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John Cassani, Calusa Waterkeeper (2017-01-02)

Career scientist and outspoken water advocate John Cassani is the Calusa Waterkeeper. He leads the international Waterkeeper Alliance programs in the region that includes Caloosahatchee River, Lake Okeechobee and the shoreline & estuary system from Charlotte Harbor to Estero Bay. [Resume] [Short Bio] [Photo]

Jack Green, Executive Director (2017-01-02)

Jack Green serves as Executive Director of the Calusa Waterkeeper program. Jack spent his first career in the Coast Guard and later served as Fort Myers Beach Director of Public Works (including responsibilities for water utilities). His home is on the shores of Estero Bay in Fort Myers Beach. [Resume] [Short Bio] [Photo]

Cassani on Reservoir (2016-12-31)

The just released Sixth Biennial Review of Everglades Restoration, “Progress Toward Restoring the Everglades: The Sixth Biennial Review, 2016”, corroborates much of what Caloosahatchee Riverwatch has been saying about the plan for the C-43 Reservoir for more than a decade. [Cassani Opinion in News Press]

December 2016 Newsletter (2016-12-31)

The December 2016 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [December Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archive]

Everglades Coalition Conference (2016-12-31)

Three Estuaries, One Solution: Caloosahatchee, St. Lucie, and Florida Bay is the theme of the 2017 annual conference of the Everglades Coalition scheduled for Jan 5-8 at Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort. The conference is attended by a vast array of public and private interests. [Conference Website]

Matlacha Protests Cape Coral (2016-12-31)

After Cape Coral annexed pieces of Matlacha, residents of both Pine Island and Matlacha protested and began to schedule meetings to discuss incorporation as a defense against futher annexation by a city they see as having been damaging to their waters and other interests. [Cape Coral Breeze] [News Press] [Photo]

January Board Meeting (2016-12-31)

The CRCA-Riverwatch Board of Directors will meet at 6:30pm on Wednesday, Jan 4th, at the High Point Place conference room, in Fort Myers. This meeting is open to members of CRCA. [Location] [Photo High Point Place]

Sea Level Rise on Captiva (2016-12-31)

On Friday, Jan. 13 Captiva Community Panel holds “Now In My Backyard” , a symposium discussing how sea level rise will affect Sanibel and Captiva, what is being done about it and what more can possibly be done. Dr. Harold Wanless from the University of Miami is the featured speaker. [Sanibel Captiva News] [Details] [Tickets]

Arctic Report Card (2016-12-31)

The Arctic just received its annual report card. It's not hard to pinpoint a cause of the changes: The Arctic environmental system continues to be influenced by long-term upticks in global carbon dioxide and air temperatures, in addition to natural seasonal and regional variability, the report said. [USA Today] [Declining Ice Mass] [Web site] [Video]

Charlotte Harbor Mining (2016-12-31)

Four environmental groups have put the Corps of Engineers on notice that they’ll sue if the Corps follows through with authorizing phosphate mining on more than 50,000 acres of land in Central Florida. The environmentalists say the strip mining damages wildlife habitat and endangers drinking water. [WMNF]

Water Resources Conference (2016-12-31)

The 26th Annual Southwest Florida Water Resources Conference is tasked each year to predict our water future. Come hear the predictions on Jan 13 at FGCU/ Riverwatch has co-hosted the event for more than 10 years. Riverwatch members are encouraged to attend to learn about important water issues. [Fort Myers Beach Observer] [Conference Website] vs. Kevin Powers (2016-12-31)

Nancy Smith of Sunshine State News expressed her concern about's Facebook postings about Kevin Powers' business interests. She says that is a 2-year-old, anti-sugar 501c4 organization so it doesn't have to reveal its donors. The donors could be Cuban sugar spies. [Sunshine State News]

Ending 2016 with Good News (2016-12-31)

Linda Young of Florida Clean Water Network shared some good news, one of which is that attorney, David Ludder of Tallahassee, filed a lawsuit in federal court regarding Florida's human health toxics criteria. [Florida Clean Water Network]

WWALS Now Suwannee Riverkeeper (2016-12-31)

The Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Directors has approved its Affiliate WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. to become a Member. The newly appointed Suwannee Riverkeeper, John S. Quarterman, will work to protect and preserve the Suwannee River Basin by combining his firsthand knowledge of the waterways. [Press Release]

US Rivers (2016-12-31)

A stunning new map shows the complex network of rivers and streams in the contiguous United States. Created by Imgur user Fejetlenfej, a geographer and GIS analyst with a ‘lifelong passion for beautiful maps,’ it highlights the massive expanse of river basins across the country. [Dayli Mail] [Map]

Fisheating Creek Ruling (2016-12-31)

A new ruling in the legal battles over Fisheating Creek states that Fisheating Creek/Cowbone Marsh boat access must be maintained by a cut/dredged channel at least 3ft deep and not narrower than 25ft, as advocated by the group Save Our Creeks. The State of Florida wanted to fill it the cut. [Glades County Democrat] [Court Ruling] [Comment] [Map]

Fugate (2016-12-31)

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) director Craig Fugate in his recent interview with Bloomberg View called the current governments won’t worry be happy FEMA will pay incentives “perverse.” Fugate fumes while Florida sinks in a sea of bulls**t! [Florida Politics] [Craig Fugate]

Sabal Pipeline (2016-12-31)

Florida environmental activists are protesting against the Sabal Trail Pipeline. Spectra Energy Corporation, NextEra Energy, Inc. and Duke Energy are building the 515 mile-long pipeline, which will transport natural gas from Alabama to Florida, running through the heart of springs country. [WFSU] [Pipeline map] [Cartoon] [Photo] [Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline]

Slogan (2016-12-31)

Katrina Elsken of Okechobee News has written series of articles about Lake O with the purpose of exploring the truth about the lake, its problems and proposed solutions. She says Lake O needs a better publicist, referring to the Weather Channel's video labeled Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake O. [Article 1] [Article 2] [Article 3]

Our Rangers are not Lone (2016-12-21)

If you become a Calusa Waterkeeper Ranger then you won't be alone. The volunteer program to help patrol regional waterways (with sampling bottles, not guns) from Lake O to Caloosahatchee Estuary to Estero Bay and Charlotte Harbor meets on Thursday, Jan 5 at 7pm in the Ft Myers library. [Ranger Meeting Announcement] [Add Event to Your Calendar]

Riverwatch Helps American Rivers (2016-12-17)

Groups from Ferndale, Washington to Fort Myers, Florida participated in the 25th Annual American River 25th National River Cleanup®. Over 53,000 volunteers removed more than 3.4 million pounds of trash from nearly 2,000 cleanup sites. Thank you to CRCA members and FGCU students who made this happen! [American Rivers]

25 Hunt vs 1 Climate Change (2016-12-16)

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership was recently welcomed into the Everglades Coalition bringing more conservative tactics to environmental battles. Their Recommendations for the Trump Transition Team used the word "hunt" 25 times but "climate change" only once. That's the new reality. [Trump Transition Plea]

Ding Darling Water Exhibit (2016-12-15)

For the finale of Ding Darling Wildlife Society Soak-It-In Speaker Series, local water quality pros discuss the solutions to water crisis. We need to fix the rivers and estuaries to restore the Everglades and then Florida Bay. Everybody agreed we need more storage. Where is a more delicate question. []

Business/Government Perspective (2016-12-15)

Clewiston Chamber of Commerce was challenged the video Toxic Lake by Weather Channel. The Chamber claims that the Lake is not the main source of phosphorus sent to estuaries and that the video does not consider this viewpoint. The Chamber points to coastal septic tanks as a primary cause of algae. [Clewiston Chamber of Commerce] [Video]

Management, Not Advocacy (2016-12-15)

After nature photographers John Moran's call to reduce lawn irrigation & fertilization, UF/IFAS professor Michael Dukes explains that IFAS is not in the business of telling people to have a lawn or not. Instead, IFAS simply tells homeowners how they can best grow a lawn. [News-Press]

Red Tide Event Explained (2016-12-15)

Oceanographer Robert Weisberg explains why red tide struck the Gulf unexpectedly this year. Waters from Hurricane Hermine combined with wastewater discharges to create conditions for a red tide bloom. Red tide biology is controlled by the movement of the water and what the water carries with it. [Bradenton Herald]

Waterkeeper Comes to Beach (2016-12-15)

CRCA Executive Director Jack Green is reaching out to his fellow Fort Myers Beach residents with a support appeal letter for Riverwatch and its new Waterkeeper program. The letter was sent to 850 beachers with the remaining 6500 addresses planned when finances permit. [Appeal Letter] [Letter Back Images]

SFWMD (2016-12-14)

The fact that a public agency engenders suspicion not trust is a problem, according to Randy Schultz. SFWMD issued a "statement of principles" on behalf of the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and defended its intention to sell land in Palm Beach County Agricultural Reserve Area. [Sun Sentinel]

Lee County Conservation Program (2016-12-14)

The Conservation Land Program is not new, explains John Cassani. Back in 1996, grass-roots activists were already asking for it. At that time, the referendum gave 53% in favor for 400,000 inhabitants. The program is now largely supported. As the population grows, this action becomes imperative. [News-Press]

Red Tide in Charlotte Harbor (2016-12-14)

Tha alarming amount of pollution from human waste in Charlotte Harbor estuary is contributing to the recent red tide. Dr. Brian Lapointe completed a study showing the waste are fuel for the algae bloom. Waterways can be saved if the county gets good sewer systems in the coming years. [NBC2]

Fort Myers Reclaimed Water (2016-12-14)

The City of Fort Myers is looking for options to use its excess supply of wastewater that has been treated and disinfected to meet the standards. It can be used for irrigation purposes. The city wants to negotiate the sale of excess reclaimed water to neighboring communities. [Florida Weekly]

Red Tide Sticks Around (2016-12-13)

Rick Bartleson from Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation is tracking red tide. Since the beginning of November, it remains around Sanibel and Pine Island. Fish killings have been reported in Matlacha, Tarpon Bay and occasionally on the beaches. The seagrass number is lower than usual. [Video]

Toxic Drinking Water (2016-12-13)

4 million Americans could be drinking toxic water containing lead without knowing it. Small utilities, serving few thousand people do not have to treat water to prevent lead contamination until after it is found. In Florida, 5% to 10% of customers are concerned by utilities with failed lead tests. [TC Palm]

Victory for Everglades Restoration (2016-12-13)

Congress approved the Everglades project to send water south. It is a major victory for Everglades restoration. The $1.9 billion project should speed up the discharge of water south, keeping the marshes healthy and reducing water release to estuaries. The White House has to give the final approval. [Miami Herald] [WLRN]

Spikes in Phosphorus Levels (2016-12-13)

Two sugar cane farms in Palm Beach County repeatedly failed to meet Everglades pollution-cleanup goal. North of Wellington, the average phosphorus increased by 210% in 5 years. The farms remain in business because the 25% reduction of Florida law prioritizes regional success over individual farms. [Sun Sentinel]

It is Not Over (2016-12-12)

The Army Corp decision did not put a stop to the Dakota Access Pipeline or its placement. It does not suggest that the optimal route will be Lake Oahe or that they will prepare a valid Environmental Impact Statement. We still need to pressure the Army Corp and President Obama, the fight is not over. [Waterkeeper Alliance Message] [The Legal Reasons]

Waterkeeper Weekly (2016-12-12)

Riverwatch will soon be a full member Waterkeeper. This alliance gathers Waterkeepers around the world to be stronger. The next annual Waterkeeper conference will be held on June 7-11 in Park City, Utah. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and share experiences and ideas with other Waterkeepers. [Waterkeeper Weekly]

Challenge to Save the Everglades (2016-12-12)

A University of Idaho research team has won the first phase of a scientific challenge to save the Everglades. The biochar process should remove organic and mineral contaminants in wastewater and generate energy while using the minerals it strips from water to produce fertilizer. [Standard Journal] [University of Idaho] [Video]

95%, 99.7% or 99.99% (2016-12-12)

Watch for arctic ice area data on Jan 1, when ice area is least variability. The data will be 2, 3 or 4 "standard deviations" below average, reflecting 95%, 99.7% or 99.99% chance the climate system is abruptly changing. Given those odds, are you betting your grandchildren's lives by doing nothing? [NSIDC] [Graph] [Ice Area Link] [Ice Volume Link]

Miami to Paris = 70 ft2 of Ice (2016-12-12)

A new study correlates human CO2 emissions with the loss of Arctic ice. The relationship equates a round-trip flight between Miami and Paris with the loss of 70 square feet of Arctic ice. In terms of car travel, an average 12,000 miles per year in a US car represents 150 sq ft of ice loss. [Science Daily]

Caloosahatchee Nov 29 - Dec 05 (2016-12-09)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 during the past week decreased to a weekly average of 651 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, increased to an average of 882 cfs. Salinities have risen rapidly in the upper and middle estuary. Red tide persists in coastal waters. [Condition Report] [Graph] [More SCCF Report]

Safe Boating Regulation (2016-12-09)

Unsafe wake violations are occurring more frequently on area waterways. Victims include manatees, kayak/smaller watercraft and marinas. It appears that FWC does not patrol to regulate boating related wildife issues. This is likely part of the deregulation and de-funding process under Gov Scott. [Message]

From Flood to Drought in Months (2016-12-09)

Cape Coral residents are encourage to conserve water or face tighter restrictions. The lack of rain, the overuse of water have led to water level in canals dropping. Irrigation is the first water use that can be reduced. The town provides a watering mandate schedule for the residents. [News-Press]

Coastal Angler Magazine (2016-12-09)

Each month Riverwatch writes articles for the Okeechobee edition and the Ft. Myers edition of the fishing enthusiast publication titled Coastal Angler. It's a great way to reach out to the fishing communities throughout our area. [Snapshot] [Article] [Coastal Angler Magazine]

Toxic Lake (2016-12-09)

The video from The Weather Channel gives a good overview of the water crisis from Lake O. The reporter tell the story of how water discharge begin, followed by the overuse of fertilizers, ending up in the Lake. The consequences are unquestionable but the future actions remain uncertain. [The Weather Channel] [Video & Article]

Climate Change Health Trends (2016-12-09)

The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are moving northward, partly due to climate change. This goes along with an increase of bacteria affecting oysters and sickening consumers. A report says warming water are linked to waterborne food poisoning, especially from raw oysters. [Fosters]

EAA Land Purchase Rally (2016-12-08)

On Dec 8, Riverwatch was at the rally outside SFWMD HW with Sierra Club to support Senator Negron’s EAA Land Purchase Plan. John Cassani, our Riverkeeper, gave a speech. Indian Riverkeeper, Bullsugar, Riverwarrior Lodge and the Friends of the Loxahatchee Refuge also participated in the rally. [Flyers] [Photos]

Protect Matlacha Pass Fishery (2016-12-07)

Cape Coral Council hears a notice to annex a portion of Matlacha into Cape Coral. Join Matlacha Civic Association and Great Pine Island Civic Association to protect Matlacha Fishery.They will oppose this annexation effort on Dec 12, at 4:30 pm in Cape Coral. [Details]

CELA TEGA Conference Series (2016-12-07)

Registration is open now for 2016 conference, Resiliency and Adaptations in the Estero Bay Region. This event will take place on FGCU campus. The purpose is to identify and discuss resiliency and adaptation planning for climate change and sea level rise in the Estero Bay Region. [Event]

Who in Our Area Will Lead? (2016-12-07)

The City of St. Petersburg has a plan to increase public attention on the effects of climate change so that the city can more easily take steps to minimize, prepare and adapt. SW Florida faces the same challenge, but who will lead? Will Riverwatch (soon to be Waterkeeper) lead this effort? [Saint Peters Blog]

Still in the Fight (2016-12-07)

While David Guest may have retired from Earth Justice, he appears to have not withdrawn from the battlefield. He is one plaintiff attorneys seeking to enforce the Water and Land Legacy Amendment, also known as Amendment 1, which mandates state spending for land and water conservation. [Florida Politics]

Slippery Slope Begins (2016-12-07)

Florida will become untenable in the coming decades from both a taxation and flooding perspective as officials pursue a natural inclination to subsidize impacts of climate change. More and more of our state and federal monies will be directed towards compensating waterfront landowners. [Florida Politics]

FMB Tipping Point (2016-12-07)

John G. Heim has lived in Fort Myers Beach for 33 years. He points out how the town is going in the wrong direction. The unsafe ongoing road construction, the dirty water from Lake O, the over-development of the town, and the inept local government are the tipping points of Fort Myers Beach. [John G. Heim Letter]

Support for EAA Reservoir (2016-12-06)

Riverwatch joins the event on Dec 08 in West Palm Beach to support Negrons proposal. Rick Scott has to make a decision on Lake O. management and it must be on behalf of the people and water, not Big Sugar profit. Join us on Thursday, 11 am, to support the project! [Press Release] [Flyer]

Consumption Shrinks Shores (2016-12-06)

The shrinking shores in Florida is a current topic. Joseph Bonasia gives another perspective to save the beaches. The consumption in the USA is one of the cause of climate change and sea level rise. Changing the way of buying in America is essential to solve the problem. [News-Press Mailbag]

FGCU Students with Riverwatch (2016-12-06)

FGCU students made a video of their project with Riverwatch about toxic algae bloom. They could observe the facts, and raise awareness about this issue by getting the people to sign a petition for clear water and educating young students about the pollution. Thanks you for your investment! [Video]

2016 Rough Year for Water (2016-12-06)

After rough month for Caloosahatchee River, the water is finally getting clearer. Daniel Andrews warns that it will take years to repair the damage on the ecosystem. He is optimistic about finding a solution through the projects South of the lake and the reservoir proposal of Senator Negron. [News-Press]

