sign up soon for one of the 20 slots. [Press Release] [Payments]



Halt! Water Police! (2007-04-26)

Water restrictions are intensifying as the 2007 drought worsens. Comic as a "Dr. Strangelove water crisis" may be, many lately have been wondering if water management is too important to be left to the politicians.
[Roger Williams Florida Weekly Article]



The Politics of Development (2007-04-29)

Rep. Trudi Williams amended legislation in Tallahassee making it easier to get permits for construction in wetland areas. Susie Caplowe, a Sierra Club lobbyist, challenged this saying it is favoratism to help particular developers build marinas, despite impacts on water, wetlands & manatees. [Tallahassee] [Ft. Myers] [Location]



Corps Considers Flow Way (2007-04-29)

Senator Nelson has discussed the flow way plan and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be re-evaluating this concept that would convey and treat large volumes of water from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades. [Article]



Lindahl Retires from SFWMD (2007-05-11)

Citing health reasons, Lennart Lindahl announced his early retirement from the SFWMD Governing Board for his term not scheduled to expire until 2009. This creates another vacancy requiring appointment by Crist. [Bio] [Engineering Award] [Palm Beach Post]



No Wastewater Discharges (2007-05-16)

The Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council will consider a resolution calling on municipalities to reduce discharges of treated wastewater into surface water. It recommends additional reuse of treated wastewaters and effluent standards at 0.05 mg/L total phosphorus and 0.53 mg/L total nitrogen. [Resolution]



Lake O Dredging (2007-05-28)

The receding waters of Lake Okeechobee are uncovering thick, nutrient-laden muck. Thanks to historical drought bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks are able to scrape up at least some of the muck. [Naples News] [Sun Sentinel]



Possible Permit Challenges (2007-05-23)

The Lee BOCC will consider challenging the renewal of ag water use permits in the Lake O Service Area (LOSA) on the grounds that farms lacking Best Management Practices (BMPs) do not meet the "no adverse impact" criteria. Watershed Council supports this challenge. [Council Letter] [Naples Daily News]



SFWMD - 7 directors in 7 years! (2007-05-25)

An almost constant rotation of directors in SFWMD’s west coast office has led to lack of responsiveness to water concerns in Southwest Florida. Phil Flood will replace the well-respected current director, Rhonda Haag. [Bonita News]



Crist/Struhs Face Test (2007-06-03)

FDEP Secr. David Struhs, retained by Gov. Crist, faces a clean water test in deciding whether to overrule a judge's order to halt pollution into a north Florida bay. This will be a good indicator of decisions we can expect for the Caloosahatchee. [Article]



Lake O area fire (2007-06-07)

One of the worst Florida droughts in recorded history has contributed to many fires statewide. Presently, there are 9 major wildfires, including one in dried muck on the exposed Okeechobee lake bottom in its northwest rim. [Article] [Images]



Battle over Red Tide (2007-06-13)

A University of Miami professor is causing a stir in Florida's scientific community with his theory that red tide is getting worse and that humans are to blame. [More Information]



Farms Foul Matter (2007-07-06)

Millions of gallons of mud-choked water from the "first flush" off sugar cane fields roared backward through Clewiston's canal recently, dragging dead turtles, scores of fish and berms of vegetation into drought-starved Lake O. This water will later on end up in Caloosahatchee. [Article]



Coker vs. Judah, round 3 (2007-07-05)

Perspectives on Lake Okeechobee management and Everglades restoration remain diametrically opposed between Lee Country Commissioner Ray Judah and US Sugar V.P. Robert Coker. The proposed flow way connecting Lake O with the Everglades is a primary issue in their dispute. [Judah's opinion]



Southern Flow Way (2007-07-03)

Lake Okeechobee Water Resources Advisory Commission upheld a potential plan to build a southern flow way off the Lake, saying that any alternative to allowing water from the Lake to flush down rivers is preferable to continued harm to coastal communities of St. Lucie River and Caloosahatchee. [Article] [Details]



Water Cleanup Bill (2007-06-28)

On Thursday at Stuart City Hall, Gover Charlie Crist is scheduled to sign legislation that gives $60 million more to help restore Lake Okeechobee and fund pollution controls. The river money would go toward setting aside land, constructing treatment wetlands, etc. [More Details]



Sewage Plant Expanding? (2007-06-28)

Lee Commissioners voted to buy land in Waterway Estates, already home to an old treatment plant and on which the Calusa Isle Yacht club had plans to build a marina. The plan was to expand the existing plant from 1.25 million gallons per day to 3 million, but local residents are demanding a re-vote. [More Details]



Take Action Now! (2007-06-27)

Every year, more than 850 billion gallons of raw or partially-treated sewage is dumped into the waters where we fish, swim and play. To overcome sewage pollution, urge your representative to cosponsor the Raw Sewage Overflow Community Right. Act today! [Take Action]



Red Tide Campaign Workshop (2007-06-01)

The Sierra Club is sponsoring a Red Tide Campaign Workshop on Saturday, June 16, 2007 at the Iona House, Calusa Nature Center, 3450 Ortiz Avenue, Ft. Myers from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The purpose is to assemble a strong coalition for action against the human contribution to red tide problems. [Invitation] [RSVP by June 14]



NFM Sewage Plant (2007-06-26)

Waterway’s Estates Sewage Treatment Plant in North Fort Myers is sitting on the banks of Caloosahatchee. Its infrastructure must be expanded immediately as it is beyond its capacity limits and has been discharging excess nutrients into the river. [More Information]



Developers in Babcock (2007-06-25)

What will happen in Babckock Ranch, if a West Palm Beach developer builds a new town just north of the Ranch that exceeds today's state water runoff limit by 45%? Failure to adhere to the required limits could cause uncontrolled flooding and carry an excess of pollutants into Caloosahatchee. [Article]



No Joy Despite Rain (2007-06-18)

After three months of browning sod, the grass is green again. But don't be fooled. This has been more than a lawn-parching drought. It has been seven months since the Kissimmee Valley has sent water to Lake Okeechobee. [More Information]



"Illegal" for backpumping! (2007-06-18)

SFWMD has contended for years that its controversial backpumping practice should be exempt from the Clean Water Act. Judge's Altonaga today's order made clear though that the District must comply with the nation's clean water rules and that ignoring them puts people's health at risk. [More Details]



Crist Appoints Commission (2007-06-19)

Governor Charlie Crist appointed a nine-member Commission on Open Government to review and evaluate the public’s right of access to government meetings and records. The commission will hold at least three public hearings throughout the state to receive input from the public, media and government representatives. [Executive Order]



Wastewater Side Effects (2007-06-21)

Municipal wastewaters are a complex mixture containing trace amounts of estrogens and estrogen mimics that are known to affect the reproductive health of wild fishes. The latest research proves that municipal wastewater effluent can affect the sustainability of wild fish populations. [More Information]



LOBO is Doing its Thing (2007-06-21)

An underwater device called LOBO monitors biogeochemical processes and measure nutrients in near-real time. This will help track important processes affecting the health of various water bodies, including the Caloosahatchee River. [Article]



Volunteers Needed (2007-06-11)

Following the completion of a shoreline survey in Charlotte County, volunteer boaters are now needed to conduct the same survey in Lee County on July 17, 2007. The goal is to collect data on the quality of the local estuarine shorelines. [More Information]



Caloosahatchee Changing (2007-06-18)

Fifty years ago this month, in June of 1957, the Caloosahatchee River was born again, a convert of the human tide. Though few or none recognized it, in that month everything began to change. [More Information]



Coker vs. Judah, round 2 (2007-06-15)

Another clash of perspectives is playing out in the south Florida print media between U.S. Sugar V.P. Robert Coker and Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah. This time Sanibel's Paul Reynolds weighs in. [Coker Comments] [Reynolds Response]



Impaired Waters Rule (2007-06-18)

Environmental groups made new progress this week in their efforts to get Florida's polluted waters cleaned up. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta once again ruled largely in favor of Sierra Club, Florida PIRG and Linda Young regarding the EPA's approval of Florida's method of listing impaired waters. [Details] [CIR Order]



Great Lake - disappearing (2007-06-14)

Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, has dropped to its lowest level in 81 years. The water is 20 inches below average and a foot lower than just a year ago. [More Information] [Photos]



Another Threat to Manatees (2007-06-13)

A governor-appointed commission voted unanimously to move forward with a new manatee management plan — a key step before manatees can be downlisted to “threatened.” Under this status less may be done to protect the animals. [Bonita News] [News Press]



Drought bares Lake O’s bottom and reveals old find (2007-06-05)

A statewide drought that has bared portions of Lake Okeechobee’s bottom has also been a boon to archaeologists, exposing human remains, boats and other finds that could date back hundreds of years. It is the first time in years some areas have been exposed, prompting archaeologists to scour the lake bed. [Article]



Regrets about Lake O water releases? (2007-05-30)

Current crippling drought period in South Florida made communities doubt in the necessity of dumping billions of gallons of water from Lake O during 2006. SFWMD insist that it was very important measure for several serious reasons. Moreover, they add that 2006 scenario of huge water releases might be repeated this year again, in case of large tropical storm before mid-August. [Article]



Severe Drought (2007-05-30)

Only high above-average rainy season would help replenish the Lake O that is currently 5 feet bellow its normal level. Water restrictions in use have not helped significantly, so this backup drinking water source for millions of people in South Florida and the lifeblood of the Everglades suffers heavily. [CBS4] [Palm Beach] [Associated Press]



PURRE Hires Woodbury (2007-05-30)

The Sanibel-based advocacy group PURRE announced that executive director of the North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, Kirk Woodbury, will be replacing activist extraordinaire Mary Rawl as PURRE Executive Director. Mary is relocating to the east coast and must leave her post. PURRE and Riverwatch will miss Mary.