North VS. South (2016-12-05)

The SFWMD established an infographic to compare North vs. South water storage.The conclusion they want to highlight is obvious: North is better than South for operations, storage, economy and even environment. In their demonstration, a big point is missing... What about the Everglades? [Infographic]

FGCU Internship Symposium (2016-12-05)

On Dec 02, the FGCU STEM Undergraduate Research and Internship symposium was held. The Riverwatch interns Kayla and Florine, presented their work with the association on posters. It was a good opportunity to discuss with the students about the goals of Riverwatch and the internship opportunities. [Pic1] [Pic2] [Poster]

Chiquita Lock ERP Application (2016-12-05)

FDEP requested more information from Cape Coral, the Chiquita Boat Lock removal applicant. While the questions are essential, DEP may be doing this merely as a formality so they can say the issues were raised and resolved, should the issue ever end up in court. It could be administrative theater. [Request For Additional Information] [Previous News Box]

Data Reveal The Real Sources (2016-12-05)

While Mitch Hutchcraft claims that there is a well-established scientific link between septic tank and high level of nutrient in our estuary, CRCA member David Bogert clarifies this scientific link: septic tank are responsible for 8% of the problem while fertilizers are responsible for 84%. [News-Press] [Hutchcraft Opinion] [Leland Comment] [Grier Comment]

Grains of Dollars (2016-12-05)

We do not vote for candidates who believe in climate change and sea level rise science, instead we vote for candidates who believe that pumping sand is the solution to our beach erosion problems. Maybe that should have been the theme title for a recent public forum to discuss shoreline loss. [Naples Daily News] [News-Press]

Unlikely Love Story (2016-12-02)

60% of Florida manatees use the coal power plant canals to keep warm during the winter. The plants have helped the recovery of the population of manatees. As they will shut down in the future, it is necessary to find new winter refuges and make them move to these new locations. [Popular Mechanics] [E&E News]

Riverwatch Intern (2016-12-01)

Kayla Koszela, a FGCU student in Environmental Studies, recently held an internship with Riverwatch. She had diversified missions, working with Mary Rawl, on events, communication and monitoring the River. She said she learnt a lot about running a successful non-profit. Thank you Kayla! [Internship Poster]

Waterkeepers in Month of Action (2016-12-01)

The Standing Rock demonstrators calls for a month of solidarity through December. You can join them at Standing Rock, but also take action in your community, at the financial, governmental and corporate target, and encourage divestment or donate to the frontlines. There are many way to act! [Waterkeeper Alliance Message]

Caloosahatchee Nov 22-28 (2016-12-01)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 decreased to an average of 665 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, increased to an average of 875 cfs. Salinities have risen rapidly in the upper estuary. Red tide have caused fish kills from north of Bokeelia Pine Island throughout the Refuge. [Condition Report] [Table] [More SCCF Report]

November 2016 Newsletter (2016-11-30)

The November 2016 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [November Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archive]

Wanted: Water Quality Rangers (2016-11-30)

The 1st Calusa Waterkeeper Rangers meeting was held on Nov 19. The volunteer Rangers will monitor quality of area waterways (Estero Bay, Pine Island Sound, Matlacha Pass, Charlotte Harbor, the Caloosahatchee River, & Lake Okeechobee). If you are interested, contact Waterkeeper @ [Ranger Update] [Photo]

Telegraph Creek Fish Kill (2016-11-30)

On Nov 20 Calusa Waterkeeper (designate) John Cassani and NPR reporter Jessica Maszaros investigated the scene of a fish kill on Telegraph Creek where it runs through the Lee County Bob Janes Preserve. Tests were performed and samples taken for analysis. Results may shed light on the cause. [Actions Update] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

Great Boat Donation! (2016-11-30)

Thank you to Tom Torgerson or TPI Hospitality for his generous donation at the Cocktails & Conversations event held on Captiva Island. The Zodiac Yachtline 420 Deluxe will power one of the seven planned Calusa Waterkeeper Rangers as they travel our waterways investigating water quality issues. [Zodiac Photo 1] [Zodian Photo 2] [TPI Hospitality]

Rate Increase for FPL (2016-11-30)

In a move thwarting solar users, the Public Service Commission approved an electric rate hike costing customers $63 more a year, even those using no net utility power at all. FPL gets $200 million per year more, giving shareholders at least 11% annual returns, well above the 9.5% national average. [Florida Politics]

Budget Cuts (2016-11-30)

Despite the call for budget cuts from the House Speaker, Senate President Joe Negron wants the state to build a $2.4 billion reservoir to store and clean water, in western Palm Beach County. He stays optimistic that they will find revenue to meet the priorities of both the House and the Senate. [WFSU]

Lightbulb Nose Dolphins (2016-11-30)

Bottlenose dolphins in the Florida coastal Everglades have higher concentrations of mercury than any other populations in the world. One cause is leaves dropping into brackish swamp waters. Mercury from the mangroves interacts with bacteria and is converted to highly toxic methylmercury. [FIU News]

Riverwatch Volunteer Recruitment (2016-11-30)

On Nov 19, some potential ranger candidates attended the volunteer recruitment meeting. The ranger recruitment is still on-going. If you are interested in helping monitor the water quality of our waterways, please, do not hesitate to contact us. [Details] [Contact Us]

Please Dig Deep This Year (2016-11-30)

With the elevating of Riverwatch to a full Waterkeeper member and the hiring of staff, we need each of our members to dig deep this year when they renew their membership. Letters have been sent to all current member. Please respond soon and generously. We thank you. [Membership & Donations Request Letter] [Renewing Members] [New Members] [Donations]

Steve Berlin, Boat Surveyor (2016-11-30)

Riverwatch expresses its appreciation to Steve Berlin of Independent Marine Surveyors, Inc. for its assistance in assessing the value of boats donated to our new Waterkeeper program. [Independent Marine Surveyors, Inc.]

They Will Really Do It (2016-11-30)

DEP intends to grant Cape Coral permission to remove the Chiquita Lock so boats can get from homes to estuary more quickly. Many are objecting to this proposal but DEP under the Scott administration does not really care about environmental impacts. [Roger Wood Objection] [CRCA Report]

Recovery of The Seaside Sparrow (2016-11-30)

The Center for Biological Diversity are urging the US Army Corps of Engineers to move forward on the proposition for Everglades restoration and recovery of the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow. They ask to move more water to the East, to Northeast Shark River Slough, a historical path. [Center for Biological Diversity] [Website]

Water Matters More Than Lawns (2016-11-30)

With 15 million new residents due to arrive here in the next half century, Floridians need to seriously reduce our water consumption. John Moran asks Floridians to stop spending so much water and fertilizer in lawns and to realize what is really important: to have enough good drinking water. [News-Press]

Dec 8 EAA Reservoir Rally (2016-11-30)

On Dec 8, a rally is organized to support senator Negron’s EAA Land Purchase Plan & save the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Rick Scott has to make a decision and we do not want it to be at the cost of the environment again. The rally will be held from 11 am to 12 pm at West Palm Beach. [Flyer] [Video] [Facebook Event]

Abrubt Climate Change (2016-11-30)

Climate expert Paul Beckwith says we can no longer hope to halt abrupt climate change by reducing GHG emissions. We now must also deliberately cool the Arctic and also remove CO2 from the atmosphere. He explains how and why this year the Arctic is failing to form sea ice. It is unprecedented. [Explained Part 1] [Explained Part 2] [Paul Beckwith]

Greed VS The Everglades (2016-11-29)

Mary Barley, explains how the greed of Big Sugar and corruption in politics are destroying the Everglades. 75% of the voters approved the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment but nothing has been done. Big Sugar does not want to sell its land and politicians do not want to offend Big Sugar. [Miami Herald]

Focus Restoration Efforts North (2016-11-29)

Samuel E. Poole, does not agree with the storage and treatment project South of the Lake. He believes that the first priority should be to stop the nutrients from entering the Lake with treatment facilities North of the Lake. We could, thus, protect the Lake and estuaries from toxic algae bloom. [Tampa Bay Times]

Lake Okeechobee Level (2016-11-29)

Lake O. level dropped nearly a foot during November and is now under 15 feet. The lake level is not likely to drop low enough to trigger water shortage before summer. Apparently, the lake is in good shape for agriculture irrigation and drinking water supplies in case of drought. [Sun Sentinel]

Florida Conservation Voters (2016-11-29)

Florida Conservation Voters was founded with the goal to make the environment a key issue in elections. The last elections were successful for the local ballots on Conservation 20/20, Save Our Indian River Lagoon and Wild Spaces & Public Places. Another victory was the rejection of Amendment 1. [2016 Election Report] [Website]

Climate Change a Hoax? (2016-11-28)

After describing climate change as a hoax, Trump is now admitting some connectivity with human activity... He says he keep an open mind about withdrawing the USA from the Paris agreement. Such an action would set back international efforts to limit rising temperature. [CNBC]

Birth of Caloosahatchee River (2016-11-28)

14,000 years ago, during the last glacial period, the peninsula of Florida emerged. Over the thousands of years, the peninsula has changed . The ice melted, rising the sea level, sculpting the coasts and lakes of Florida. 5,000 years ago, the Caloosahatchee River was born. [News-Press]

Trump Effect on Florida (2016-11-28)

Trump knows well Florida. He lives here, has property and business here. Many of his campaign promises could have a direct negative impact on Florida. For example: expanding offshore drilling and reducing regulation and spending would have a bad effect on the environment. [Tallahassee Democrat]

No Arctic Ocean Drilling (2016-11-28)

It is recognized by a large majority that Arctic drilling is too risky and dirty to allow. For Karen Scherer, it is good news for Floridians that the government does not allow offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean. More than ever, Florida is concerned by the consequences of climate change. [News-Press Mailbag]

Pulse Flow Mitigates Harm (2016-11-28)

The Army Corps of Engineers releases Lake O water in "pulses" designed to mimic the natural flow of water after rains. Those stoppages, even though they were just a couple of days each time, really helped keep the oysters around the Stuart alive in 2016. [TC Palm]

Sustainability of the Estuary (2016-11-23)

The NWNA and the CHNEP held a workshop on Sept 29, to explore challenges, and to identify strategies for balancing growth with restoring estuary health in Northwest Cape Coral. The CHNEP may organize a workshop on tidal creeks after the Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit on March 28-30. [Workshop Report]

Cocktails & Conversations (2016-11-23)

Jack Green, CRCA Executive Director & John Cassani, our first Waterkeeper, spoke at the Nov 9 Cocktails & Conversations. Thank you to our sponsors Sanibel Captiva Bank and Tween Water Inn, event organizers Rob Wilson and Mary Rawl, and generous donors Robin Krivanek, David Laties & John Gucciardo. [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

Billys Creek Cleanup Success (2016-11-23)

Over the past four semesters, more than 150 volunteers have spent well over 600 hours collectively working to help ensure the waterway stays clean. During the Nov 4 event, over 60 volunteers removed 8 cubic yards of trash from the waterway. They accomplished 6 work week of service in one morning. [Billy's Creek Story] [Website]

New Paddle-Craft Launch (2016-11-23)

A $56,300 project was done in September to renovate all the dock and launch area by Riverside Park in Bonita Springs. The reconfiguration of the launch is more suitable for canoe, kayak and paddle-board. No need to climb down a slippery sandy, grassy embankment to climb aboard craft anymore. [News-Press]

Aggression at Standing Rock (2016-11-23)

Waterkeeper Alliance is denouncing again the aggressive methods used against peaceful protesters at Standing Rock, who are asking for law and order from a criminal enterprise. Make your voice heard with Waterkeeper Alliance by calling President Obama, demanding a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline. [Waterkeeper Alliance Message] [Waterkeeper Alliance Website]

26th Water Resources Conference (2016-11-23)

The Southwest Florida Water Resources Conference has announced the lineup of speakers for the 26th conference to be held on Jan 13. The topic is about the need of cooperation from all elements of society to improve the water system. Carol Collier of Drexel University is keynote speaker. [Florida Weekly] [Conference Press Release] [Conference Program]

Miami Dredging Killing Coral (2016-11-23)

Dredging at PortMiami to make way for massive ships killed far more coral than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicted. A study says sediment spread across an area about 14 times bigger than allowed. The severity and the extent of the sediment impacts on the reef were underestimated by the Coprs. [Miami Herald]

Move Faster With Funding (2016-11-22)

The project of a reservoir south of Lake O is scheduled to begin in 2021, but it could get started sooner if funding were available. Lt. Col. Jennifer Reynolds says the storage south of the lake is the next major planning effort for the Everglades restoration project. [WMFE]

Unprecedented! (2016-11-22)

Polar night, when the sun never rises in the Arctic, typically triggers rapid ice growth as bitter cold sets in. However 2016 temperatures are a shocking 20 degrees C (38 degrees F) above average. Graphs of ice area show low seasonal ice patterns never before seen since record keeping began. [CNN] [Snopes]

Red Herring in The Water (2016-11-22)

Do not be fooled says Tom Grier. The Mitch Hutchcraft commentary was another effort to stop Lake O water from going south and impacting Sugar. Tom Grier does not believe the C-43 reservoir will be good for the river, it will just allow to send dirty water during wet AND dry season in the river. [News-Press Mailbag] [Mitch Hutchcraft Commentary]

Earmarks for Water Projects (2016-11-22)

Florida Rep. Tom Rooney wants to bring earmarks back. He offered a proposal that would allow lawmakers to designate money for water projects. The proposal is echoed by other lawmakers who feel the executive branch has too much authority, letting them decide to fund or not projects. [Tampa Bay Times]

BP Oil in the Food Chain (2016-11-21)

A study proved that the disastrous BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, in 2010, has officially enter the food chain on the long-term. The scientists found oil carbon signatures consistent with the Deepwater Horizon event in each of 10 birds tested. Oil likely entered the food chain through zooplankton. [EcoWatch]

Fish Kill in Matchala (2016-11-21)

Large numbers of dead fish appeared in the area of Matchala. A map released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows concentrations of red tide in the area, but people are suspicious and some are wondering whether the toxic algae is to blame for the dead fish. [NBC 2] [Wink News]

EPA to Be Abolished? (2016-11-21)

One of Trump campaign promise was to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. Treasure Coast environmentalists are hoping it will not become presidential action. Indeed the Indian River Lagoon Council received $625,000 from the EPA this year for research and restoration projects. [TC Palm]

Say No to Dakota Access Pipeline (2016-11-18)

Marc grew up next to the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania, spending most of his time playing in the river. In Oct, the rupture of a gas pipeline spilled 55,000 gallons of oil in the river. Marc says no to Dakota Access Pipeline. Pipelines are not safe and fossil fuels should stay underground. [Waterkeeper Alliance Message] [Susquehanna Riverkeeper] [Waterkeeper Alliance]

They Will All Fail Eventually (2016-11-18)

Looking at a map of the past and current gypsum stack failures, it is obvious that these waste ponds on sink hole-prone land are guaranteed to eventually fail and contaminate groundwater. DEP's own assessment now admits this same reality. The question is, what to do now? [ABC Action News] [Florida Sinkhole Poster] [Sinkhole Mosaic Map] [News Box 1] [News Box 2]

Caloosahatchee Nov 8-14 (2016-11-18)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 during the past week dropped to one third of the previous week averaging 782 cfs. Lake Okeechobee discharges to the river, measured at S-77, decreased to an average of 1,014 cfs. The USACE reduced flows to the Caloosahatchee to a 7-day average pulse of 650 cfs. [Condition Report] [Table] [More SCCF Report]

Leland Comments on Hutchcraft (2016-11-17)

About the article of Mitch Hutchcraft for News-Press, Leland Garvin comments: Exactly what I would expect to hear from an Everglades sugar grower whose linkedin profile says his job at King Ranch is protection of assets from changing regulations, long term value enhancement of real estate assets. [Linkedin Profile] [News-Press] [Comments] [Internet Profile]

False Promise South of The Lake (2016-11-17)

M. Hutchcraft of King Ranch serves on the SFWMD Governing Board. He says the C-43 Reservoir and other investments in more water storage North of the Lake are good solutions while sending water South is false promise distracting from real progress. [News-Press] [Comments]

Treatment of Indian River Lagoon (2016-11-17)

A new technology developed by Greenfield Resources, can treat water pollution without any chemical, using electrical current. The company will test the treatment on the water of the canal flowing to the Lagoon. It could be a solution to reduce bacteria and toxic algae concentration. [TC Palm] [Greenfield Resources Technology]

Waterkeeper Alliance Stands Up (2016-11-17)

On Nov 15, Waterkeper Alliance President, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, stood on the front line of Standing Rock to support their fight. He calls for the end of Dakota Access Pipeline project and denounces the deployment of police and military power against peaceful citizens. [Waterkeeper Alliance] [Video] [Website]

Too Clean Water Can Kill (2016-11-16)

To overcome drought, Israel supplies desalinated drinking water to 80% of the population, since 2005. 11 years later, an increase in mortality following the switch to desalinated water was noticed. The inaction of the government brings to mind the disaster of Flint, Michigan. [Haaretz]

Running Out of Water by 2070 (2016-11-16)

If building trends continue along their path, it could bring 15 million more people to Florida by 2070 and paved more than 1/3 of Florida. Under the current development patterns, the water use will double and such amount of water is not available in Florida. Solutions are to change our use of water. [Florida Today] [Sun Sentinel]

Accelerate Everglades Restoration (2016-11-16)

The Everglades are unique and iconic landscape, unlike any other in the world. The water management system has resulted in massive fish kills and state of emergency. Rob Moher wants the community to speak with a unified voice to accelerate effort to restore the Everglades. [Sun Sentinel] [Conservancy of Southwest Florida]

Hypocritical Denial (2016-11-16)

How can coastal communities expect all Floridians or any other Americans to pay for their beach restoration when they deliberately elect people who deny the human causes of the long-term beach losses, climate change and sea level rise. Pumping sand is a band-aid; we need long-term solutions too. [Naples Daily News]

No Changes Despite 20/20 Passage (2016-11-15)

83% votes gave the endorsement to the 20/20 land purchase program on Election Day. But the current set of county commissioners have absolutely no intention of changing their breakneck pace of development and disregard for environmental impacts. BOCC member Pendergrass comments make that very clear. [News-Press]

CRCA Co-hosts Water Conference (2016-11-15)

Registration for 26th Annual Water Resources Conference to be held Jan 13 at FGCU is now open. The theme of this year is: Cooperative Solutions: Working Together to Address Water Challenges. This will be the 11th year CRCA-Riverwatch has co-hosted the event. [Conference Committee Announcement] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Website]

Call for Support to CWA (2016-11-15)

Carl Veaux is calling for support to stop the boardwalk that is supposed to be built on the beach in Estero Bay. It concerns a Critical Wildlife Area, where shore birds nest and rest. Email the Fort Myers Beach town offices to express your support to protect these CWA by Nov 16. [News-Press] [Critical Wildlife Areas]

Starting Dry-Season Mode (2016-11-14)

Dry-season discharge patterns began Nov 11 with reduced Lake O releases to the Caloosahatchee. Flow is reduced to a weekly average of 650 cubic feet per second. Col. Jason Kirk recognizes much need to be done to create a water management system, more environmentally friendly, in South Florida. [WINK News] [Graph]

Beaches Washing Away (2016-11-14)

Beaches in Florida are shrinking. More than a third of the shoreline has lost ground over the past five decades...and it will get worse. The state receives more than $3 billion in sales taxes from tourists to beach counties but no amount of money will keep up with beach losses from sea level rise. [Naples Daily News] [Video]

Phosphate Mining Pollution (2016-11-14)

Morocco and Western Sahara have around 75% of global reserve of phosphate rock. Miners have poor protection and are exposed to toxic dust and gases. A lot of workers are diagnosed with cancers and tumors but the companies deny the connection and nothing is done for the safety of the miners. [The Guardian]

Overview of Ecological Conditions (2016-11-11)

A SFWMD presentation gives an overview of the ecological conditions from Kissimmee River to Florida Bay. It details the conditions of Lake O since last year, for example, on algae bloom or aquatic vegetation. It also shows the conditions of St Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries concerning salinity. [SFWMD Presentation]

The Standing Rock Protestation (2016-11-11)

Camille Seaman immortalized a historical moment: the Standing Rock protesters trying to block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would cut through tribal lands and threaten the water supply. For her, this is also an opportunity to shift away from fossil fuels. [TED] [Gallery of Portraits]

Endangered Species VS Water (2016-11-11)

There is no easy solution to reduce the discharge of water to estuaries. Here is an other reason: we cannot discharge water to the Everglades between Feb. and Aug. as it could impact the endangered seaside sparrow, nesting 6 inches off the ground. Is it now about choosing which species can survive? [News-Press]

The Massive Effect of One Man (2016-11-10)

Trump promised to withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement and to terminate Obama’s Clean Power Plan. His election might have a massive effect on Earth's fate. If actually implemented then Trump’s policies will likely ensure that the global temperature rises higher than 1.5 degrees Celsius. [The Atlantic]

The Waterkeeper Alliance Message (2016-11-10)

Despite the results of US Presidential elections, which does not sound favorable to environmental protection, the Waterkeeper Alliance ensures that they will not stop fighting. Waterkeepers must keep in mind that they must stay united, fight for clean water and our future more than ever. [Waterkeeper Alliance Message] [Website]

Florida 2070 Project (2016-11-10)

The University of Florida's Geoplan Center, FDACS and 1000 Friends of Florida are hosting a free Water 2070 Webinar on Nov 17 from 12 to 1:30. Florida 2070 project assesses the growth in population in Florida and its impact, and gives alternative solutions to limit the negative effects. [Webinar] [Florida 2070]

Changes at the Conservancy (2016-11-10)

Jennifer Hecker has been with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida for more than 12 years. She advocated for Everglades restoration project and cleaner water in Caloosahatchee River. She is now the new executive director of Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. [News-Press]

Caloosahatchee Nov 1-7 (2016-11-10)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 2,163 cfs, dropping below the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake Okeechobee discharges to the river, measured at S-77, decreased to an average of 2,081 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 during the past week averaged 406 cfs. [Condition Report] [Graph] [More SCCF Report]

Are the Things Really Changing? (2016-11-09)

Paul Reynolds denounces the too powerful sugar industry in Florida that is blocking the process of solving the water crisis. Building reservoirs all around the Lake cannot be a safe and sustainable solution. The only way would be to treat the water, with marsh filters, and send it south. [News-Press]

Amendment 1 Rejected (2016-11-09)

Solar Amendment 1 garnered less than 51% of the vote. It needed 60% to pass. Florida big energy companies were the biggest donors to the $26 million campaign, 100 more than what the opponents spent. In the end, the victory is for the little ones. It is one of the most expensive failed ballot. [News-Press]

Pull the Plug to Get Water South (2016-11-09)

We need a solution now for the water discharge of Lake O. As good as the EAA reservoir seems to be, it will not give any result before ten years. Dave Ulrich ask for action now to send more water from the WCA to Florida Bay, taking into account sparrow nesting areas and phosphorus levels. [News-Press]

Waterkeeper Membership Proposal (2016-11-09)

On Nov 8 Riverwatch submitted a proposal to Waterkeeper Alliance to upgrade our status from affiliate to full member. If the proposal is approved by the Alliance on Dec 23, CRCA will change its name to Calusa Waterkeeper becoming part of the largest non-profit organization focused on clean water. [Waterkeeper Proposal] [Waterkeeper Alliance Website]

Calusa Waterkeeper Selected (2016-11-07)

Career scientist and outspoken water advocate John Cassani has been selected to become the Calusa Waterkeeper. This title becomes effective once Waterkeeper Alliance approves the application submitted by CRCA Riverwatch to become a full Waterkeeper member organization. [John Cassani Resume] [John Cassani Bio] [John Cassani Photo]

Call for Water Quality Sentries (2016-10-30)

Riverwatch seeks volunteers to help monitor the quality of area waterways (Estero Bay, Pine Island Sound, Matlacha Pass, Charlotte Harbor, the Caloosahatchee River, and Lake Okeechobee). Those interested may attend a volunteer recruitment meeting at 9am on Nov 19 in Ft. Myers. [Meeting Announcement]

Executive Director Selected (2016-11-07)

Jack Green who spent his career in the Coast Guard and later served as Fort Myers Beach Director of Public Works (including responsibilities for water utilities) has been selected as the Executive Director for CRCA-Riverwatch, which will soon change its name to Calusa Waterkeeper. [Jack Green resume] [Jack Green bio]

Look North of Lake Okeechobee (2016-11-08)

Melanie Peterson, member of SFWMD governing board, supports the idea of water storage north Lake O. 92% of water flowing into the Lake comes from north and so do most of harmful nutrients. According to her, northern storage provides greater flexibility and treatment before water enter the lake. [Orlando Sentinel]

Mt St Helen Eruption Every 3 Days (2016-11-08)

The volcanic eruption of Mt. St Helen in 1980 is considered as a significant one. A comparison has been made for CO2 emissions between a volcano eruption and human activities. The passenger vehicle in the USA only emit as much CO2 as a Mt St Helen eruption happening every 3 days in America. [Skeptical Science] [Illustration] [Comments] [CO2 Level Graph]

Build an EAA Reservoir (2016-11-08)

Eric Eikenberg points out the importance of water storage to economy of Florida. Because of toxic algae, tourists have ran away. The economic loss do not end on the coasts. If we do not send more water south, the Everglades could become the only desert that gets 60 inches of annual rainfall. [TC Palm] [Comments]

Red Tide Persists in SW Florida (2016-11-07)

Red tide is still occurring in Southwest Florida, from Pinellas to northern Collier County. It mainly persists in Sarasota and also in southern counties in lower concentrations. Fish kills have been reported but no respiratory irritation over the first week of November. [Fl Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission]

Audubon Breakfast in News-Press (2016-11-07)

For the Sunday News Press of Nov 6, the media published photos covering Audubon Environmental Breakfast, held on Oct 27. The article mentions the main topic: Lee County conservation 20/20 program and also the award of the conservationist of the year, attributed to Carl Veaux. [News-Press Part 1] [News-Press Part 2]

Cocktails & Conversations (2016-10-13)

Want to hear all the facts about our River and Estuaries that you will not hear anywhere else? Please join us on November 9th at Tween Waters Inn. We need your help to keep our water clean. Enjoy great food and drink while our guest speakers discuss problems and solutions and what we can do to help. [Event Poster] [Details] [Register]

News-Press for Water Quality (2016-11-07)

Bob Holder thanks News-Press for informing the public on water quality. But he also notes an important missing information. Apparently, the US sugar industry accounted for 40% of lobbying expenditures and is dispensing favors to politicians who maintain policies to protect the industry, not water. [News-Press Mailbag] [Cartoon]

1975 Lake Okeechobee Report (2016-11-07)

The preface to the 1975 Lake O water quality warning report included a quote: Scientists will have to persuade the world to listen to what they have discovered. If they cannot succeed in this difficult enterprise, man will destroy himself by his halfway cleverness. - Bertrand Russell [1975 Report]

Billys Creek Cleanup (2016-11-04)

The CRCA-hosted Billys Creek cleanup was successful. More than 50 students plus a dozen community volunteers joined the event on Nov 4. Huge piles of trash from the Creek and the new Ford Street filter marsh were collected. TV stations covered the event. Many thanks to Felicia Nudo, the organizer. [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] [Wink News Video] [More Coverage]

WKA Calls on President Obama (2016-11-04)

Waterkeeper Alliance called for the President, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to order a halt to work on the Dakota Access Pipeline until a full analysis of the impacts to the natural & cultural resources. WKA is supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to protect water, sacred sites. [Waterkeeper Alliance] [Take Action] [Letter to President Obama] [Twitter]

UN Climate Change Conference (2016-11-04)

Rock Aboujaoude Jr, a Univ of Florida student from LaBelle represented US students at the UN climate change youth conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, Nov 3-6. Rock studies in the Food & Resource Economics Department. He traveled to Marrakech to talk about US student & NGO activities on climate change. [Morning Ag Clips] [Photo 2] [Press Release] [Photo 3] [COY12] [COP22]

Caloosahatchee Oct 25-31 (2016-11-04)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 2,965 cfs, over the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake Okeechobee discharges to the river, measured at S-77, decreased to an average of 2,674 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 during the past week averaged 703 cfs. [Condition Report] [Table] [More SCCF Report]

Hunt for Green Mussels (2016-11-04)

Florida Department of Environmental Protection staff at Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves have reported an increase of exotic green mussels, native to the Pacific Ocean. They are asking the community to report sightings. This species can be problematic because they can form dense mats very quickly. [Department of Environmental Protection] [Contact to Report Sightings]

Before the Flood (2016-11-03)

Leonardo Dicaprio gives, in this movie, a large overview of the climate change situation nowadays. All over the world, the threat is real and the consequences are already happening. No more talk, no more excuses, no more 10-year studies. It is time to act. Free access video on Internet until Nov 5. [Skeptical Science] [Documentary Video]

Failure of Toxic Rule (2016-11-03)

Mary C. Christman, bio-statistician, addressed a letter to the EPA, to give technical comments on the new water quality rule. Statistical details are insufficient to review the method. She highlights the difficulty to determine if the criteria are adequately protective for Floridians. [Florida Clean Water Network] [Revision of Water Quality Criteria]

Lake O Business Alliance (2016-11-03)

Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance is launching a protest on Nov 5 in Clewiston, against the project to build a reservoir South Lake O. the members claim their non-profit group is not an industry front. They fear the project will destroy the local economy, jobs and way of life. [WFSU] [Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance]

Ghost Forests (2016-11-03)

While freshwater is killing the estuary during the wet season, rising seas are pushing to much saltwater into the coastal wetlands, killing the trees and turning these stands of hardwoods into ghost forests. This is occurring from Florida to New Jersey, and it is about to become a worldwide problem. [Yale Environment 360]

Caution! Manatees Are Back (2016-11-02)

November is the beginning of migration season for Florida manatees. The FWC reminds people in boats and personal watercrafts to use cation while on the waters. In Feb 2016, 6,250 manatees were counted in Florida waters but sadly, there have been 91 manatee fatalities caused by boat strikes in 2016. [My Sun Coast]

Fields of Filth (2016-11-02)

Smithfield Foods, the pork producer has created fields of filth that are polluting the waterways of North Carolina. All the waste produced by the swine are stored in huge open-air pits that are not handled properly. The Waterkeeper Alliance need your help to support Pur Farm, Pur Water campaign. [Waterkeeper Alliance Mail] [Field of Filth] [Donation]

The US Army Corps Progress (2016-11-02)

Col. Jason Kirk from the US Army Corps summarizes the progress of Everglades restoration. From the Kissimee River restoration, to the east and west Lake O reservoirs, the aim is to improve the water flow and send more water south of Lake O. The work is in progress from the US Army Corps viewpoint. [News-Press]

Worst Year Ever (2016-11-02)

According to flow estimates reported by the Corps of Engineers, the Caloosahatchee has delivered harmful volumes of water to the estuary for 232 of the 285 days (81%) in 2016. This is more days than any year since records began in 1963. The previous record was 2005 with 230 days. [Daily Flows at Franklin Lock] [Press Release PDF] [Days per Year]

EBAP 50th Anniversary (2016-11-02)

The Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve (EBAP) will celebrate its 50th Anniversary Dec 2 at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Bonita Springs. On the program, a dinner, a silent auction, the Living Waters exhibit of photographer Clyde Butcher, and presentations of the past, present and future of the EBAP. [Invitation] [Save the Date Card] [Mail] [Estero Bay Buddies]

Scientists Stand Their Ground (2016-11-01)

Saying what politicians do not want to hear can be risky for a career. This is what professor Marc Edward did. He spoke up about the polluted drinking water from the Flint River. In Florida, scientists and officials have been fired for questioning the progress of the state in solving a water crisis. [Florida Weekly] [Web Article]

Investigation on Owls Killing (2016-11-01)

Law enforcement is investigating what appears to be the deliberately killing of a family of burrowing owls. These owls are a "species of special concern" resulting in protective laws for them and their habitat. Occasionally landowners purge protected species from their land to avoid regulations. [News-Press] [Video]

Holistic Approach to Water (2016-11-01)

Mali Soto Gardner wants clean water for Lake O. If the water must be sent south, it must be clean water. To truly address this issue, we must look at the entire natural water system, from Kissimee River to Florida Bay, not just focus on the Lake. We need a holistic approach. [News-Press Mailbag]

Public Relations Reservoir Mirage (2016-10-31)

C-43 Reservoir is not a cost-effective solution to estuary problems. Denying this publicly it nevertheless pushes the project farther into the future, not wanting to lose this public relations valued mirage. Since proposing it in 1996, SFWMD has slid the project farther into the future, now to 2024. [2015 Schedule] [2016 Schedule] [Reservoir Mirage Schedule]

October 2016 Newsletter (2016-10-31)

The October 2016 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [October Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archive]

Mother of the Rouge (2016-10-31)

Back in her home country, CRCA member Lois James is known as the Mother of the Rouge, the only viable wilderness watershed remaining in the Toronto area. She has spent more than 50 years devoted to the protection of the river. For her accomplishment, she was awarded in 2003 the Order of Canada. [] [Ganaraska Forest]

Contamination Partially Resolved (2016-10-31)

Florida Power & Light began work to clean up an underground plume of extremely salty and toxic water flowing from its nuclear power plant. An advocacy group says the plan will not stop the pollution, only clean up the old pollution. The underground plume is consuming potential drinking water. [My Palm Beach Post]

Ailing Rivers (2016-10-31)

Digging canals to drain the excess water of Florida changed the hydrology, causing damage to the rivers. Now the challenge is to reverse the past water management strategy in favor of cleaner water. This will require massive volumes of storage, north, south, east and west of Lake O. [News-Press]

November CRCA Board Meeting (2016-10-31)

CRCA-Riverwatch Directors will meet on Wed, Nov 2, at Evans Pizza in Fort Myers (next to Oasis Towers) at 2975 Palm Beach Blvd in Ft Myers. We will finalize action on letters of appointment for our Waterkeeper and Executive Director as well as approve our Waterkeeper full member application. [Evans Pizza]

License to Kill (2016-10-30)

It may be MS4 rather than 007, but it is still a license to kill - in this case our aquatic ecosystems. MS4 is the Cape's stormwater permit from Florida DEP allowing storm water pollution, including our anemic efforts to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharges to the river and estuary. [Lee Co MS4 Permit]

Audubon Environmental Breakfast (2016-10-28)

More than 110 people attended Audubon's Annual Environmental Breakfast. Carl Veaux spoke to the audience accepting the Conservationist of the Year award presented by Dan Van Norman, President of Audubon of SW Florida. Riverwatch director Wayne Daltry assisted Dan in organizing the event. [Carl Veaux] [Frank Mann] [Audience] [Audubon SW Florida]

Save Our Water Summit (2016-10-28)

Save Our Water Summit held on Oct 26 drew hundreds of people. This year has been particularly devastating for the Caloosahatchee River. Almost everyone agrees the solution is to build huge reservoirs. But there is serious disagreement on the types of reservoirs and where they should be located. [News-Press] [Comments] [Photo]