Legal Action (2007-05-28)

In October the SFWMD will be asked to renew water use permits that allow irrigation with as much as almost 103 billion gallons of water a month. Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah wants SFWMD to require Best Management Practices (BMPs) as a permit condition. [Article]



Dredging Begins! (2007-05-25)

Dredging projects started on May 24 thanks to an unprecedented drought. As a first step, 3.8 million cubic yards of muck will be removed from the bottom of Lake O. It is hoped that the dredging will help prevent massive algae blooms, restore plant life and the rebound fisheries habitat.
[New York Times] [Sun Sentinel]



UCF Alternative Future Study (2007-05-25)

A UCF study called "An Alternative Future" offers a way to prevent growth and sprawl that could cover a third of the land with roads, homes and businesses. To avoid this outcome political leaders have to act to preserve the environment and Florida's quality of life. [Orlando Sentinel]



River Flows Backward (2007-04-08)

The drought has begun to create strange flow conditions in the Caloosahatchee. Water levels between Lake Okeechobee and the Caloosahatchee are so low that flow reversals are being observed. [Naples Daily News]



Seagrass At A 'Global Crisis' (2006-12-04)

International scientists have published an article stating that the world's coastal seagrasses are in a state of "Global Crisis". Seagrasses are being destroyed by sediment and nutrient runoff. For more details check the link below. [Article]



Court Ruling on Water Quality (2006-12-23)

A Miami judge has ruled that the SFWMD pumping polluted water into Lake Okeechobee violates the Clean Water Act. Rumors claim Bush has issued an executive order contradicting the court. [Sanibel] [W.Palm] [Miami] [Ruling] [Editorial]



Legislative Priorities (2006-12-27)

At the annual legislative meeting, Senator Burt Saunders (R-Naples) proposed a Caloosahatchee Basin Board and expanding the SFWMD board to 16 appointees - one per county. [Article] [News-Press] [Map]



New Directors and Officers (2007-01-15)

CRCA is looking for new board members and officers. if you think you might be willing to take on a greater level of participation this year then please take a look at the position descriptions. Contact us if you are interested. The election will be held at the March general membership meeting. [CRCA Position Descriptions]



No P Fertilizers (2007-03-30)

The state is considering eliminating phosphorus from lawn fertilizers sold in Florida. SFWMD and FL DOACS are among the advocates. Phosphorus is a major water pollutant. [Article] [Florida Legislature]



League of Women Voters (2007-04-17)

The League of Women Voters of Lee County held a seminar in Ft. Myers on April 15 to discuss such vital environmental issues as Lake O pollution, algal blooms and red tide, protecting groundwater and a proposed FP&L coal plant.



Red Tides Kill Manatees (2007-04-25)

Red tide toxins can linger on sea grass for weeks after the deadly algae fades from surrounding waters. Recently 27 manatee died from eating contaminated seagrass as they left the relative safety of the Caloosahatchee River. [Article]



Coalition Endorsement (2007-05-23)

The Nine-county Coalition for the Responsible Management of Lake Okeechobee meets in Okeechobee on June 7 to consider an Everglades restoration endorsement resolution and other issues.
[Agenda] [Resolution]



Capturing Nutrients (2007-05-23)

A new system called Algal Turf Scrubber captures nutrients by cultivating algae on a floating mat and then automatically harvesting the growth. If testing is successful the method could be widely applied. [Article]



Manatee Deaths (2007-05-22)

The number of manatees killed in Lee County during the past four months is 59, whereas "only" 28 were killed during the same period in 2006. Most of these deaths occurred in Caloosahatchee River. Scientists primarily blame red tide toxins for the deaths, in addition to the usual cause - irresponsible boaters. [Article]



SFWMD Water Policy (2007-05-18)

Lee County would like Mr. Dauray, new SFWMD Board Member, to represent the interests of the county while considering management practices in the water permitting process and while appointing representatives of the Water Resources Advisory Commission. [Article]



Environmental Issues (2007-05-18)

Bush administration has a parting gift for the next president when he/she takes office – implementation of policies on automobile emissions contributing to climate change and other environmental issues – such as Factory Farm Water Pollution Rules. [Press Release]



Cleaning of Lake O (2007-05-10)

SFWMD decided to use the drought period to implement an $11 million project to dredge the noxious muck and phosphorus that have been coating Lake Okeechobee's bottom for many years. The low lake level makes the dredging much easier. [Article]



Water Pollution (2007-05-10)

$500 million will be spent during the next year on pollution issues. Gov. Crist considers restoration of Lake O and watershed protection as essential for Everglades restoration. [Article] [Watershed Restoration Act]