Caloosahatchee Oct 18 - 24 (2016-10-28)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 3,638 cfs, over the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, decreased to an average of 3,133 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 averaged 604 cfs. [Condition Report] [Table] [More SCCF Report]

Pollution-Notification Rule (2016-10-28)

The proposed pollution-notification rule ordered by Gov. Scott is raising lots of questions from the industry. They criticize the exltremly vague definition of pollution in the statute and the fact that minor incidents would cost a lot to the companies and may lead to "uncontrolled public hysteria". [The Ledger] [Cartoon]

The EAA Under Water (2016-10-27)

If Caloosahatchee and St Lucie Rivers were not connected to Lake O as before, how much the EAA would be covered in water? Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch tried to imagine: only for St Lucie discharge, 90% of the EAA would be covered. Caloosahatchee discharge is 3 times higher so it would be lots of water! [Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch Article] [Map] [Cartoon]

Support 20/20 Program (2016-10-27)

Lee County Conservation 20/20 is a 20 year-old environmental land buying program. A referendum is on Lee County ballots. Supporters of 20/20 are optimistic of its passage as there is no apparent organized opposition. They hope for public support to strengthen the program and ensure a good future. [News-Press] [News-Press: 5 Facts] [Conservation 20/20] [Yes 20/20]

Southern Flow Not a Silver Bullet (2016-10-27)

Water releases from Lake O have been disastrous for estuaries. The best solution seems to be sending more water south. But it is not that simple, as it could bring new problem in the Everglades. It's a shared adversity, a situation in which one area of the system may flourish while another fails. [News-Press Story] [Cartoon]

Land Purchase 20 Years Later... (2016-10-27)

The project to build a reservoir south of Lake O has been discussed for more than 20 years now and there is not much progress in 2016. Indeed, the execution is not planning to start the project until 2020 and the purchase of the lands is far from reaching the initial goals of 194,000 acres. [News-Press] [SCCF] [Map of EAA Land Use]

Pipeline Project Threatens Rivers (2016-10-27)

Environmental groups seek to block the construction of the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline by filing a motion for a stay of the FERC order. The Sabal Trail pipeline would affect 83.7% of the environmental justice communities, threatening the Flint, Chattahoochee, and private property. [Press Release] [Flint Riverkeeper]

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing (2016-10-27)

Joan Marshall denounces the dishonest appeals of the utilities who ask Florida voters to support Amendment 1. From now until 2025, the utilities' approach will increase renewable energy from 1% to only 2% of Florida power. However, Joan believes we can do far more if we vote against Amendment 1. [News-Press ] [Cartoon]

Ding Darling Water Exhibit (2016-10-26)

Ding Darling Visitor & Education Center will be hosting a free Soak-It-In Speaker Series on select Fridays at 1 pm from Oct 28 to Dec 7. The exhibit will take a global look at water relative to environment, culture, history, and spirituality. Admission is free but limited on a first-come basis. [News-Press] [Event]

Mary Ann Parsons (2016-10-26)

Former Riverwatch director Mary Ann Parsons is a volunteer Lee County Master Gardener who teaches Florida Yards & Neighborhoods classes of UF IFAS. She uses her knowledge to help undo decades of urban and agricultural land management practices that helped create the Cape Coral algal blooms. [News-Press]

Now or Neverglades Tour (2016-10-26)

The Everglades Foundation launched 12-day bus tour to drum up public support for the purchase of sugar land in the EAA. The bus will stop at several place in South Florida. The goal is to have people weigh in on the Legislature decision to get the money in the budget and start taking action. [Tampa Bay Times] [Road Trip to Restoration] [Now or Neverglades Declaration]

National Problem of Algae Bloom (2016-10-26)

Toxic algae blooms do not only concern South Florida; they are a global problem. The U.S. Geological Survey shows toxic algae blooms are implicated in human and animal illness and death in at least 43 states. Nutrients from fertilizers and septic tanks and a warming climate fuel their development. [WMFE] [National Algae Distribution Map] [NOAA Operational Conditions Reports]

226 Days of Harm (2016-10-25)

2016 has surpassed 1995 to become the second worst year for the number of days that the Caloosahatchee River delivered harmful volumes of water to the Estuary. With 2016 recording 226 days, only 2005 was worse with 230 days. Record keeping began at S-79 (Franklin Lock) in 1963. [Press Release] [Days of Harm by Year] [Total & Harm Volumes by Year] [Lake vs Watershed]

Annual Environmental Breakfast (2016-10-25)

Audubon of Southwest Florida organizes its 19th Annual Environmental Breakfast on Oct. 27 at 7am, with coffee and breakfast served at 730 am, at Riverside Community Center, Fort Myers. They will have a panel on 20/20. Please, RSVP to Audubon of SW FL at [Cape Coral Daily Breeze] [Audubon SW FL]

Study of Global Warming Effects (2016-10-25)

The WHOI published a study about the effect of changing ocean temperature on phytoplankton. This could be the key to understand how marine ecosystems are responding to shifts in climate. Researcher are watching the balance of bacteria and consumers and bloom cycle year after year. [National Science Foundation]

Trump Flies Over Everglades (2016-10-25)

Joking about the gators and snakes in the Florida Everglades, Trump comments that its better to go around them or to have a good helicopter. But he said that he would work to protect the Everglades nevertheless. He promised to repair the dike around Lake O and upgrade water and wastewater treatment. [Daily Mail]

Worst Year Ever For Crabbers (2016-10-25)

Frank Rogus has been crabbing the Caloosahatchee for decades. He says this has been the worst year ever to be a crabber. He says the crabs want nothing to do with our river these days. They run for the Gulf whenever flow is high and the water bad. [News Press Video]

C-43 Reservoir Project (2016-10-24)

Gene Gibson expresses Riverwatch's opinion on C-43 Reservoir in an editorial. This project is not as good as it seemed to be when first discussed 20 years ago. This project lacks a water quality component and poses safety issues. Riverwatch supports the proposal for storage/treatment around Lake O. [Environmental Editorials] [Gene Gibson] [Gibson Editorial] [Integrated Delivery Schedule] [Cartoon]

Hero in Flint Water Crisis (2016-10-24)

Marc Edwards, a civil and environmental engineering professor, revealed drinking water in Washington, D.C and Flint were not safe. Twice, the federal governments did not welcome his findings. He is set to come to Florida Southwestern State College in November to share his story. [Naples Daily News]

Serious in Decades or Centuries (2016-10-24)

Thawing of the Antarctic Thwaites Glacier could have an enormous impact on the world. The rate of ice loss accounts for about 10 percent of global sea level rise. The glacier contains enough water to produce more than 9 feet of global sea level rise. Its collapse could have huge consequences. [National Science Foundation]

Discharge Reduction from Lake O (2016-10-21)

Lake O discharges to the St. Lucie River will decrease again on Oct 21. The Army Corps of Engineers will reduce the discharges from about 1.16 billion gallons to 756.2 million gallons a day. The release is still very high but fortunately algae blooms are less likely now that the water is cooler. [TC Palm] [S-80 to St Lucie River]

Caloosahatchee River Situation (2016-10-21)

This article gives an overview of the situation of Caloosahatchee River, from the water release of Lake O to the consequences on the estuary. It also explains the impact of large amount of freshwater in the estuary and the toxic algae bloom on the touristic economy, vital for South Florida. [News-Press]

To Build or Not to Build (2016-10-21)

The Lee County League of Women Voters will meet on Nov 5, at The Helm Club at The Landings, Ft Myers. Wayne E. Daltry, who cares deeply about the preservation of the environment, will be speaking. The topic is To Build or Not to Build, and what areas should be protected from excessive development. [Event] [League of Women Voters]

Rock Mining Is Not Conservation (2016-10-20)

Conservation 20/20 program buys lands in Lee County to preserve environmentally critical lands. Even so, full protection cannot be guaranteed since the underground rights can be owned by another party. Thus mining and oil drilling are possible on conservation lands. [News-Press] [Conservation 20/20]

Caloosahatchee Oct 11 - 17 (2016-10-20)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 5,795 cfs, over twice the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, increased to an average of 5,331 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 averaged 616 cfs. [Graph] [Condition Report] [More SCCF Report]

Pollution & Public Relations (2016-10-20)

After the sinkhole at Mosaic plant became public, the main problems discussed were the risk of pollution and also why it took so long to inform the public? This question led Gov. R. Scott to enact a new rule, that requires immediate disclosure to the public and the media of any pollution incident. [First Coast News]

Fixing the Sinkhole (2016-10-19)

The toxic sinkhole on Mosaic plant is at least 220-feet deep, but it is not possible to have accurate measurement. Engineers are now building a rig to use light rays to map distances. Recovery pumps are installed to retrieve the radioactive water. All of the operation can take months to be achieved. [ABC Action News]

ORCA Muck Study (2016-10-19)

Scientists from ORCA are getting samples of water and muck in C-24 Canal in St. Lucie County, to find fertilizer nutrients. The goal is to determine the source of pollution that is causing environmental devastation, and which lands are the biggest contributor. [TC Palm]

SFWMD Projects for the River (2016-10-19)

Mitch Hutchcraft, SFWMD governing board member and King Ranch rep talks about ongoing & future projects and investments to protect the river and the estuary. Creation of storage reservoirs and testing of nitrogen removal systems are long term projects started in the 1990's but still incomplete. [News-Press] [Comments] [SFWMD projects]

Water Messages of Significance (2016-10-18)

The News-Press editorial board has been watching closely the water crisis occurring in Florida. They regularly provide news articles about the different issues and different representatives. They are now hosting the event Save our Water Market Watch Summit, on Oct 26, with a team of expert speakers. [News-Press] [Expert Speakers] [Tickets]

Fracking Threatens Water Quality (2016-10-18)

Jenifer Hecker is warning about fracking that still threatens the water quality in Collier County. She considers these techniques risky and irresponsible without any independent scientific risk assessment. To learn more about this topic, join the 2nd Florida Fracking Summit at FGCU on Nov 2. [News-Press] [Conservancy of Southwest Florida] [Florida Fracking Summit]

Indian River Lagoon Riverkeeper (2016-10-18)

Marty Baum is the Riverkeeper of the Indian River Lagoon. His job is to protect the Lagoon wildlife. The toxic algae bloom has a devastating effect on species, killing thousands of fish. The problem started in 1970s as the population of Florida increased and the sugar farms developed. [Motherboard] [Indian Riverkeeper]

Solar Amendment 1 (2016-10-17)

Rich Housh encourages the citizens to vote No on Amendment 1. According to him, it will protect utilities, not the citizens and penalized the customers. On Oct 18, an event is organized at the Concervacy of Southwst Florida to learn more about this issue. [News-Press]

U.S. Sugar & Water Quality (2016-10-17)

Malcolm "Bubba" Wade Jr. explains that U.S. Sugar has helped reduce the phosphorus in the water flowing off farms by an average of 55 percent. He also believes that additional storage south of the lake will not significantly reduce the harmful discharges from Lake O. [News-Press] [Comments]

State House for District 79 (2016-10-17)

In a letter to the editor of Lehigh Acres Citizen, Philip G. Schwartz is supporting the democrat candidate John W. Scott, running for state house for district 79. He has the conviction that John Scott will represent the people, not the big money, and fight to protect the environment of Florida. [Lehigh Acres Citizen] [Eye On Miami]

King Tides (2016-10-14)

King Tides, the annual high tides, usually arrive in fall when sea levels are higher. Tides are swelling in South Florida, boosting by offshore currents from Hurricane Nicole. The rising tides are now causing flood on the East Coast of Florida. [Sun Sentinel]

Lake O Creeping Downward (2016-10-14)

On Oct 13, Lake O level was bellow 16 feet. The US Army Corps of Engineers is now more optimistic. Flows to the Lake are decreasing: the South Florida Water Management District is holding water in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes to the North, and hopefully drier weather will continue. [News-Press]

Drones to Monitor Water Quality (2016-10-14)

Satellite images can be used to collect water quality parameters. However, images have poor resolution and are limited to large water bodies. Conservancy scientists are now testing a new method, using drones with UAV-based monitoring systems, that could provide more accurate data. [Cool Green Science]

Trump: a Fish out of Water (2016-10-13)

Trump surely understood the concern of Floridians for Lake O, and he considers this issue as an environmental priority. His idea is simple: stop letting the water out and keeping it in the Lake, to limit droughts. Well, in the 90s, the history has proven that his idea does not hold water... [Miami News Time]

Win the Jackpot (2016-10-13)

Everglades Foundation offers $10 million to anyone who can remove phosphorus from our waters for less than $55 per pound. It only costs a farmer $2.75 per pound to buy phosphorus fertilizer. Thus the cheapest way to remove phosphorus would be to not spread P on crops and lawns in the first place. [Science Mag]

Caloosahatchee Oct 4-10 (2016-10-13)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 7,325 cfs, exceeding the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake Okeechobee discharges to the river, measured at S-77, increased to an average of 4,598 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 during the past week averaged 1,650 cfs. [Condition Report] [More SCCF Report]

Confluence of Crises in Florida (2016-10-12)

Florida is going through multiple crises, particularly its water crisis. The Sunshine State is becoming less and less attractive to tourists and it is now urgent to solve these issues. Solutions require political attention both during and after election. [TC Palm] [Cartoon]

Save Our Creeks Annual Meeting (2016-10-12)

Please join us for our annual business meeting and hike on Fisheating Creek, on Sunday, Nov 13, at 11 a.m. at Palmdale, FL. Save Our Creeks is a non-profit organization devoted to the general purpose of conservation of natural resources, especially creeks and small waterways. [Details] [Website]

Welcome to the Future (2016-10-12)

Owners of beach homes are facing climate change issues. Beach errosion and storm-damaged homes are the results of years of inaction on global warming. Resources better spent on climate change avoidance will instead go to insurance claims, sand pumping, and sea walls. [First Coast News]

Algae Bloom & Over-Fertilization (2016-10-12)

The recent bloom of toxic algae in South Florida is not only due to water release from Lake O but also to over-fertilization and poor land management. Indeed, global warming and the high concentration of nutrients in water, contribute to the toxic algae development. [Foodtank]

Water Realeases From Lake O (2016-10-11)

Flows from Lake O to the rivers were maximized in preparation to Matthew. Fortunately the hurricane rainfalls were not extremely heavy. But the Lake remains high (nearly 16ft) therefore flows to the Caloosahatchee have continued at more than 4000 cfs, far above the estuary harm level of 2800 cfs. [News-Press]

Billys Creek Cleanup (2016-10-11)

On Nov 4, a cleanup is organized at Billy's Creek, Ft Myers, from 9 am to 12 pm to clean all the trash and aquatic debris of the area. The Creek flows into the Caloosahatchee River. Take action to protect the river and join us for the cleanup! [Details] [Website]

Caloosahatchee District Meeting (2016-10-10)

The Charlotte County Soil and Water Conservation District is hosting a distrinct meeting on Dec 7. The purpose is to discuss the issues and opportunities about the Caloosahatchee river, such as water quality, water storage, or potential funding. [Details]

Impact of Matthew on Lake O (2016-10-10)

Lake O is very likely to reach its highest point in a decade due to hurricane Matthew. To slow the rise of the lake and be prepared for possible other hurricanes, the US Army Corps of Engineers will maximized the outflow. This will doubtlessly have a strong impact on estuaries. [Politico]

Sea-Level Rise Threat (2016-10-10)

Sea-level rise is happening in Florida. The level increases by 1 inch every ten years and the drainage system in South Florida is starting to fail. About 80% of the residents in Florida live near the coast, and over 100 million tourists visit the coast every year. it is a serious threat for Florida. [WKYC]

Water Must Go South (2016-10-10)

More than 400 billion gallons of water from lake O have gone to the Caloosahatchee river during the last 247 days. On the other hand, only 160 billion gallons have gone South to the Everglades. It is possible to save our waters if we complete the projects to send water South says Mark Perry. [TC Palm]

Toxic Rule to Arrive DOA (2016-10-07)

Representing the Florida Clean Water Network, attorney Ludder’s addressed a letter to EPA, alerting about the newly adopted water quality rule that the FDEP will soon submit for approval. Indeed, they disregard federal rules that require states to give notice to the public before the hearing. [Letter] [Florida Clean Water Network]

Who Is Wrong Is Right (2016-10-07)

Pascal a leading hydraulic scientist, mathematician and Christian philosopher explained in the 1600's how to help people change their mind. He advocated before telling them that they were wrong, it was important to tell them how they were right, so they would not feel they were completely mistaken. [Blaise Pascal Approach]

No Man-Made Climate Change (2016-10-07)

The evidence has become unmistakable: we have more floods in some places, more droughts in some others and we are recording the hottest summer in the USA this year. But still, public policy has been paralyzed, sometimes from ignorance or uncertainty, but often from deliberate misinformation. [The Washington Post]

Mangrove Mania II (2016-10-07)

On September 17, Mangrove Mania II was organized at Cape Coral. Last year, the first event was successful with 10,000 red mangroves planted. Mangroves are a necessity for an entire ecosystem. We can find them in estuaries and they shelter fish, filter water, and help offset predicted sea rise. [News-Press]

Caloosahatchee Sept 07 - 13 (2016-10-07)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 increased to an average of 4,597 cfs, exceeding the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river measured at S-77, decreased to an average of 532 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 increased to an average of 3,006 cfs. [Conditions Report] [More SCCF Report]

SWFL Clean Water Movement (2016-10-07)

The SWFL Clean Water Movement is now forming a non-profit organization with the aim to educate people about water quality and Fort Myers Beach. It will give them a finacial backing allowing to reinforce their advocacy. [Fort Myers Beach Talk]

Downtown Boat Ramp Removal (2016-10-07)