Restoration Legislation (2007-05-07)

The Florida Legislature has budgeted $200 million for the first year and at least $100 million for the next 12 years to improve water quality in Lake O and the St.Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries. Progress will require greater responsibility from local governments and the SFWMD. [Article] [Project Funding]



Water Restrictions: Phase 3 (2007-05-04)

So. Florida is moving to Phase 3 water restrictions. This cuts lawn watering to one day a week. The SFWMD governing board will consider isolated Phase 3 restrictions for several east coast communities when it meets May 9 & 10. [Article] [Restrictions]



Chairman's Term Ending (2007-05-06)

South Florida Water Management District Chairman Kevin McCarty withdrew his application for reappointment to the giverning board. McCarthy received word from Gov. Charlie Crist's office that the governor would not extend Bush's appointees.
[Sun Sentinel] [Palm Beach]



Beyond Red Tide Discussion (2007-05-01)

The Sierra Club and Sarasota County Health Department arranged discussion of the freshwater algaes that have been plaguing the River for the past few years. Dr. Hudnell, HAB Expert, and Mr. Reich, Florida DOH specialist, will deliver speech. [Details]



C-43 (2007-05-01)

The U.S. Army Corps is requesting public comment on the Draft Project Implementation Report (PIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Caloosahatchee River (C-43) West Basin Storage Reservoir Project, formerly known as the C-43 Basin Storage Reservoir. [Project]



New SFWMD Board Appointment (2007-04-30)

Gov. Charlie Crist appointed Shannon A. Estenoz to the SFWMD governing board through March 2010. Local communities regard a new appointment as favorable for the South Florida environmental advocacy.
[Article] [Palm Beach]



Why Florida is Dry? (2007-04-30)

The water levels at Lake Okeechobee demonstrate the severity of the current drought in Florida. The Kissimmee River, which feeds Lake O, is in a similar condition. How unusual is our current drought? [Miami] [Q&A] [Tampa Bay]



Pay to Pollute (2007-04-27)

According to a recent report by the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, DEP shows low pollution enforcement rates. “In Florida, it pays to pollute because the small fines and lax oversight do little to deter future violations,” stated Florida PEER Director Jerry Phillips, a former DEP enforcement attorney. [Article]



EPA Hearing in Florida (2007-04-27)

EPA will hold a hearing on the proposed Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) project for the Lake O Tributaries managed through SFWMD. The meeting is arranged by Earthjustice and PURRE. [Announcement] [Project]



Caloosahatchee Oxbow Tours (2006-10-24)

Join Riverwatch for a cruise through the historic remnants of the Caloosahatchee River. Rae Ann Wessel will introduce you to wildlife,history and folklore of the Oxbows. Cruises are schedule for Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Apr and May. [Cruise Announcement]



New Vue Legal Action (2007-04-22)

The court petition against The Vue tower project has been revised. The lawsuit focuses on impacts to Centennial Park, manatee populations, and the Ft. Myers wastewater treatment system. CRCA is also challenging the taking of public land purchased with Federal grants. [Revised Petition]



Oppose HB 1197 (2007-04-22)

Linda Young of the Florida Clean Water Coalition is calling upon citizens to contact their state legislators this week and express clear opposition to HB 1197, a law that would preempt cities and counties from establishing local fertilizer use standards. [Request] [PURRE Alert] [Article] [Amercian Rivers ALERT] [Sarasota Action]



New SFWMD Board Appointment (2007-04-20)

Charles Dauray, vice chairman of Lee County's Republican Executive Committee has been appointed to SFWMD Governing Board. He will represent Charlotte, Lee, Collier, and Hendry counties through 2011. Crist appointed another party official to the SFWMD governing board on the east coast. [Dauray CV]



Critical Drought Conditions! (2007-04-06)

Due to a severe drought, the Caloosahatchee region is moving to SFWMD Phase 3 water restrictions for agriculture and Phase 2 for other users. [Rural Lee Co.] [Urban Lee Co.] [Charlotte Co.] [Phase 2] [Phase 3]



Example to Follow? (2007-04-18)

Perhaps we can learn something from the Chesapeake Bay clean up program in trying to improve water quality in the Caloosahatchee Basin. They are using pollution credits for farms and other developments in the northeast. [NY Times]



Audubon Recognizes CRCA Work (2007-04-08)

Audubon of Southwest Florida awarded its annual Charles Foster Memorial "Conservationist of the Year" award to John Capece and his LaBelle/Glades & overseas student programs. [Overseas] [Audubon] [LaBelle] [Glades Co]



New Board of Directors (2007-04-04)

CRCA 2007 – 2008 Board of Directors was elected in the Annual Meeting on March 17. Elections of officers will be held in the Board meeting in LaBelle on April 11, 6:30pm at Flora & Ella's Restaurant. Members are invited. [New Board Members] [Board Responsibilities]



Clean Water Restoration Act (2007-04-03)