Ft Myers City Council will very soon remove the Centennial Park public boat ramp so they can build a private hotel. The community needs a replacement ramp. Building it will take time and money. We must demand that Ft Myers take immediate action to build a replacement boat ramp. [Coastal Angler] [Downtown Boat Ramp] [CRCA Using Ramp]

Climate Scepticism and Politics (2016-10-07)

Conservative commentator Matt Drudge is accusing the government of manipulating information about hurricane Matthew to make exaggerated point on climate. An article of Skeptical Science explains how science knowledge about global warming matters more for Democrats than Republicans. [Skeptical Science] [NewsWeek]

Bring Disney Back (2016-10-06)

In a mail to News-Press, Jack Holt describes lake O. as a place better than Disney before the water issues. Now the pollution has transformed this beautiful place and it is not a touristic place anymore. Politicians must pay attention to this dramatic situation. [Mail]

Hottest Summer Nights in 2016 (2016-10-06)

The summer of 2016 had hotter nights than any summer since records began in 1895, according to data released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 2016 is likely to be the hottest year ever, with 2015 and 2014 second and third. The past 17 months have been hotter than all previous. [USA Today]

Afro-American Opinion Counts (2016-10-06)

The plan to buy up 60,000 acres for Everglades restoration concerns lands in the poor, mostly black community, South of the lake O. It is a plan designed to benefit the wealthy at the expense of another African-American community that did not have the chance to give its opinion about it. [The Huffington Post]

Audubon - SFWMD Tensions (2016-10-06)

Audubon of Florida is suggesting that the South Florida Water Management District should use its own funds to pay for the removal of invasive plant species rather than asking the federal government. The answer of SFWMD is full-throated. [My Palm Beach Post]

Keep River Hall Rural (2016-10-06)

In a mail published in News-Press, Carl Veaux gives his opinion about River Hall development. According to him, River Hall should remain rural to protect the wildlife of the area and its prime habitat. [Mail] [News-Press]

The Sun Makes Water Drinkable (2016-10-05)

A laboratory has developed a quick method to obtain drinking water by using the sun. This rectangle device, about half the size of a postage stamp, is made of glass substrate and can disinfect the water in only 20 minutes in the sunlight. [News Altas] [Illustration]

Corp Proposal for Lake O (2016-10-05)

Army Corps of Engineers plans to renovate the Herbert Hoover dike that surrounds Lake Okeechobee. But this would not completely end an ongoing push-and-pull between maintaining lake water at a level that does not overwhelm the dike, and keeping potentially harmful water out of the Caloosahatchee. [WINK News]

When Your Prognosis is Terminal (2016-10-05)

100 people gathered in Centennial Park for a water-blessing ceremony organized by Holley Rauen of Happehatchee Center in Estero. She believes in the power of prayer and sound. As in government solutions, does the prayer strategy's success require agreeing on a common prayer in which to invest? [News-Press]

Changes of Water Pollution Rules (2016-10-05)

The FL state is planning to ease some limits on potentially carcinogenic chemicals in water. While supporters consider the proposal as a safe, science-based update, opponents argue it is an industry-friendly plan that risks public health. [Sun Sentinel]

Caloosahatchee Sept 27 - Oct 03 (2016-10-05)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 increased to an average of 8,100 cfs, exceeding the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, averaged 3,648 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 increased to an average of 2,213 cfs. [Condition Report] [More SCCF Report]

Stand Up North Florida (2016-10-05)

Stand Up North Florida is a new mystery entity asking North Florida local governments to oppose Everglades land buying proposal. Some environmentalists say this entity is a front group for the sugar industry which is also fighting the proposal. [Politico]

Water Crisis Upsets Latvala (2016-10-05)

After the accumulation of water incidents in Florida, Sen. Latvala says being very upset as it is just a fundamental responsibility of government to protect citizens and their water supply. For him, environmentalists should not be the only ones sounding the alarm. [Tampa Bay Times] [Florida Politics]

The Burden of Young People (2016-10-05)

For James Hansen, if climate is to be stabilized on the century time scale, we do not only need to reduce CO2 emissions, but to have negative CO2 emissions. The challenge of the new generation is now to find sustainable solutions to extract CO2 from the air. [Article]

Hurricane Threatens Lake O (2016-10-05)

Hurricane Matthew is heading toward South Florida this week and it is not good news for Lake O. The lake level is already high and the heavy rain of q hurricane could cause the failure of the dike. The Army Corps advised people around the lake to be prepared to take action. [Sun Sentinel]

CHNEP Watershed Summit (2016-10-04)

On March 28-30, 2017, the CHNEP hosts the Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit to learn about current research and restoration efforts and critical environmental issues affecting the Charlotte Harbor watershed. the Summit calls for oral and poster presentations, to be submitted by 9 am Monday, Oct 17. [Submission] [Details]

Chiquita Lock Removal (2016-10-04)

FL Dept of Environmental Protection will be reviewing Cape Coral's application for permission to remove the Chiquita Lock. Lock removal will come at the expense of estuary water quality. It's a sad commentary on the lack of oversight and environmental protection by our local and state government. [NBC-2]

Finding The Guilty Party (2016-10-04)

When it comes to environmental disasters, contradictory theories are revealed to find out who is responsible. In this article, John R. Smith gives his opinion bluntly about South sugar farmers accused to pump water to Lake O. This theory, apparently, does not hold water. [Bizpac Review]

Paris Agreement Insufficient (2016-10-03)

While the European Parliament is expected to vote to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement on Oct 4, Scientists are warning that the current pledges are far from being sufficient to stay below 2 degrees. Radical changes are needed. [Common Dreams] [Inside Climate News]

Red Tide Warning (2016-10-03)

The red tide threat is spreading South from Pinellas County. This harmful bloom can cause kill fish and respiratory irritation. Water samples show red tide is present in Lee and Collier Counties but for the moment, no trace of the bloom has been found at Sanibel. [Count On 2 First] [Nature World News]

Hurricane in Caribbean (2016-09-30)

Matthew strengthened to a category 5 hurricane then weakened. Computer models expect it to head North but there is no certitude about its impact on Florida or other parts of the US East Coast. If heavy rains strike Florida this will exacerbate a bad year for Lake O, the Caloosahatchee, & St Lucie. [Pathway Map] [News-Press]

A Vital Step Forward for the CEPP (2016-09-30)

US Senate authorized a water resources development bill of $1.9 billion for the Central Everglades Planning Project. For Rob Moher, it is a vital step forward, but there is still a long way to go to resolve the negative impact of high-volume discharges to the rivers. [News-Press]

Save Our Water Summit (2016-09-30)

On Wed, Oct 26 the News-Press Media Group is presenting “Save Our Water” at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa. It includes education on the key aspects of the water crisis, a unique water experiences tour, and many other events! [Details & Tickets]

Caloosahatchee Sept 20-26 (2016-09-30)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 increased during the past week averaged 5,247 cfs, exceeding the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, increased to an average of 3,907 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 & S-79 averaged 1,563 cfs. [Conditions Report] [Table] [More SCCF Report]

Sinkhole Radioactive Pollution (2016-09-29)

A giant sinkhole opened up in Mulberry, FL, in late August, swallowing millions of gallons of toxic wastewater. Mozaic, the owner of the plant, informed the EPA promplty when it happened, but informed the public only two weeks after the incident. [Illustration] [WLOX] [Video]

Snowball Effect in the Arctic Sea (2016-09-29)

The Arctic sea ice melting begins to affect the global climate. The disappearance of the ice cap might be partly responsible for the increase in temperature, the release of greenhouse gases, and like a snowball effect, the ice is melting even more. [Yale Environment 360] [Graphic Illustration]

Florida Remains Butt of Jokes (2016-09-29)

Florida's water crisis is an ongoing problem. There is no doubt that the water situation only got worse during the recent decades of ineffective protection programs and water reforms, says John Cassani. Isn't it time for politics to bring a fresh perspective on this crisis to solve it? [News-Press] [Online Image]

Bonnie Says Clyde Innocent (2016-09-26)

Like Clyde asking Bonnie to declare him innocent, Cape Coral asked DEP for a letter releasing it from further action after its Ceitus Boat Lift removal. DEP provided the Cape with such a letter. The Cape then moved for final judgement in the case brought against the Cape by Riverwatch & others. [Motion] [Status] [DEP-Cape Letter]

New Sport - Reef Death Watch (2016-09-13)

Soon Florida divers will have a new recreational activity. They can join university & marine institute professionals in documenting the decline of a coral reef. They will be trained to determine if a reef is almost dead, dead, or dead and gone & use highly technical terminology in describing dead. [DEP Press Release] [SEAFAN]

Support Riverwatch Every Time You Shop (2016-09-13)

Support Caloosahatchee Riverwatch by starting your shopping at Amazon will donate to Riverwatch every time you shop on AmazonSmile without any extra cost to you. This link will take you directly to in support of Riverwatch: [Go to]

MFL Science Symposium (2016-09-12)

Caloosahatchee Estuary MFL (minimum flows & levels) science symposium is Sep 14-15 at Ft Myers SFWMD. Excluded from the agenda is discussion of whether science will yield an improved MFL or when. The MFL has been stuck at 300 cfs for more than a decade despite previous science advising a higher MFL. [Low Flow Assessment] [Announcement] [Agenda]

Riverwatch on WGCU-FM (2016-08-05)

On Thursday, Sep 15 at 4pm, Riverwatch Vice President Rob Wilson and CRCA Director John Cassani will be on the radio live at WGCU to help with a pledge drive. Each $35 you donate provides Riverwatch with a future public information announcement (spot) on WGCU. 2 for $70, 3 for $105, 4 for $140, etc. [Letter] [DONATE]

Wanted: Waterkeeper & Exec Director (2016-07-31)

Riverwatch announces its search for two employees - a Waterkeeper & an Executive Director. The Waterkeeper is the CRCA face to the media and presence on our waterways. The Waterkeeper will be our local Aquaman (or woman) - a water superhero. The Executive Director will fuel the program. [Waterkeeper Position] [Executive Director Position]

Harbinger of Future Destruction (2016-09-05)

Things will only get worse as mankind struggles, using brute force methods, to suppress & treat the symptoms of its systemic damage to the planet. Examples are Zika spraying, intensified farming to compensate for greening, hardening shorelines against sea level rise, & other “maladaptive” reactions. [Washington Post] [News Press] [Union of Concerned Scientists]

Service Learning Contact (2016-09-01)

Mary Rawl supervises students for the Billy's Creek clean-ups and other river related projects in Ft. Myers. You can email her at She can also assist you or refer you to other Riverwatch officers managing specific projects. [Send Email]

FGCU Service Learning Projects (2016-09-01)

FGCU students complete service learning hours as part of their bachelor's degree. Riverwatch is offering these students several opportunities: Billy's Creek Clean Up, LaBelle Nature Park, Water Conference, Website, Oxbows Research, River Ride, Information Tables, Plant IDs & Swamp Cabbage Festival. [Student Project Descriptions]

Billys Creek Clean-Up Day (2016-09-01)

Join Riverwatch, FGCU and other community partners for a clean-up day on Billy's Creek on November 4, 2016 in Ft. Myers. This Creek flows into the Caloosahatchee River near downtown Ft. Myers. Help us protect the Caloosahatchee by cleaning up Billy’s Creek. Email for details. [Website] [Previous Clean-up]

Recreational Outing Organizing (2016-09-01)

Students can help organize recreational outings (canoe & kayak trips) for Riverwatch members and the public. Favorites places include Fisheating Creek, Telegraph Creek, Imperial River, and Estero Bay.

Annual Water Resources Conference (2016-09-01)

Riverwatch is co-hosting the 26th Annual SW FL Water Resources Conference. The theme is "Resiliency: Reducing Impacts and Bouncing Back" and will explore choices facing our region on how to prepare for extreme events. Students are invited and can help organize the event. [Conference Web Site]

August 2016 CRCA Newsletter (2016-08-31)

The August 2016 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [August Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archives]

Marshall Foundation Symposium (2016-08-31)

The Marshall Foundations invites you to its Everglades Symposium to be held Oct 8 in West Palm Beach at the downtown Marriott. Keynote speaker is author and journalist Michael Grunwald. [Announcement] [Call for Presenters] [Marshall Foundation]

Solar Tax Breaks Approved (2016-08-31)

73% of voters approved Amendment 4 eliminating ad velorem taxes on solar and other renewable energy equipment on commercial properties. This will encourage businesses to use more solar. Next is the effort to vote down Amendment 1 on the November ballot - a fake pro-solar amendment. [Floridians for Solar Choice] [Victory + Opposition]

Calm Before the Storm (2016-08-30)

Lake Okeechobee discharges to the Caloosahatchee have been moderate in late August. However this may be the calm before the storm depending on how much rain the tropical depression in the Gulf brings to South Florida. Harmful Lake O discharges will soon pass the 1 million acre-feet mark. [S-79 Hydrograph] [Estuary Harmful Flows]

Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival (2016-08-30)

Join jolly pirates, wenches, corsairs and beauties as they make camp and prepare for battle on the edge of the Historic Seaport District of Old San Carlos on Ft Myers Beach. The swashbuckling fun doesn’t stop for a moment during the Columbus Day weekend Oct 7-9th, 2016 celebration. [Website]

AWRA Annual Conference (2016-08-30)

The 2016 AWRA Annual National Conference is Nov 13-17 at Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando. The Conference is a perfect opportunity for you to meet, learn from and share ideas with practitioners, policy and decision makers and academics across all fields in the water resources community. [Details]

Zika Drug Breakthrough (2016-08-30)

A team of researchers from Florida State University, Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health has found existing drug compounds that can both stop Zika from replicating in the body and from damaging the crucial fetal brain cells that lead to birth defects in newborns. [FSU News] [Photo] [Video]

Learn from Einstein (2016-08-29)

The remaining climate change deniers would be wise to learn from Einstein whose theories offered no tangible proof of an atomic bomb, but his theories & the models of other showed it would come into being. The USA wisely believed Einstein and embarked on a national program to command the future. [Skeptical Science]

Just for Sport, No Eating (2016-08-29)

Hundreds of fish and other marine life in the Indian River Lagoon washed up on area shores dead on Aug 25th. It's just the latest of many reports of fish kills Florida Fish and Wildlife has received over the summer. Residents who live and fish along the lagoon fear things are getting worse. [MyNews13]

Algae Cleanup (2016-08-29)

State data show a St. Lucie River marina choked with thick mats of toxic blue-green algae was toxin-free after a week of treatment by Ecosphere Technologies. Yet the Stuart company's algae removal method was "not viewed favorably" by a Florida DEP panel that assess dozens of businesses' proposals. [TCPalm] [Video]

Daniels Preserve (2016-08-29)

Ruby Daniels is a long-time Riverwatch member and friend. She's one who takes local preservation very seriously. Her family bought the Lee County ranch lands in 1944 and in 2005 she passed it to the County for preservation through the 20/20 program. [News-Press] [Ruby Daniels] [Daniels Preserve at Spanish Creek]

Doug MacGregor Cartoons (2016-08-29)

Anyone receiving the Riverwatch newsletter knows that we love cartoons. They cut to the heart of an issue. There are many great political cartoonists in Florida and Doug MacGregor is our local champion of chagrin. Big Arts features an exhibit of his works. [Cartoon] [More Cartoons]

Keep Calm & Carry Spray (2016-08-29)

Late August and September are the slowest months for tourism in Southwest Florida, but regardless of Zika concerns, visitors are still coming and enjoying a late-summer fling at our beaches, attractions, resorts and hotels. Keep calm and carry mosquito repellent! [News-Press]

Knock Before Entering Water (2016-08-29)

This is mating season for manatees and it is not that uncommon for people to see them on local beaches, splashing around each other with their big blubbery bodies. Please be cautious if you happen to witness this, and please, give them room. Stand back observe, But in no way should you interfere. [News-Press] [Video]

Sustainability Chautauqua (2016-08-29)

Please RSVP for the inaugural FGCU Sustainability Chautauqua on Sep 30 from 9am-3pm to be held at the newly opened Emergent Technologies Institute located on Alico Road. Registration is limited to the first 100 respondents, so register early if you want to contribute to the conversation! [Details] [Register]

Building Future Liabilities (2016-08-29)

You've heard of rearranging deck-chairs on the Titanic, but Cape Coral citizens are debating how to build new deck-chair on the Titanic. Just as 30-year mortgages finish on the 7-Islands planned developments, homeowners could start demanding government relief for sea level rise flooding. [News-Press]

Vacationer Disappointed in Water (2016-08-29)

A former Southwest Florida vacationer says, "I appeal to you to elect officials that will step up, immediately restore, and protect your beautiful region and attractions for the future and encourage business and continued tourism." [News-Press]

Time to Lawyer Up (2016-08-29)

On Aug 26 Governor Rick Scott named two lawyers to the Water Management District Board: Daniel O'Keefe and Federico Fernandez. The board now consists of 3 lawyers, 3 realtors, 1 developer, 1 farmer, and 1 engineer. [Press Release]

Watershed Moment (2016-08-26)

John Moran a Florida nature photographer and clean water advocate says our springs, rivers, lakes and coastal waters have been heading south for many years. The sliming of our waters is a growing public health threat, a deepening environmental crisis, and a looming economic disaster. [] [John Moran] [Photo] [John Moran Florida Nature Photography]

St. Johns River Restoration (2016-08-26)

St. Johns River Water Management District completed the restoration of the headwaters of the St. Johns River at Fellsmere Grade Recreation Area in south Brevard Co. It took decades to rehabilitate a span of St. Johns River birthplace more than double the size of Orlando, which is 50-80 miles away. [Orlando Sentinel] [Photo]