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other U.S. Representatives from Florida - Brown, Wexler and Hastings - are backing legislation to restore the Clean Water Act authority that has been eroded over recent years. [Endorsement] [Send an EZ Letter]



What Causes Red Tide? (2007-04-02)

Hendry County Commissioner Kevin McCarthy explains there is no certain connection between red tide and pollution from farms. Debate & research continue. [McCarthy] [Reynolds] [Responses] [Diagram] [Report] [Summary]



Just Gaggable! (2007-04-01)

Carl Hiaasen comments on DEP plans for creating a new water quality classification – "splashable." This will legally allow more pollution. Welcome to DEP standards!
[Palm Beach Post] [Hiaasen-Miami Herald]



Water Resources Development Act (2007-03-30)

The U.S. Senate passed a bill that would pay for river cleanups and help restore the Florida Everglades. Senators are optimistic about getting a WRDA 2007 signed into law this year. [Article] [Act 2007] [Associated Press]



They Finally Get It! (2007-03-30)

For the past 4 years Riverwatch and Watershed Council have insisted that the C-43 reservoir project desperately needed a water quality component. Politicians and agencies now recognize the logic of this and are acting. [Press Release]



Who Pollutes More? (2007-03-28)

Farms are the major polluter of the past and present, while cities and homes are on the track of becoming the major polluters of tomorrow. Both coastal and interior regions of Florida must do much more to clean up their acts. [Article]



Region of Critical Concern (2007-03-28)

Groups from around the state are asking Governor Crist to declare the Everglades Agricultural Area an "Area of State Critical Concern" to avoid a significant compromise of Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. [Report] [Letter]



Tarpon Genetic Research (2007-03-27)

Tarpon anglers around Florida are invited to assist Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in collecting samples of skin cells of captured tarpon. It will help scientists to evaluate the movement of tarpon in state waters.
[Press Release]



Algae Investigations (2006-12-19)

Studies continue on the impacts of nutrient-laden discharges from the Caloosahatchee into the Gulf. A green alga called Enteromorpha smothered hundreds of acres of seagrass in southern Pine Island Sound in January. [Article] [News-Press]



CRCA VP Receives UF Award (2006-11-23)

University of Florida professor Dr. Martin Main and Master Naturalist program coordinator Ginger Allen presented Margaret England of LaBelle with the 2006 SW Florida regional recognition award on Nov 4 at the first statewide conference. [Article]



Water Resources Development Act (2006-12-27)

If passed by Congress in 2007, WRDA would create a new national policy for water resources planning focused on peer review and mitigation of unavoidable impacts to rivers and wetlands. [Article] [Amendments] [Background]



U.S. Senator Martinez on River Issues (2006-12-25)

On Dec 19, Sen. Mel Martinez promised to help solve SW Florida water quality problems. He acknowledged the linkage between red tides and nutrient-laden fresh waters flowing to the Gulf from the Caloosahatchee and other sources. [Article]



Coal Power & Ocean Impacts (2007-01-06)

Glades County has endorsed plans for the construction of a new FPL coal-fired electric power plant near Moore Haven. Riverwatch is discussing potential impacts on regional water resources, but has taken no position. [Editorial] [FPL] [EDC Position] [Carbon Capture]



River's Backers Win One (2007-01-13)

People who have been fighting to protect the Caloosahatchee River's water quality won a significant battle. SFWMD has accepted that additional measures must be taken to store and treat the wet season excess waters that have been discharged from L. Okeechobee to the river. [Article]



Red Drift Algae Invade Shores (2007-02-02)

Red drift algae are macroalgae that arrives in huge mats covering the shore. Sanibel is currently most affected. While not toxic or dangerous, the piles of algae destroys the tourism value of the beaches.



Corps of Engineers Reform (2007-03-20)

Sen. McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Feingold (D-WI) advocate reforming the Army Corps of Engineers procedures for setting project priorities within the WRDA funding bill.WRDA has passed the House without Corps reforms. [Article]



Senator Dave Aronberg (2007-03-20)

State Senator Dave Aronberg of West Palm Beach & Greenacres announced his top legislative goals for this session in Tallahassee will be Everglades and Lake Okeechobee restoration. Aronberg chairs the Joint Legislative Committee on Everglades Oversight. [Article] [Opinion]



Rural Land Stewardship (2007-03-20)

Glades County is considering a Rural Land Stewardship program. According to some groups, TDU programs in other counties have facilitated development more than they have helped conserved rural lands. [Announcement] [Workshop]



Escalation of Red Drift Algae (2007-03-15)

Scientists studing the red drift algae express alarm that the escalating algae aggravated by Caloosahatchee nutrient discharges could result in the disappearance of many types of invertebrates and fish. [Article] [Report] [Project]



Florida Senate approval (2007-03-09)

The Florida Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation has approved additional $50 million for Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers water quality improvement and pollution reduction. [Article]