Caloosahatchee August 17-23 (2016-08-26)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 during the past week averaged 2,952 cfs, still exceeding the harm threshold of 2,800 cfs established for the estuary. Lake O discharges to the river, measured at S-77, averaged 545 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 & S-79 averaged 1,772 cfs. [Conditions Report] [Table] [More SCCF Reports]

Exploring Florida Maps (2016-08-26)

The Exploring Florida Maps collection contains approximately 6,000 historic and contemporary Florida maps that support all subject areas in the K-12 classroom. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 25 maps in non-commercial school projects without further permission. [Florida Maps Website]

Preparations for Heavy Flooding (2016-08-26)

South Florida water managers are preparing for potential flooding that might come Sunday or Monday, Aug 28-29 because of rain generated by a tropical wave currently in the Atlantic Ocean. It does have all indications it is going to be very wet, SFWMD spokesman Ran Smith said. []

Natural Filter (2016-08-26)

Making the flow of water more natural means removing man-made dams and levees under Lake O as well as focusing on keeping water inside the peninsula. Projects like bridging Tamiami Trail and building a reservoir to purify water from the lake help to do that, according to the Everglades Foundation. [Article] [North vs. South Fact Sheet Map] [Listen]

More than Negron Needed (2016-08-26)

A static reservoir won't stop the discharges, said Gary Goforth, a Stuart-based environmental engineer with more than 30 years of experience. To better use the existing treatment areas would require a policy of moving water south from the lake 52 weeks a year, not just during the rainy season. [TCPalm] [Gary Goforth]

Do Not Make Us Mad (2016-08-26)

If you want to keep a low profile, don't disagree with the SFWMD, or ask for its email list. That's what Lisa Interlandi, a lawyer with the Everglades Law Center, and other environmental advocates have learned in the last few months as they have become the target of email blasts by the state agency. [Tampa Bay Times] [Miami Herald]

Clean Water of the North (2016-08-26)

Michael Kintzel of Ft Myers, returning from a brief vacation 70 miles to the north, describes the area's pristine aquamarine. He relocated to Ft Myers in 2006, but wonders if he made a bad decision in hindsight. If the politicians don't make the right moves now, he says he just may have to himself. [News-Press Mailbag]

Comments on Howard Opinion (2016-08-25)

Riverwatch member Paul Reynolds and director Wayne Daltry offered comments on the anti-EAA land purchase editorial by Johnson Engineering President Lonnie Howard. Both challenge his perspective. People inland and on the coast stand to gain or lose money based on EAA land use decisions [Comment] [Howard Opinion]

No Fix On The Horizon (2016-08-25)

Big Sugar conference panelists from the SW region included Karson Turner, John Capece, Jennifer Hecker and Ray Judah. Riverwatch director John Capece presented on issues of the Caloosahatchee, explaining that no water fix is yet on the horizon. Karson Turner spoke on Hendry County economics. [Capece Presentation] [Cris Costello, Organizer]

Punta Rassa Boat Ramp (2016-08-25)

Work to replace the Punta Rassa boat ramp is scheduled to begin Monday, August 22, 2016 and two of the four lanes will be open for much of the next three months. Occasional closings for all ramp lanes may also be scheduled for safety. Construction is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving. [Details] [Punta Rassa Boat Ramp]

A Win-Win Solution (2016-08-25)

SACE has released a new report that assesses the feasibility of using cooling towers as the solution to replacing the leaking open industrial sewer called the cooling canal system at FPL’s Turkey Point power facility that has threatened South Fla’s drinking water and adjacent Biscayne National Park. [Miami’s Community Newspapers]

Melting the Hearts of Deniers (2016-08-25)

The number of conservative voters who believe in climate change has almost doubled in the past two years, according to a new poll that attributes the rise in part to a lessening hostility toward the issue by Republican leaders. The Pope's encyclical, a warm winter & Paris Agreement are factors too. [Climate Wire]

United States of Extinction (2016-08-25)

Some 29 species and subspecies that are official state symbols across 24 US states are at risk of extinction, according to New Scientist's recent analysis. Many were once widespread, or the cornerstones of regional economies, but have since dwindled to small, fragile populations in the wild. [New Scientist] [Interactive Map]

Value of the Gulf of Mexico (2016-08-25)

Economists have long tried to put an economic value on our natural environment, often without clear results, but the cost to BP of the Deepwater Horizon spill is an indication of the immense value of just one environmental resource — the Gulf of Mexico. $61.6 billion paid in cleaning up the mess. [Tampa Bay Times]

More Sand for Miami Beach (2016-08-25)

During the coming weeks, the Corps will start $11.9 million project, trucking in loads of sand to extend the eroded shoreline of Miami Beach near 46th and 54th streets by about 230 feet. The sand in these areas has eroded, and the distance from the dunes to the water is shorter than usual. [Miami Herald]

Spill the Water (2016-08-25)

To help prevent infection and to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, it is important for kids and parents to practice basic mosquito bite prevention: cover skin with long clothing and repellant and spill sources of standing water. More information is available at Dept. of Health website. [Information and Posters] [About Zika]

Zika Virus in Florida (2016-08-25)

With an abundant, almost year-round population of mosquitoes & a high volume of travelers from Zika-prone countries, Florida is especially vulnerable to an outbreak. According to Florida Dept. of Health, over 500 cases have been found in 35 counties in Florida, 70 of which involve pregnant women. [Zika Virus Info] [Daily Zika Update] [Spill the Water]

Return to Nature 2016 (2016-08-25)

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium invites you to spend an evening of Oct 1st connecting with nature & Discovery Channel's Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer & Producer Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, benefiting Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium's 2017-2020 Revitalization Plan. Get your tickets now. [Flyer] [Tickets and Information]

Florida Birding & Nature Festival (2016-08-25)

The Florida Birding and Nature Festival, coming to south Hillsborough County Oct 13-16. The multi-day festival features a variety of outstanding speakers, how-to workshops, and small-group field trips to some of the best wildlife-viewing sites in West Central Florida. [Festival Website] [Tickets]

Climate Leadership Summit (2016-08-25)

8th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit is on Oct 5-6 in West Palm. The annual summit is coordinated by the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, a partnership between Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach counties, their municipalities and other partners. [Summit Website] [Register Online] [Agenda]

Big Agriculture Choking Our Waterways (2016-08-25)

Brion Blackwelder & Marc Yaggi (Waterkeeper Alliance National Executive Director) say Florida is a microcosm of our serious national economic, human health & environmental crisis, with causes that are well understood & solutions that are aggressively opposed by powerful agribusiness interests. [Sun-Sentinel]

Corps Statement on EAA Water Storage (2016-08-25)

For Everglades restoration to be successful, we're going to need a huge amount of water storage and treatment in the EAA, said Col. Grosskruger of the Corps. The Corps is committed to working cooperatively with the state & with all stakeholders to obtain crucial hydrological benefits from EAA lands.

Earlier Annual Snowmelt (2016-08-25)

Earlier annual snowmelt periods may hinder the ability of forests to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), according to the results of a new study. By mid-century, shift in snowmelt timing could lead to 45 percent reduction of forest CO2 uptake. [National Science Foundation]

Cape Seeks to Remove Lock (2016-08-25)

In a unanimous vote on Jul 25th, the Cape Coral City Council approved the plan to move ahead with the removal of the Chiquita Lock. Roger Wood a local boater says the lock is important as it maintains the balance of fresh water in the back channels. However, Cape Coral continues push for removal. [Wink News] [Roger Wood] [Video]

Closing the Barn Door After (2016-08-25)

Recently, NMFS determined that Florida's NNC criteria as approved by EPA for DO, N, P, Chl a and turbidity would not jeopardize sawfish and other endangered species with regard to the ESA. It is assumed they could become jeopardized if the criteria are breached or exceeded. [Letter]

Tepid Local Support (2016-08-25)

A few local legislators find themselves in touchy positions with a proposal by Sen. Joe Negron to spend $2.4 billion to buy land south of the Everglades for water storage and cleaning. Sen. Jack Latvala who said he is supportive of the concept but needs to look at numbers and the whole proposal. [Tampa Bay Times]

Sea Level Prediction (2016-08-25)

Dr. John Fasullo of National Center for Atmospheric Research and colleagues predict that satellites will detect accelerating sea level rise within the next decade. We should know in a few years if they are correct. Their research paper shows that acceleration of sea level rise is real and ongoing. [The Guardian]

Constructed Wetland (2016-08-25)

Can a constructed wetland ever meet the TP WQS of 10 ppb TP when SAV efficiently recycle one-third of the TP from accreting SAV peat soil? This root-mediated P recycling is also going on in portions of the impounded remnant Everglades, albeit by cattail instead of SAV. [Ecological Modelling]

How Much is Too Much Land (2016-08-25)

It was an inevitable question to arise within a cracking James Madison Institute session on “environmentalism versus property rights”. Sen. Joe Negron's proposal to buy 60,000 acres of sugar growers' farmland to build a reservoir was the 900-pound gorilla in the room. [Sunshine State News] [John Cassani Comment]

Bullying by SFWMD (2016-08-25) reports that SFWMD has been treating policy debates more like overt political battles when engaging the public on state water management issues. Journalists are reporting on "bullying" by state agencies. Such tactics are typically employed by political candidates, not agency staff. [Politico]

State Trying to Bully Public (2016-08-24)

SFWMD recently sent an email notifying everyone it communicates with that Winter Haven attorney Lisa Interlandi made a Freedom of Information Act request. The district fulfilled her request but it also released contact information for Interlandi, essentially "outing" her as a potential troublemaker. [News-Press] [About Lisa Interlandi]

Ding Darling Days 2016 (2016-08-24)

Mark your calendars for this year's "Ding" Darling Days birding and eco-festival at J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island the week of October 16-22, 2016. Family Fun Day kicks off the week with free activities on October 16. [Poster] [Website]

Florida Fracking Summit (2016-08-24)

Mark your calendars and save the date to attend Florida Fracking Summit on November 2, 2016 at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers. The event is free to attend. Agenda TBA. A block of rooms has been set aside at the Holiday Inn Airport at Town Center. The rooms can be reserved before Oct 21. [Flyer] [Website]

Williamson Ranch (2016-08-24)

Frank Wesley Williamson III, an Okeechobee rancher, has developed practices that reduces his phosphorus footprint on Lake Okeechobee and surrounding waterways though south of the lake, where a federal lawsuit set strict standards, pollution has dropped to a trickle. [Miami Herald] [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

Record Warm Alaska (2016-08-24)

Alaska has had the warmest start to any year dating to the 1920s, according to a government report released on August 8. This was the first time in 91 years of records the January-July mean temperature in our 49th state was above freezing. [Wunder Blog] [Graph] [Website]

New Area of Science Attribution (2016-08-24)

This relatively new area of science often called event attribution is rapidly advancing, for two main reasons: 1) the understanding of the climate and weather mechanisms that produce extreme events is improving, and 2) rapid progress is being made in the methods that are used for event attribution. [Extreme Weather Events]

Manufactured Emergency (2016-08-24)

The SFWMD is reviewing proposals from six large-tract landowners to pull water out of canals that otherwise would flow into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers, which would cost $45.5 million of the $47.8 million the 2016 Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott approved for more water storage projects. [TCPalm] [Map]

10M Grant Opportunity (2016-08-24)

The Gulf Research Program & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are funding $10 million in research and practice grants to keep our coastal communities healthy and thriving. Letter of intent is due October 5, 2016. Full proposal is due December 14, 2014. Questions: Email [Details]

Phosphorus Loads into Lake O (2016-08-24)

Phosphorus loading into Lake O unchanged for 30 years. As the debate on how to control the flow and clean the water rages among Florida legislators, water managers, farmers and communities, one thing is clear: What we’ve been doing for the past 30 years isn’t working. [Okeechobee News]

Unsafe Water (2016-08-24)

More than one in eight public water systems in Florida is afflicted with pollution-related violations, many involving unsafe fecal or chemical contamination, according to official figures compiled by PEER. Yet despite hundreds of recent drinking water violations, enforcement efforts are nonexistent. [PEER] [Don't Drink the Water Report] [FDEP Water Report]

National Victory for Clean Water (2016-08-24)

On August 17, 2016 a coalition of environmental organizations led by Waterkeeper Alliance reached an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and two industry trade associations to adopt stronger standards in management of industrial stormwater pollution. [Waterkeeper Alliance]

Do Not Buy Land (2016-08-24)

Ardis Hammock of Clewiston said that at the New Harvest Church they discussed solutions to address Lake O water quality challenges and learned that the calls to purchase land south of Lake O are not backed by science and are driven by activists that have an anti-farming and anti-business agenda. [News-Press]

Algal Doom (2016-08-24)

Algal Doom: The Growing Threat of Harmful Algal Blooms infographic series gives background information on algal blooms, the problems they create and what causes them. They have spelled "algal doom" by turning drinking water toxic and ravaging aquatic ecosystems. [Infographic] [Details]

Local Tax for Water Quality (2016-08-24)

On Aug 23, 2016 Brevard County commissioners unanimously voted to institute a half-percent sales tax to help pay for restoration of the Indian River Lagoon. The proposal is headed for the Nov 8 ballot. Commissioner Trudie Infantini had qualms about the sales tax but she said she will vote for it. [Florida Today]

Open House - DEP SW District (2016-08-24)

2016 Open House at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Southwest District Offices is on Sep 28, from 10AM to 3PM in Tampa. Meet with staff, participate in trainings, learn useful tips and tricks, and much more. Enjoy lunch from one of the on-site food trucks! [Details and Free Registration]

Johnson Engineering President on EAA Lands (2016-08-21)

President of Johnson Engineering, Lonnie Howard opposes the EAA land purchases saying,"The land acquisition effort targets farmers who have been instrumental in the success of Everglades restoration to date." He accuses misguided activist groups of undermining Everglades restoration. [News Press] [Johnson Engineering Office in Clewiston] [Reactions]

Cris Costello, Slime Crime Fighter (2016-08-21)

Sierra Club Slime Crime Fighter led a sold-out, highly-successful Big Sugar Summit II in West Palm Beach on Aug 20. The day-long meeting explored issues surrounding the full range of obstacles to solutions for Lake O nutrient pollution and fresh water release to coastal estuaries. [Agenda] [Speakers Bio]

Here We Go Again (2016-08-13)

On September 14-15 SFWMD holds a 2-day symposium on the ecological indicators in the Caloosahatchee River Estuary, but it will not address the Minimum Flow and Level rule, one of the key mechanism for protecting this ecology. The previous indicators - oysters and sea grasses mostly died years ago. [Doering 2013] [Visioning Compendium] [Announcement]

Kennedy Explains Waterkeeper (2016-08-12)

On Aug 11 Vanity Fair published an interview by Bruno Navasky with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance. Asked what a waterkeeper does? Kennedy responds, “Waterkeepers patrol local waterways and prosecute polluters. Essentially, they act as the community’s coast guard.” [Excerpts] [Interview] [Vanity Fair]

Mathilde Grand Tour of USA (2016-08-10)

After completing her 4-month program as Riverwatch intern, Mathilde Laurendon took a 3-week AMTRAK tour of the USA. After returning safe and sound, she said, "It was really AWESOME! I saw and did many things and I met a lot of people. Everybody was nice with me." Mathilde is now home in France. [Photo]

Negron Proposes EAA Storage (2016-08-09)

Sen. Negron proposes to buy 60,000 acres south of Lake O to store 120 billion gallons of water (370,000 acre-feet). This is be sufficient to address St. Lucie needs would not be enough to also reduce flows to the Caloosahatchee Estuary. Three times this storage is needed. But it’s a good start! [Caloosahatchee Volume] [St Lucie Volume]

Algae Watching - The New Thing (2016-08-09)

Sure, you can ID 250 types of birds by sight, but how many types of algae can you identify? Florida shores may have a new type of eco-tourism guide - the algae watcher. Instead of microcystin, the St Lucie now has Pyrodinium bahamense or brown tide. [TCPalm]

CAP vs BMPs for Water Quality (2016-08-09)

BMPs do nothing to improve water quality when farmers move their land from less intensive agriculture (forestry, etc.) to more intensive crops (vegetables, etc.). That's why CAP in the St Johns River basin is useful. It encourages farmers to move back to silviculture. [St Augustine]

SFWMD to Corps of Engineers (2016-08-08)

SFWMD told the Asst Secretary of the Army for the Corps of Engineers in DC that an EAA water storage study would be distracting and harmful. In a letter to Rep. Patrick Murphy the Corps had indicated its willingness to move forward with an EAA water storage study if SFWMD would cooperate. [SFWMD-Corps PR & Letters] [E&E News]

July 2016 CRCA Newsletter (2016-08-01)

The July 2016 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [July Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archives]

Florida Aquifer Conference (2016-08-01)

Florida Aquifer Conference will take place on Sep 21-22, 2016 at Florida Hotel & Conference Center – 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando. Two days of information-exchange and networking for scientists, engineers, water managers, water end-users, city, county & state officials & elected representatives. [Program] [Details] [Register online]

Glades Lives Matter (2016-08-01)

A meeting in Clewiston demanded that inland residents be protected in any plans to solve water problems. CRCA has always asserted that working-class people’s jobs must be considered. But when evolving an economy (coastal or inland) corporate interests are not always the same as people’s interests. [No Scapegoat] [Mutual Inaccuracies] [Sweet Life] [Hastings]

Big Sugar Summit 2016 (2016-08-01)

Big Sugar Summit #2 is on Saturday, August 20 from 9 am to 5 pm at Embassy Suites West Palm Beach - 1601 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406. Registration is $20. Questions? Contact the organizer: Jon Ullman,, (305) 567-0022. [Details] [Register online]

Vote YES for Solar on Aug 30 (2016-08-01)

Solar energy supporters encourage you to say YES to Amendment 4 on the Aug 30 ballot. Climate change is the ultimate factor on whether we can save South Florida waters. If you care about water, you should support this amendment. It removes burdensome tangible and real estate property taxes on solar. [Sign Up to VOTE BY MAIL] [Tell Friends on Facebook Why You Support Solar] [Web Site]

DEP Allows More Toxins in Water (2016-08-01)

John Moran, a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at Stanford University, staged a protest at the meeting where DEP recommended adoption of higher levels of toxic substances in water supplies. Waterkeepers, Clean Water Network, and others also attended the meeting to oppose the weakened regulations. [Moran OpEd] [News] [DEP ERC OpEd] [Waterkeeper Letter]

Lake Erie & Lake Okeechobee (2016-07-31)

Tom Hayden of the Toledo Blades describes parallels between the putrid algae that has sickened South Florida and the green goop that has appeared in western Lake Erie nearly every summer since 1995. Lake Okeechobee & Lake Erie are both prone to algal growth because of heavy agricultural runoff. [The Toledo Blade] [Lake Erie Algae]

July Flow to Estuary Still Harmful (2016-07-31)

Flow to the Caloosahatchee Estuary during July remained at or above harm levels. In In 2016 the days of harmful flow have numbered 156 (74% of the year). Of total harmful flows, 75% have been from Lake O and 25% from the watershed. [Lake O Stage History] [Lake & Watershed Flow Graph]

Suggest a Speaker (2016-07-28)

Riverwatch is a co-host of the Southwest Florida Water Resources Conference to be held Jan 13 at FGCU. The topic for the 26th year of the conference is "Resiliency: Reducing Impacts and Bouncing Back." We invite you to view the Call for Presenters and suggest speakers for the conference. [SWFWRC Call for Presenters] [Suggest an Presenter or Panelist]

You & You Have a Problem, We All Have a Problem (2016-07-18)

In speaking in Ft Myers on issues of the Caloosahatchee with community mayors and environmental representatives, Senator Bill Nelson decried finger pointing emphasizing that all communities and governments will have to do their part to solve regional water problems. [Rae Ann & Sen Nelson] [News Press with Video]

We Will Feel The Burn (2016-07-15)

Ft Myers is #2 on the list of US cities expected to see the greatest increase in number of days with a heat index of 105F or higher by 2050 due to climate change. Punta Gorda is #1. The top 13 cities are all in Florida. Ft Myers had 26 such days in 2000. In 14 years from now it will be 135 days. [Ft Myers Heat Index] [Climate Central Article] [Web Site with City Calculator] [Climate Central Florida Heat] [States At Risk]

Not Really a Change in Policy (2016-07-15)

The day (July 14) the Corps announced it would reduce flows from Lake O to the Caloosahatchee starting July 15, they in fact increased flow from 2200 cfs to 2500 cfs. It appears that flow reductions are simply an artifact of a lower lake and less rainfall, not changing Corps management decisions. [Lake Okeechobee Stage] [Flow Graph]

Circle of Blue on Florida Algae (2016-07-15)

Global media are now following Florida's algae story. Dr. Bill Mitsch of FGCU says: What's going on in Florida, it's happening all around the world now. There are too many people, too much food production, too much fertilizer in the landscape. It's going to be haunting us for a long time. [Circle of Blue 1] [Circle of Blue 2] [Registration]

Another Toxic Algae Threat (2016-07-15)

A toxic algae has been poisoning birds throughout the South. Now it is lurking in Florida's freshwater lakes. So far it has been blamed for killing thousands of birds. No birds killed by the algae's poisons have been found in Florida but to the top expert on the subject, it is only a matter of time. [Tampa Bay Times] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

Environmental Groups in DC (2016-07-15)

Environmental groups are sending a contingent to Washington, D.C. in hopes the federal government will put pressure on the state to buy agriculture lands south of Lake O for Everglades restoration projects. Jennifer Hecker and others met Rep. Curt Clawson and Congressman Patrick Murphy in D.C. [News Press] [Jennifer Hecker] [Santiva Chronicle] [Video]

Algae Bloom Is Not A Myth (2016-07-15)

We all admit that there's problems there and it started a very long time ago, said Mickey Ferry, a manager. He's seen algae blooms come and go over the past 20 years or so while working at various Ft. Myers Beach restaurants. Every time the algae-tainted waters flow, SW FL businesses feel it. [News Press] [Tallarico Opinion] [Video] [Cartoon]

Charlotte Harbor NEP Leader Selection (2016-07-14)

The short list of candidates being considered as the new leader of the Charlotte Harbor NEP program include Jennifer Hecker, Elizabeth Donley, John Glenn, Charles Jacoby, Jay Leverone, and Tabitha Stadler. The selection of CHNEP executive director is extremely important to the Caloosahatchee. [CHNEP Interviews Announcement]

Caloosahatchee July 6-12 (2016-07-14)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 4,158 cfs, one and a half times the harm threshold. Lake O discharges to the river at S-77 decreased to a weekly average of 2,285 cfs. Blue-green algae was documented over 35 miles of the river from the Alva Boat Ramp to Cape Coral Yacht Club. [Conditions Report] [Photo Blue Green Algae] [More SCCF Reports]

Lake O Is Not Fine (2016-07-14)

Lake O water quality is not fine. Lake O is a polluted water body, and when it experiences toxic algae blooms, the drinking water drawn from the portion of the lake experiencing the toxic algae bloom has to undergo special treatment to ensure that the toxin is removed down to safe levels. [Larry Fink Comment] [My Palm Beach Post]

No More Excuses (2016-07-14)

Disastrous algae blooms foul coastal estuaries. Seagrass die-offs plague Florida Bay. High water threatens the Lake Okeechobee dike. Everglades marshes drown under too much water or wither under too little. All the ecological crises in 2016 are just already seen, all over again. [The Facts] [Tampa Bay Times] [Myth vs Fact]

Nutrients + Warmer Water = Algae (2016-07-14)

Dangerous blue-green algae blooms are going to be more prevalent as the climate warms, says Rob Moore, senior policy analyst for NRDC. It is yet another reason why the U.S. and governments around the world must take rapid action to decrease emissions that are causing climate change. [Article from The Daily Beast] [Photo Algae Bloom] [Comic Strip] [Cartoon]

Obstacle to Solutions (2016-07-14)

Big Sugar is not a source of the water flowing to the coasts from Lake O, but it is a major political obstacle to water storage on EAA farmland, a solution to these wet-season high flows. During the dry-season when the estuary needs water, EAA Sugar irrigation demands are a major limitation. [Sun Sentinel 1] [Sun Sentinel 2] [Tampa Bay Times] [WPTV] [Video]

Boat Wash Florida (2016-07-14)

Does a clean boat bottom appeal to you? Leaders of a boat-wash business new to the USA visited marinas in Southwest Florida in an effort to land new customers. Drive-in Boatwash manufactures, sells and operates machines that wash boat hulls. Fourteen machines operate in Sweden, where it is based. [News Press] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Video]

Not That Much Algae (2016-07-14)

Lee County tourism promoters have adopted a new marketing slogan - Our algae bloom is not as bad as Martin County's. Seems they have to resort to claiming that our water is simply brown and doesn't have the guacamole-green froth of east coast water. Tourists respond to pollution by not returning. [News Press] [Photos] [Video]

How to Handle 1 Million People (2016-07-14)

Lee County is at a critical juncture. In less than 20 years, we will have 1 million permanent residents. Where will our water come from? Will we reinvigorate Conservation 20-20 to preserve natural areas or change our priorities and pave over our open spaces like other Florida counties have done? [Dick Anderson Opinion] [Photo Dick Anderson] [Resume of Dick Anderson]

Developers Should Pay (2016-07-14)

Four Miami-Dade commissioners have suggested an idea so new it doesn't appear any other city has implemented it: Create new impact fees that would require developers to basically pay for their portion of the burden of sea-level-rise-related costs. [Miami New Times] [4 Commissioners]

Active On Their First Day (2016-07-14)

New Riverwatch members Tom Hammond & Phil James, snowbirds from Canada, attended the Everglades Coalition law workshop at the Conservancy in Naples where they met and talked with Riverwatch directors Cassani, Gibson, Capece & Abduvohidova. The day included some fun tours of the Conservancy. [Meeting Agenda] [Tom and Phil] [Phil Job]

Opinions on Water Quality Issues (2016-07-13)

(1) Paul Christopher: I have watched reporting on water quality issues affecting coastlines and rivers in a state that largely depends on tourism. It’s a serious issue. (2) C. Kay Best: The brown polluted water continues to take its toll. We are living in the worst ecological disaster of our times. [Paul Christopher Opinion] [C. Kay Best Opinion]

Paul Reynolds Editorial (2016-07-13)

Riverwatch Member Paul Reynolds writes about the shortcomings of the C-43 West Reservoir Project saying: Who, in the governing infrastructure, speaks for our rivers, estuaries, and coasts? Frankly, the job is open, and without far more spirited community involvement, our water woes will never end. [Editorial] [Photo Paul Reynolds] [Comments]

Protest in Fort Myers Beach (2016-07-13)

Supporters of clean water in Southwest Florida gathered at the Fort Myers Beach Pier on July 9, calling for government action on water quality. The rally, attended by about 150, was put on by the Southwest Florida Clean Water Movement, led by John Heim. Other groups were present too. [News Press] [Photos] [Video]

Septic Systems - Minor Source (2016-07-12)

Larry Fink and others question Brian Lapointe's assertion that septic tanks are the major cause of the east coast algal bloom. Indeed, septic tank seepage makes only a minor contribution to the limiting nutrient load to Lake O, the St. Lucie River Canal and the Indian River Lagoon. [TC Palm] [Opinion Larry Fink] [Details]

Lake O Watershed Scoping (2016-07-12)

The Army Corps of Engineers will be hosting a public scoping meeting on July 26 in Okeechobee to discuss and seek input on the Lake O Watershed Project. Those concerned by the coastal algae issue should attend to seek solutions to the crisis brought on by years on inaction and misguided action. [Meeting Announcement] [USACE] [LOW Project Location] [Meeting Location]

Carl Hiaasen Opinions (2016-07-12)

They say a picture tells a thousand words. If it’s a picture of an algae-covered beach, it can also cancel thousands of hotel reservations. That’s the new dread in Florida, as photos and news videos of gunk-covered shorelines are making headlines all over the world. [Miami Herald Opinion] [TC Palm Opinion] [St Augustine Opinion] [Algae Photo] [Photo Carl Hiaasen]

Frog Hunt for Research (2016-07-12)

What are some of the differences between now and 25 years ago? Ask anyone who has lived in rural Florida over this period and their response might include the observation of how most of the frogs are now gone. Two emerging amphibian diseases that are killing frogs across the world. [Article from Orlando Sentinel] [Photos] [Video]

Record of Hottest Temperatures (2016-07-12)

2014 and 2015 each set the record for hottest calendar year since we began measuring surface temperatures over 150 years ago, and 2016 is almost certain to break the record once again. It will be without precedent: the first time that we have seen 3 consecutive record-breaking hot years. [Article from The Guardian] [Land Surface Temperature] [Global Surface Temperature] [Predictions 2016]

Interactive Algae Data Map (2016-07-11)

With algal blooms spreading in South Florida waters State agencies have stepped up their monitoring efforts. DEP and SFWMD routinely sample algal blooms when they are observed. The state’s algal blooms response team encourages residents to report algal blooms. WPTV has mapped the sampling locations. [WPTV] [Interactive Map] [Photo Algae]

Coastal Angler Magazine (2016-07-11)

Thank you to Nadeen Welch for attending the CRCA Board meeting n July 6, and sharing copies of the article she published in the July's Fort Myers edition of the Coastoal Angler Magazine. CRCA looks forward to working with her to produce monthly contributions to her publication. [Mail John Capece] [CRCA Magazine Page]

Scott Blames Obama (2016-07-11)

Gov. Rick Scott has asked President Obama to declare a federal emergency over the discharges of water from Lake O. In his request, Scott blamed the crisis on the federal government for 'lack of appropriate maintenance' of the Herbert Hoover Dike, which retains water in the lake. [News Press] [Photo Rick Scott] [Photo Barack Obama] [Poll Results] [Video]

Sawfish Resurgence (2016-07-11)

It took less than 100 years for man to wipe sawfish from existence in North America. But thanks to conservation efforts, the critically endangered species has started to rebound, and Southwest Florida has been the epicenter of that resurgence. [News Press] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] [Video] [Sawfish in Naples Pier]

Vote to Protect Waterways (2016-07-11)

As residents of our beautiful islands, we are surrounded by water. That water quality is in serious decline and it is causing huge problems. The water is muddy brown, and is darker and lasts longer than before. That thick plume invades our blue-green Gulf waters. We have to react. [Information] [Explanations on Trichodesmium] [Photo of Trichodesmium] [Registration]

Florida Algae Goes National (2016-07-11)

The major newspapers and TV networks are covering this year's algae blooms. The national attention will cost the state tourist dollars. But will it be enough shaming to force politicians to stop their practice of only giving lip service to water quality while doing favors for industry supporters. [New York Times] [CBS] [Chicago Tribune] [Video]

Opinion Philip Warburg (2016-07-11)

Floating solar panel arrays are increasingly being deployed in places as diverse as Brazil and Japan. One prime spot for these floatovoltaic projects could be the sunbaked U.S. Southwest, where they could produce clean energy and prevent evaporation in major man-made reservoirs. [Opinion Philip Warburg] [Photo Philip Warburg] [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

Catastrophic When Algae Die (2016-07-11)

As bad as the actual massive algae bloom on the Treasure Coast, sometime in the coming days or weeks or months, it’s going to die. And when it does, the impact on flora and fauna will make the current disaster look like a tipped bait bucket by comparison. [My Palm Beach Post] [Photo Algae Bloom] [Photo William Louda] [Video]

Corruption - Toxic Water Crisis (2016-07-08)

The massive, toxic algae bloom has its origins in an ongoing cycle of political manipulations, kickbacks, loosening of environmental and water regulations, an aging water-transfer infrastructure in and around Lake Okeechobee. It all adds up to one vicious chain, and guess who gets to foot the bill? [Article from Forbes] [Cartoon] [Explications About Algae] [Photo Toxic Algae]

Water Issues Opinions (2016-07-08)

(1) J.P. Sasser: if we turn a blind eye to the real causes of water issues, we have no hope of ever resolving them. (2) Brad Turek: we need to ask our governor why he continues to choose to destroy South Florida's entire ecosystem. Isn’t everyone tired of looking at disgusting polluted brown water? [News Press] [Ray Judah Editorial]

Septic Systems - River Pollution (2016-07-08)

Septic systems are a primary source of St. Lucie River pollution, according to a study commissioned from the FAU HBOI. The finding refutes an opinion popular with some local officials and environmentalists that Lake O discharges and fertilizer in agricultural runoff are the primary sources. [TC Palm] [Photo Reef] [St Lucie Estuary Inflows] [Video]

Caloosahatchee June 29-July 5 (2016-07-08)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 6,203 cfs, over 2 times the harm threshold. Lake O discharges to the river at S-77 averaged 2,700 cfs. Lee County Environmental Lab found blue-green algae from the Alva boat ramp, and salinities at Iona are in the harmful range for oysters. [Conditions Report] [Photo Seagrass 1] [Photo Seagrass 2] [More SCCF Reports]

Lake Erie Algae Blooms (2016-07-07)

Higher intensity rainfall and no-till agriculture is causing the Lake Erie algae blooms. Researchers say these factors cause runoff waters to contain more dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP), a nutrient nearly 100% available for the algae to use. Farmers will have to further reduce pollution. [Circle of Blue] [Satellite Image] [Lake Erie Comic] [Text Larry Fink] [Nutrients Background] [Graphics]

Florida DEP Launches Hotline (2016-07-07)

Florida DEP has set up a hotline for citizens to report algae bloom. This will enable the state agencies to know exactly how many complaints they are doing nothing to resolve and how they can best design a PR campaign to counteract the complaints. [Article from WFLA] [Photo Central Marine Stuart] [Cartoon]

Algae Bloom Economic Disaster (2016-07-07)

After touring the Stuart algae bloom, Sen. Marco Rubio said: This is beyond just an ecological disaster, it is an economic disaster. Such statements reveal the underlying problem perspective of politicians - that the ecology doesn’t really matter to them unless and until it hits them in the wallet. [Sunshine State News] [Photo Toxic Algae] [Video] [Visit of Marco Rubio]

More Algae Off SW FL (2016-07-07)

NASA satellite images show more algae offshore of SW FL than off the east coast of Florida. Red indicates greater Chlorophyll A, an indicator for algae concentration. Measuring Chlorophyll concentrations as an indicator of algae biomass may provide one tool to assess coastal water quality. [Chlorophyll Concentration] [Bimonthly Report] [Chlorophyll A July 1] [Chlorophyll A July 6] [Data July 1] [Data July 6]

NASA Satellite Images (2016-07-06)

Images of an algae bloom on Lake O have been posted on NASA’s Earth Observatory’s website. In May 2016, an algae bloom grew to cover 33 square miles of Lake O. The conditions that gave rise to the bloom have persisted into July & have been blamed for affecting water quality all the way to Atlantic. [TC Palm] [Satellite Image 1] [Satellite Image 2] [Satellite Image 3]

Not All From the Lake (2016-07-06)

According to James Sasser, hopefully those most interested in the preponderance of algae blooms on the Treasure Coast take the time to actually read the results of the algae monitoring put out by the DEP. We all want the discharges from Lake Okeechobee to stop. And the blue-green algae too. [James Sasser Editorial] [Old Map] [New Map] [Photo James Sasser] [Levels of Algae Toxins]

Water Becomes Election Theme (2016-07-06)