Riverfront Towers & The Vue (2006-12-25)

The public continues asking the Ft. Myers City Council to do the right thing for the City and River's future by not allowing riverfront towers to encroach on public park land. Experts offer world class planning advice.
[News-Press] [Design Video]



CRCA Joins Legal Action (2007-02-12)

Riverwatch and other parties have filed suit seeking an injunction against The Vue, a 27-story tower in Ft. Myers that is planned directly adjacent to Centennial Park. [Legal Petition] [News Press] [CRCA Comment]
[Design Video]



Governing Board Nominees (2007-02-12)

Southwest Florida needs a strong voice in the SFWMD Governing Board. Among the highly qualified individuals nominated are Greg Rawl and Wayne Daltry. [Article] [Miami Herald] [Bonita News] [Governor] [SFWMD] [Rawl] [Daltry] [Editorial]



Archeologist at Annual Meeting (2007-02-12)

Archeologist Kara Bridgman Sweeney will present "Prehistory of Southwest Florida" at the CRCA Annual Meeting, Mar 17, 2007. “We have a rich history in the area and some of the sites are threatened,” Sweeney reports. [Bridgman Sweeney] [Info] [Audio]



DEP Water Reclassification (2007-01-03)

A public hearing on DEP's proposed water classification system was held on Jan 30. The new matrix includes 7 human and 4 aquatic life use categories and allows more degraded categories. [Article] [CRCA Comment] [New System]



Will DEP Downgrade River? (2007-01-09)

A plan by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to reclassify use specifications of all "man-altered" state waters is creating waves in many grassroots organizations dedicated to making Florida''s waters clean and safe. [Caloosa Belle] [System] [1/30 Mtg] [DEP]



Sea Level Rise from CO2 (2007-02-04)

The debate on coal power continues on FPL's plan for a pulverized coal plant in Glades County. Some say it's OK, others prefer coal gasification and CO2 capture, and some want no coal plant at all. [Protest] [St. Lucie Letter] [Media Archive]



Mahoney Tours River Park (2006-12-04)

Candidate for U.S. Congress, Tim Mahoney, along with Glades Commissioner Alvin Ward and former U.S. Senator Bob Graham discuss Caloosahatchee issues during a pre-elections visit to LaBelle. [Details] [Photos] [Article]



Ten Days of Christmas (2006-12-27)

Done unwrapping your Christmas gifts? Well, let's see what the regional water management elves made for us this year. Paul Reynolds takes a humorous slant on what state and federal agencies sent down the river this holiday season. [Opinion]



Water Pollutant Credits Trading (2007-01-05)

DEP has sent recommendations to the Governor and Legislature for a system of Water Quality Trading Credits. DEP sees this as a possible way to achieve water pollution reduction goals.
[DEP email] [DEP report]



FOB Paddle Event (2006-12-04)

Another successful event, thanks to the hard work of all our volunteers & sponsors, particularly CHNEP. We enjoyed a great tour of the Creek, including an awesome mangrove tunnel, even had a guitar serenade.
[See document]



River, Roots & Ruts Train Run (2006-12-01)

This year's Annual River, Roots & Ruts Trail Run is a 5K Fun Run and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles)... to help you break in that New Year resolution on Sunday, January 7, 2007. Last year 260 runners from 17 states and 4 nations joined in the event.
[More Details]



River Ride 2006 (2006-11-22)

The 10th Annual Caloosahatchee River Ride is the morning of Sunday, Nov. 19. Over 100 riders participated in 2005 and we expect more this year. Plan now to join us for this always enjoyable Riverwatch tradition. [Registration & Map] [Announcement]



River at a Crossroads (2006-10-12)

Come and participate in public forums examining the polluted and complex lake system, including its effects downstream on the Caloosahatchee River and into Southwest Florida estuaries.
[Public Event] [WGCU] [Expressions]



Alligators, Sharks, and Panthers (2006-10-20)

The Riverwatch meeting in Ft. Myers on November 1 will feature a speaker, author Charles Sobczak. He will present his new book about Florida's development and its future. [Announcement] [Book] [Author]



American Rivers Lobby Day (2006-09-21)

CRCA's Mary Rawl visited Congress Sep 11-12 to advocated protection of our nation's rivers. Also from SW Florida were Susan Kennedy (Everglades Coalition) & Jennifer Hecker (Conservancy). [Image] [Documents] [News]



Proposed Runoff Rules (2006-09-20)

Oct. 30 is the deadline for comments to SFWMD on the new basin rule governing new development. This is critical for the future of the Caloosahatchee. [Draft Rule] [Report] [Comments]



Riverwatch Newsletter (2006-09-21)

In the CRCA newsletter learn about blue-green algae bloom, red tide outbreaks, the C-43 Test Cells results, and other a list of the many Riverwatch events scheduled for the next few months. [Current] [Archive]



Charity Golf Tournament (2006-09-16)

The 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be hosted by Construction Materials, Ltd. on Oct 7 at Heritage Palms Country Club to benefit Riverwatch. [Registration] [Course Info] [Contact Karen Bickford]



Afternoon on Green (2006-09-16)

Lee County Parks and Recreation is organizing "Afternoon on the Green" at the "Berg" on Sunday Nov 5, 2006 at 1 to 5pm. Come and Enjoy.
[More Details]



America's Endangered Rivers (2006-09-14)

The Caloosahatchee has been named as one of America's 2006 Ten Most Endangered Rivers. Learn more about what must be done to reverse the decline. [Fast Facts]
[Comprehensive Web Page]



Stop Pumping Dirty Water (2006-08-14)

EPA is proposing a rule that would allow polluted water to be dumped into another body of water without restrictions. This threatens the health of all of our nation's waters. [Example Letter] [Take Action]



Student Documentary (2006-08-21)

University of Groningen student Lars Gierveld from the Netherlands created a documentary titled "Endangered." The 32-minute film presents perspectives on the crisis facing the Caloosahatchee River. [Watch Video]



Cape Coral Canal Watch (2006-08-02)

Canalwatch is a volunteer program to help the City of Cape Coral monitor 400 miles of canals for water quality and potential problems. Canalwatch invites residents to participate. [Newsletter] [Membership]
[Web Site]



Coastal Dead Zones (2006-08-02)

In a special "oceans series" the Los Angeles Times covers the plight of waters from Florida to Washington State. Troubles in the Caloosahatchee are part of a larger crisis facing waterways throughout the developed world. [LA Times] [Florida Algae]



Oxbow Restoration (2006-06-19)

Over 180 people attended the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Old Ft. Denaud Oxbow restoration sponsored by Riverwatch, Hendry County and SFWMD. [Article] [Media] [Commemorative Shirt] [Video] [Map] [Photo Gallery]



LaBelle Nature Park (2006-06-25)

Riverwatch and the Eco-recreation Coalition are working to transform the LaBelle Nature Park into a riverfront attraction. The group delivered a progress report to the Hendry-LaBelle Recreation Board. [Presentation] [Park WebSite]



Earth Day at Billy Creek (2006-07-14)

Riverwatch celebrated EARTH DAY with Fort Myers City Councilman Warren Wright and 70 others at Billy Creek. Everyone pitched in to clean up our little corner of the planet. [Photos] [More Details]



Michael Grunwald: The Swamp (2006-07-01)

Michael Grunwald, the Washington Post journalist who in 2002 reported on the politics of development in SW Florida, held a book signing in Naples on Sunday, April 30, attended by Riverwatch officers. [2002 Article] [2006 Video]



Riverwatch Press Conference (2006-07-01)

Riverwatch held a press conference on April 19 at Centennial Park in Ft. Myers to announce the naming of the Caloosahatchee as America's 7th Most Endangered River of 2006. [Details]



Earth Day at Billy Creek (2006-04-17)

Celebrate EARTH DAY with Fort Myers City Councilman Warren Wright and all your new & old friends at Billy Creek on Saturday, April 22 from 9 AM to noon. Everyone will be pitching in to clean up our little corner of the Earth. [Details]



Senator Nelson (2006-04-17)

During stops in Sanibel and LaBelle, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson addressed water quality issues. He spoke with Riverwatch President Mary Rawl in Sanibel and V.P. Margaret England in LaBelle. [More Details]



Senator Nelson (2006-04-11)

During stops in Sanibel and LaBelle, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson discussed water quality issues with local citizens. In Sanibel he talked with CRCA Pres. Mary Rawl. In LaBelle he answered questions from CRCA VP Margaret England. [Video] [Algae Photos]



Riverwatch Press Conference (2006-04-11)

Riverwatch and several organizations held a press conference on April 19 at Centennial Park in Ft. Myers to announce the naming of the Caloosahatchee as America's 7th Most Endangered River of 2006. [More Details]



LaBelle Nature Park (2006-04-11)

Riverwatch and the Eco-recreation Coalition are working to transform the LaBelle Nature Park. The group delivered a progress report to the Hendry-LaBelle Recreation Board on April 18. [More Details]



American Rivers Nomination (2006-04-04)

The City of LaBelle has endorsed CRCA's nomination of the Caloosahatchee as one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.A. for 2006. LaBelle Resolution. Interview with Mayor of LaBelle Randy Bengston [More Details]



Press Conference (2006-04-04)

The Caloosahatchee has been named as one of America's 2006 Ten Most Endangered Rivers. CRCA holds a press conference Wednesday at 11:30 AM in Centennial Park to make the announcement. [Details]



Stop the Muck!! (2006-04-11)

The damage done to natural resources in SW Florida was highlighted by a report in the News-Press article on the catastrophic threat of explosive algae growth in J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel. [Details]