Every local election develops 1 or 2 key themes but rarely does a single issue take on the kind of visceral role that water (specifically water from Lake O released down the Caloosahatchee) plays in 2016. Almost every challenger in the Aug 30 primary cites water as the major, if not only, issue. [News Press]

Photo Ops and Sound Bites (2016-07-06)

Comments by readers reacting to reports of Marco Rubio visiting the St Lucie River algae bloom sites reflect the feeling that many of our political leaders directly contributed to the catastrophe through their years of inaction and favoratism to big business, both agricultural and urban development. [Visit of Marco Rubio] [Photo Marco Rubio] [Video Marco Rubio] [Visit of Bill Nelson] [Photo Bill Nelson]

Uncertain Cost Effectiveness (2016-07-06)

One of Gov Scott's emergency directives to SFWMD was to store more water using dispersed water storage projects. This pays farmers to not release waters. But sources have said that during recent storms it reduced flow to the Caloosahatchee by only a couple hundred cfs, less than 10% of harmful flow. [TC Palm] [2014 Palm Beach Post] [2014 Inspector General]

Michael Grunwald Tweets (2016-07-05)

Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp, has Tweeted about the algae bloom saying: My gripe with the original plan (CERP) was that it treated restoration as an afterthought, an add-on once all the economic interests got theirs. [Tweet Algae Bloom] [All Tweets] [Michael Grunwald]

Bill Nelson Visited Stuart (2016-07-05)

US Sen. Bill Nelson visited Stuart to see the blue-green algae that has spread dramatically in area waters. He called on the state to buy land south of the Lake O to make way for reservoirs and canals to clean water and send it into the Everglades instead of the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers. [TC Palm] [Photos] [Bill Nelson] [Video]

Cold Water Blob (2016-07-05)

A cold water blob south of Greenland for the past few years could be an indicator that less warm water, and less heat overall, is making its way northward. This is a development long predicted as a result of climate change and could foreshadow danger. An alternate explanation is more benign. [Cold Blob Graphic 1] [Cold Blob Graphic 2] [Washington Post]

Caloosahatchee Flow Statistics (2016-07-05)

For the first half of 2016, the Caloosahatchee River flow rate has been at or above 'harmful' levels 70% of the time (days). Approximately 60% of the flow has come from Lake O and 40% from our watershed. 73% of harmful flows (those above 2800 cfs) have from Lake O and 27% from the watershed. [Flow Statistics Graphic]

SFWMD Derided Algae Warnings (2016-07-01)

On May 11, before this year's horrible algae blooms, Riverwatch held a public forum to discuss the risk of algae blooms in the proposed C-43 West Reservoir that will cost $650 Million. SFWMD reacted by calling the citizens "one-sided detractors in pursuit of an agenda without facts to support it." [SWFMD Press Release] [Public Forum] [Forum Presentations]

Lee County - State of Emergency (2016-07-01)

Gov. Rick Scott added Lee County to the state of emergency on Jun 30, regarding water conditions in Lake O. Massive algal blooms have shut down swimming beaches and recreational areas in the St. Lucie area. Lee joins St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties on the emergency declaration. [News Press] [Photo Turtle] [Letter State of Emergency] [Cartoon] [Video]

Urban Growth (2016-07-01)

Pollution from population growth and urban development — not water releases from Lake Okeechobee — is the primary cause of the foul-smelling slime turning many waterways in Martin County a bright blue-green, an expert in algae blooms said. [My Palm Beach Post] [Comment] [Photo Algae] [Video]

Emergency Declaration (2016-07-01)

After building political careers by eliminating water quality protections, Sen. Benacquisto and Reps. Caldwell & Rodrigues have seen the light (probably reflecting off the algae sheen) and are now asking Gov Scott to include Lee County in an emergency declaration to address blue-green algae blooms. [Florida Politics 1] [Florida Politics 2] [The 3 Lawmakers] [Map Lee County]

Jun 2016 CRCA Newsletter (2016-06-30)

The June 2016 CRCA newsletter is available online. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [June Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archives]

Watershed Council on MFL (2016-06-30)

John Cassani submitted comments for inclusion in the SFWMD first meeting of the next update to the LWCWSP. He focused on the need to incorporate the new MFL flow target into the plans for the revised LWCWSP. Without this, it could be 2 cycles of the LWCWSP planning process before C-43 is complete. [Comments John Cassani] [Photo John Cassani] [Biography John Cassani] [Info Meeting LWC] [Agenda]

Emergency Seen Coming Mile Away (2016-06-30)

Gov. Scott declared an emergency after severe algae blooms on the St Lucie River & its beaches. Lee County wants a similar declaration for the Caloosahatchee side of Lake O. For years Gov. Scott has dismantled water quality regulations and blocked land purchases so this "emergency" was predictable. [Sunshine State News] [News Press] [Washington Post] [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]

Caloosahatchee June 22-28 (2016-06-30)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 7,135 cfs, two and a half times the harm threshold. Lake O discharges to the river at S-77 averaged 4,156 cfs. Lee County Environmental Lab documented blue-green algae from the Alva boat ramp, and SCCFs Marine Lab documented elevated cyanobacteria levels. [Conditions Report] [Graphic] [Info] [More SCCF Reports]

Everglades Restoration is Failing (2016-06-29)

Contrary to the fantasy world in which the lawyers lived, over the last 20 years the Everglades continued to degrade in sediment quality as the TP in the hotspot sediments continued to recycle, migrate and spread, as Chris McVoy, Larry Edward Fink and others predicted. [Info] [Larry Edward Fink] [Facts]

Coral Crash Has Begun (2016-06-29)

Chris Langdon, a University of Miami marine biologist, didn't think this would happen for another 50 or 60 years. Langdon and his team discovered that as ocean water becomes more acidic, due to carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, Florida's coral reefs are disintegrating and dying off. [CNN] [Photos] [Chris Langdon] [Coral Bleaching] [Video]

Sea Level Rise - Impacts (2016-06-29)

South Florida faces immediate and long-term threats from climate change. Impact of sea-level rise is evident in the form of urban flooding during high tides and storms — saltwater intrusion that endangers groundwater supplies and inland ecosystems, and coastal erosion that is compromising beaches. [Urban Land Magazine] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Impact on Miami] [Adaptation Action Areas]

Runoff Darkens Beach Waters (2016-06-29)

Sanibel Director of Natural Resources, James Evans urged the Corps to reduce Lake Okeechobee flows to the Caloosahatchee. Photos compare water color effects from Lake O discharges on June 2 (3750 cfs) and June 26 (4150 cfs) plus watershed runoff rates of 750 cfs and 2850 cfs on the same dates. [WPTV] [Comparison Photos]

Caloosahatchee June 15-21 (2016-06-29)

Discharges into the estuary at S-79 averaged 9,046 cfs, over 3 times the harm threshold. Lake O discharges to the river at S-77 increased to an average of 4,261 cfs. Watershed inflows to the Franklin pool between S-78 and S-79 averaged 3,466 cfs. On Jun 16, blue-green algae appeared in the river. [Conditions Report] [Table] [More SCCF Reports]

Some May Never Swim Again (2016-06-28)

Martin County held an emergency meeting before July 4 weekend to discuss the incredible algae blooms on St. Lucie River and beaches. People are advised to avoid contact with the water. But like after a Jaws movie, it may be hard to get some to ever swim again once they see the horrible algae video. [Video Kenny Hinkle Jr] [Jaws of Algae] [Palm Beach Post] [Video WPTV] [Article WPTV] [TC Palm]

Both Ends of River (2016-06-28)

DEP is receiving reports of fish kills at both ends of the Caloosahatchee River - Clewiston (Lake Okeechobee), and Cape Coral (Estuary). Algal blooms are the suspected cause of the fish kills in both cases. But it is necessary to have water samples collected for further analysis. [Info] [Article from Earthjustice] [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

CEPP or SMART (2016-06-28)

The CEPP projects north of Lake Okeechobee are designed to treat 0.25 million acre-feet of water per year to the 10 ppb level. However, the proposed southern flowway could treat 1.75 million acre-ft (4 feet of Lake O) to 10 ppb total phosphorus. [Info] [Report Larry Edward Fink] [Report ASCE] [CV Larry Edward Fink]

Half A Disastrous Year (2016-06-28)

In the first half of 2016 (the dry half) harmful flows to the Caloosahatchee Estuary (above 2800 cfs) will have totaled 900,000 acre-feet. 73% has come from Lake Okeechobee (18 inches of lake depth) and 27% from the river's watershed east of Franklin Lock (7 inches of watershed runoff). [Harmful Flow Graphic]

Florida Forage Fish Newsletter (2016-06-27)

Florida Forage Fish Coalition celebrates a Resolution in which FWC commits to doing its job of protecting the smaller fish species and their habitats so the larger fish have something to eat. But signing paper differs vastly from taking real action based on long-term science and logic. [Newsletter] [Forage Fish Infographic] [Forage Fish Resolutions]

US Out of Step and Touch (2016-06-27)

75% of Australians believe Climate Change is an important global issue. 57% of Australians want to act on climate change irrespective of whether other countries do or not. US public concern over climate change peaked at 72% in 2000 and then dropped to 51% by 2011 and now stands at 64%. [Article from The Conversation] [Article from Gallup] [Global Warming Trends] [Graphic Greatest Threats]

River Kidz (2016-06-27)

River Kidz is a non-profit organization that will cover the entire Caloosahatchee River Basin. The objective of River Kidz is to educate kids from ages 5-15 on environmental issues regarding our lakes, river basin, estuaries, tributaries and Gulf of Mexico. [Info] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [River Kidz Workbook] [River Kidz Song]

Critics - Hazardous Chemicals (2016-06-24)

Critical contend that DEP officials hope a lack of public scrutiny will allow them to push through changes to increase the amount of hazardous chemicals allowed in the discharge of industrial waste into the state’s rivers, streams, canals, lakes and coastal waters. [Florida Bulldog 1] [Florida Bulldog 2] [News Press] [Details]

Urban Resilience Climate Change (2016-06-24)

EPA announced the availability of the draft report which describes an assessment tool that uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative indicators to help cities identify areas of resilience and vulnerability to climate change impacts across different sectors. [EPA Article] [Report] [Federal Register Notice] [History]

Water Discharge Issue (2016-06-24)

The St. Lucie River watershed has 6 major inflows into the estuary: Lake O, Ten Mile Creek, the C-24, C-23, C-44 basins, and the tidal basin. The total annual average flows into the estuary are 321 billion gallons but this year the amount of water may greatly exceed the average volume. [TC Palm 1] [TC Palm 2] [Photo Algae]

Yes On Conservation 20-20 (2016-06-23)

Yes On Conservation 20-20 is a coalition of local citizens and organizations working to support the passage of the Lee County Conservation 20-20 referendum on Nov 8, 2016. Conservation 20-20 is Lee County’s willing-seller conservation lands acquisition and management program. [Flyer] [Brochure] [Informations 20-20]

Algae in St Lucie (2016-06-23)

Algae blooms in the St. Lucie River are getting more numerous, and a massive bloom in Lake O apparently is getting more toxic. Blue-green algae samples taken Jun 14 and 15 from Lake O contained more than 20 times the amount of toxins considered hazardous by the World Health Organization. [TC Palm] [Story JTL 1] [Story JTL 2] [Video 1] [Video 2]

Water Half Alive Not Half Dead (2016-06-23)

In their algae monitoring web page, Florida DEP chooses words to low-ball algae toxicity. DEP states that WHO considers a concentration of 10 ug/L to be low risk, rather than stating that concentrations above 10 are unsafe. This approach reflects DEP tendency to downplay environmental concerns. [DEP Web Page Image] [DEP Page (Jun 23)] [Current DEP Site]

Assasination of International Activists (2016-06-23)

The U.S. Congress is considering a bill to suspend all security aid to Honduras after the murder of an environmental activist in Honduras. Investigation revealed that Berta Caceres' name appeared on a hit list of a Honduran military police unit that was trained by U.S. Marine Corps and FBI agents. [Message Friends of the Earth] [Script Friends of the Earth] [Huffington Post] [Photo Berta Caceres] [Berta Caceres Info]

Master Gardener Cohort 2016 (2016-06-23)

The UF-IFAS Lee County Extension Service will conduct a Master Gardener training from Aug 19 to Nov 18, 2016. This 13-week comprehensive course will offer students thorough training on basic botany, agriculture, horticulture and on the principles of Florida’s unique and delicate ecology. [UF Message] [Master Gardener Application] [Brochure]

Dangerous Levels of Algae Toxins (2016-06-23)

Lake O researcher Paul Gray sent a message to DEP asking for stepped-up monitoring of algae blooms. DEP sampling on June 14-15 revealed algae toxin concentration more than 30 times the EPA safe level for contact with the water (10 ug/L) and 200 times the safe drinking water level (1.6 ug/L). [Message Paul Gray] [DEP Algae Report] [EPA Mycrosystin Report] [Photo Paul Gray] [Map]

Impacts of TS Colin (2016-06-22)

More rain means more water quality issues for cities such as Ft. Myers and Stuart, where Lake O water is released to prevent lands south of the lake from flooding. Coupled with stormwater runoff from the Caloosahatchee watershed, lake waters turned both coasts brown for much of the tourism season. [News Press] [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] [Photo 4] [Video]

Another Party Line Vote (2016-06-22)

Citizens Climate Lobby boasts bi-partisan support on climate change issues. However, on June 10, the US House of Representatives denounced the idea of a carbon tax. The vote was mostly along party lines. 6 of 169 Democrats were against the tax, all 231 Republicans opposed a carbon tax. [CCL] [The Guardian] [Opportunities] [Photo Steve Scalise]

Conservation 20-20 Update (2016-06-22)

Conservation 20-20 is an environmentally-sensitive land acquisition and stewardship program in Lee County, which preserves and protects environmentally critical land in Lee County. The Conservation 20-20 program will appear as a non-binding referendum on the Nov 2016 ballot in Lee County. [Lee County Ordinance] [Meetings in June] [Ballot Language​] [Status Map]

July CRCA Board Meeting (2016-06-22)

The CRCA-Riverwatch Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday, July 6th, at the High Point Place conference room, in Fort Myers. This meeting is open to members of CRCA. Our goal is to educate and inform people on the importance of protecting the Caloosahatchee. [Location] [Photo High Point Place]

Comment - Judy Clayton Sanchez (2016-06-21)

According to Judy Clayton Sanchez (in response to the Everglades Coalition's guest commentary), U.S. Sugar is committed to getting the facts out about the complexity of our water system and the fresh water discharges that are unfortunately happening more often than any of us would like. Agree? [Clayton Editorial] [EvCo Editorial] [Judy Clayton] [Waters Crisis]

Waterkeeper Interview RFK Jr (2016-06-21)

Rains wash 80% of phosphorus fertilizers into streams creating algae that destroy the ecosystem. But farm & wastewater P can be transformed into a particular fertilizer that only dissolves when the plant roots release certain acids at times they need to take up the nutrient. The P never washes off. [Interview] [Photo RFK Jr] [Gibsons at Conference]

Lake O Discharges (2016-06-21)

The amount of Lake O discharges in 2016 passing through the St. Lucie Lock and Dam near Stuart surpassed 136.1 billion gallons, the amount of water released during 'The Lost Summer' of 2013. The water can be devastating to the estuary, as it needs to maintain a certain amount of salinity. [TC Palm] [Map] [Photo Lake Okeechobee 1] [Photo Lake Okeechobee 2]

Hazardous Pesticide Ingredients (2016-06-20)

A federal judge in California has ruled that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is under no obligation to force pesticide makers to disclose supposedly 'inert' ingredients in their products - even where those ingredients are seriously hazardous to health or environment. [Article from The Ecologist] [Photo Pesticides] [Report Secret Ingredients in Pesticides] [ANPR] [Complaint] [EPA Letter]

Snorkeling Adventure (2016-06-20)

Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves staff once again will provide snorkeling eco-adventures on select weekdays, from June to September. New this year: a separate, one-hour nature boat trip. The excursions depart from Gasparilla Marina, in Placida. [News Press Snorkeling] [Photo Aiden Perez] [Photo Melinda Brown] [Photo Laura Ruane] [Map Gasparilla Marina] [Reservations]

News Press Letters - Sugar (2016-06-20)

According to Tom Grier, we do not need that much Florida sugarcane. Let’s look at an inconvenient truth: Sugar profits from very lucrative government policies: non-recourse loans, minimum prices, production controls, tariffs and quotas. Other comments were published in the News-Press, on Jun 19. [News Press 1] [News Press 2] [Cartoon Big Sugar]

Florida Going Downhill (2016-06-17)

For Philip Schwartz, a member of CRCA Board of Directors, anyone with any education or sense of social justice can see the Florida we once knew slipping away faster and faster. The voters are ignorant of what is really going. We, as a state, are going downhill faster than he ever thought possible. [News Press Philip Schwartz] [Photo Philip Schwartz] [Response] [Philip Schwartz Earth Day]

Comment - Malcolm Bubba Wade (2016-06-17)

Throughout the year, Floridians have watched with concern as the USACE has released billions of gallons of water from Lake Okeechobee in an effort to reduce pressure on the Herbert Hoover Dike, and also prepare for the rainy season. [Palm Beach Post] [Photo Malcolm Bubba Wade] [Map Herbert Hoover Dike] [Ray Judah Counterpoint]

Bacteria Closure (2016-06-17)

Once again, boaters and anglers are being warned to avoid the water in North Shore Park due to high bacteria levels. Health officials say a routine water test completed on Jun 9 turned up an unsafe amount of Enterococcus bacteria, and any contact may pose a high risk of disease or sickness. [Fox4] [Map Bacteria Closure] [Enterococcus Bacteria]