Oxbow Celebration (2006-04-04)

Over 180 people attended the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Old Ft. Denaud Oxbow restoration sponsored by Riverwatch, Hendry County and SFWMD.
[More Details]



Join PURRE! (2006-04-03)

Join PURRE, Riverwatch & others for an afternoon of music, discussions, and action on April 9 from 1-5pm at Sanibel Community Center.
[More Details]



Friends of Billy's Creek (2006-01-30)

Billy Creek empties to the Caloosahatchee in Downtown Ft Myers. 10 years ago you could fish for snook in the creek. Now, stormwater runoff has turned this natural treasure into a polluted ditch. [More Details]



American Rivers Nomination (2006-01-09)

The City of LaBelle endorsed CRCA's nomination of the Caloosahatchee as one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.A. for 2006.
[Video] [More Details]



Cabbage Paddle (2005-12-29)

Join the 2nd Annual Caloosahatchee Cabbage Paddle on Sat, Feb 25, 1PM at Bob Mason Park and the growing number of people who choose kayaks & canoes as a way to enjoy the unique treasures of Florida. [Course Map] [More Details]



Action Alert (2005-12-28)

Throughout the summer and fall of 2005, the Caloosahatchee River suffered from extensive algal blooms & fish kills in the river and estuary. Will there be a repeat of these events in 2006? [More Details]



Friends of Billy's Creek (2005-12-28)

Billy Creek flows to the Caloosahatchee in Downtown Ft Myers. 10 years ago you could fish for snook in the creek. Now, stormwater runoff has turned this natural treasure into a polluted ditch. [More Details]



River, Roots & Ruts (2005-12-27)

The 2005 RRRTR had 300 runners from 27 states and 3 countries. This year offers a Half Marathon (13 miles) & 5K Fun Run along the wider nature trails... Sunday, January 8, 2006 [More Details] [Event Site]



Action Alert (2005-12-12)

The purchase of the Babcock Ranch is not a completed transaction. Gov. Jeb Bush and the Cabinet are expected to vote today on the agreement. Lee County will have a public hearing to discuss the topic Nov 29. [More Details]



Oxbow Celebration (2005-11-30)

Riverwatch invites you to join us and 120 students from Country Oaks Elementary for the dedication of the first oxbow restoration project at Old Ft. Denaud on Friday, December 16 from 9 AM to noon. [More Details]



American Rivers Nomination (2005-10-17)

The City of LaBelle has endorsed CRCA's nomination of the Caloosahatchee as one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.A. for 2006. LaBelle Resolution. For more information visit American Rivers web-site. [More Details]



Action Alert (2005-11-25)

Continuing algae problems throughout the Caloosahatchee are generating fish kills in the river and estuary. Expressions of concern and anger are coming from the public and communities over destruction of our fishing and tourism industries. [More Details]



Call to Action! (2005-10-10)

Sanibel City Council calls on everyone to add their voices to our call for action to SFWMD and Corps of Engineers demanding they cease the destruction of our water quality caused by the Okeechobee water releases. IT IS OUR DUTY - ACT NOW!
[More Details]



River Ride (2005-08-13)

The 9th Annual Caloosahatchee River Ride is scheduled for the morning of Sunday, Nov. 20. Over 100 riders participated in 2004 and we expect more this year. So plan now to join us for this event as part of the "Get Up, Get Out, Get Active" weekend.
[More Details]



Featured member (2005-08-01)

How do you measure a legacy like the Old River Rat's? How do you even describe it? That's what educators Cindy Bear and Rick Tully were pondering Monday morning. And that's likely what many in Southwest Florida's environmental community wondered when they learned of Charles Edgar Foster's death on Sunday.
[More Details]



Action Alert (2005-07-15)

Algae blooms are spreading over the Caloosahatchee with the potential to generate microcystin toxins in the water. While tests for these are so far negative, water quality specialist warn against excessive exposure.
[More Details]



Cabbage Paddle (2005-07-15)

CRCA held the first Cabbage Paddle on Sat., Feb. 26, 2005 in LaBelle. The event was a success and we invite everyone to join us for the paddle in 2006. Also, get a free tee-shirt when you join CRCA.
[More Details]



Court Ruling (2005-07-15)

As Florida agencies work to develop pollution limits (TMDLs) for our river, a judge has struck down other regional TMDLs for lack of scientific basis.
[More Details]



Action Alert (2005-07-15)

The planned SFWMD C-43 reservoir intends to improve the salinity conditions in the estuary. However the current $350 million project design does not address water quality. SFWMD plans to build test cells to evaluate their design plans before finalizing plans. [C-43]



Action Alert (2005-07-15)

Ft. Myers has plans to change the downtown waterfront. Learn about how the plans affect public access to the river and what you can do to ensure that the final design better reflects the interest of all citizens.
[Water Front]